The Mothman On Mars?


Curiosity has photographed the creature Mothman on Mars February 21, 2013




Above, I pointed and extended this curious shape resembling a Moth (Moth, in English). See the photo of this insect Moth (Moth). A.Keel John wrote a well-researched book on Creature Mothman of Point Pleasant. Talk about a movie called “The Mothman Prophecies” …  

See the series of photos taken by Curiosity on Mars, on the official website here:

The photo that interests us here. Coordinates are: Mastcam Right. SOL 194. Photo taken on 21 February 2013, and posted on the site on 23 February 2013:


THE CREATURE “MOTHMAN” (“The Man-Moth” in French). A creature that resembles an insect Mite:

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