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hi tech hearing aids capture sound of ufo -mstar enh 1

The Historic “Laguna Lake ‘Theremin UFO’ Incident

By Jeff Krause, MUFON Investigator

(Copyright 2015, Jeff Krause – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


On November 06, 2015, a local San Luis Obispo (SLO), California photographer was at Laguna Lake photographing birds, when he had an encounter with a UFO that he will never forget. The photographic evidence for this case is very compelling, however, what makes this a more significant case is not so much what he saw, but rather because of what he heard.

I first heard about this case when I was out walking my dogs, and ran into a neighbor of mine who I had met previously when we were both out in the neighborhood with our cameras taking pictures. Since he wishes to remain anonymous, for reasons that will be very clear as I go on, I will not use his name. Because I find made-up names to be confusing, I will just refer to him as “the witness”. Suffice it to say that we had previously struck up a friendship over photography, not UFOs, although we had touched upon the subject before, and he was aware of my status as State Director So CA for MUFON.

The witness is a retired Army Veteran, who served four years active duty back in the 1960s.  He learned about photography from the airmen who worked at Lajes Air Force Base in the Azores, back in 1961, and had his own darkroom for a while.  Today he prefers using the Nikon D800 and a Nikon D90. When asked to summarize his job in the Army this is what he had to say:

“I was asked to join the Army Security Agency because of my test scores.  The ASA units served with regular army units but we took our orders from DIRNSA, Director, National Security Agency not the Department of Defense.  My job was a Communications Center Specialist.  I was granted a Top Secret Crypto clearance to do the job.  I had access to Sensitive compartmented information that was contained under the UMBRA code word and access to information considered way above Top Secret, which I cant talk about.”

Hopefully this explains why he wishes to remain anonymous for now, and also establishes his credibility.

The witness also relies on hearing aids, and has some remarkable ones that are made by Siemens called Pure Binax. They use a Hearing Loop Induction technology that enables signals from compatible devices to be directly transmitted to the users hearing aids.  This comes in handy at places such as theatres, museums, and other places that use the compatible systems.  They also played a key role in the witness’ experience.

The witness explained all this to me as we continued walking my dogs, but then when he told me how it was relevant, I asked him to send me an email detailing exactly how the pictures were taken.  Here is part of his email:

“I think that I heard the sound of an unidentified object and captured that same object with my Nikon D800 on 6 Nov 2015 at the dry lake bed of Laguna Lake.”


I am a Veteran and got brand new hearing aids on Oct 5th at the clinic here in SLO.  They include the feature to use inductive hearing at movie theaters etc. that have that system.  I was taking HDR images of the dry lakebed.  A group of 5 images, same f-stop, different shutter speeds to gather all the image data, then move camera 15 degrees and repeat until panorama is complete.  I took the photos with a Professional camera; a Nikon D800 mounted on a tripod at 4.5 frames per second.  I took the first group of 5, then rotated the camera 15 degrees and grabbed the remote to press the shutter and there was a very loud noise coming thru my hearing aids that went from one side to the other and was gone.  I was stunned, but being new to hearing aids I just got on with my pictures.  When I got home I downloaded the photos from the camera into the computer.”

Then, using Photoshop Lightroom, I assembled the HDR image from the 7 groups of 5 images.  Upon looking at the completed images, I noticed that a bird had been in the scene on the second group of 5.  And then I noticed that in addition to the multiple images of the bird there was the image of a Disk-shaped object, but I found only one.  I checked the RAW files produced by the camera, and the object is only on the 1st of the 5 images from the second set. ”

The UFO, a Cessna Sky Hawk, and a real hawk, all captured in the same photo have been enlarged and enhanced by photo analyst Robert Morningstar , as shown below and others that follow.

hi tech hearing ids capture sond of ufo -mstar enh closeup

The photo shown above is the only photo out of the set showing the UFO object in it.

Also visible in photo are an airplane, and some birds, all (except the UFO) are visible in the other photos.

Below is a copy of the picture that I adjusted the contrast on, and cropped to show only the object. As you can see, the details are rather startling, and do not appear to be a “bugor a “bird.”. It would appear to have two appendages coming from it, equidistant from each other, and a dome or bubble on the top and center.


Here I have resized the captured object, and tweaked the exposure to bring out details of the object.

Jeff Krause - Laguna Lake UFO - Enhanced

Further adjustments (shown below) brought out more details.


Normally, when a witness says that they did not see anything at the time when the picture was taken, it turns out to be nothing more than birds, insects, or water drops on the lens, so it was quite surprising to find something so interesting in his photograph.

hi tech hearing aids capture sound of ufo -mstar enh close 1

In the enlargement above and the “equalized” enhancement done by Robert Morningstar, shown below, one can more clearly see either an exhaust plume, emanating from the UFO or, perhaps, an appendage of some sort that is not easily distinguishable in the unequalized close-up.

hi tech hearing aids capture sound of ufo -mstar enh-eql close 2

However, I think it is much more important that the hearing aids that the witness was using were apparently able to  capture the sound produced by the UFO, either from an energy field surrounding the object, electromagnetic interference, or perhaps, it may have been produced by the UFO propulsion sytem, i.e., the UFO’s ElectroMagnetoGravitic (EMG) Drive itself.

The witness described the unusual sound to me as being very loud, and that it sounded like a Theremin, an electronic musical instrument, invented in Soviet Russia in 1920 by a young Russian physicist named Lev Sergeyevich Termen (known in the West as Léon Theremin).


The eerie sound of a Theremin is familiar to us all from 1940s & 50s science fiction movies, such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “The Man From Planent X.”

The witness also reported that he heard the sound of the UFO, picked up and amplified by the high tech hearing aids, traveling through his head from one side to the other, in less than a second.  

I find the testimony about the sound, coupled along with the picture and the analysis I’ve done of it, to be compelling evidence that the witness captured a unique, and  excellent photo of a genuine UFO, which has been dubbed “The Laguna Lake ‘Theremin UFO’ Incident“ by Robert Morningstar, Editor of UFO Digest.

Jeff Krause

San Lusi Obispo, CA

Christmas Day 2015

Email:->   Jeff Krause <[email protected]>


Editor’s Note

To MUFON field investigator, Jeff Krause, to the witness/photographer,is daughter, and all our readers, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming New Year 2016 from The UFO Spotlight, UFO Digest and (below)  from …

The (Over the Rainbow) “Theremin UFO

“”Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night.”



THEREMIN – Over The Rainbow – YouTube

Jan 10, 2009 – Uploaded by Peter Pringle

This song was written by Harold Arlen for the 1939 MGM classic THE WIZARD OF OZ.


J. S. Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring 

       Played by Italian thereminist Fabio Pesce  on a Moog Etherwave theremin




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