Often, after waking up from a night of traveling, I find myself immersed in thoughts of why most people tend to fear the unknown and choose to live in oblivion. Perhaps ignorance is indeed bliss. But what is bliss if it deprives us of the truth of our potential?

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Our lives attain structure from phenomena that we are able to explain and see in the physic al body; and it is through fragments of human creation, such as the concept of time, that we have come to construe what is possible and what is impossible, and likewise – what characterizes the truth and what is deemed as ‘absurdity.’

by Khartika Goe

Nevertheless, constantly questioning our existence on this planet we call home undoubtedly remains part of human nature. Karma, reincarnation, and the human life cycle are all concepts that many individual s spend countless hours of their lives on Earth curiously pondering over. But, as residents of this planet, we often find our thoughts and attempts at forming an understanding scathed by the limits of our physicality. Distracted and misled by the hustle and bustle of the everyday physical life, our true essence – that of the energetic – is placed aside to be boxed, meticulously taped shut, and then left neglected in a dusty, unkempt corner within a forgotten abyss of our mind.

However, our mind, like our soul, is indestructible, inc omprehensible and incalculable. However, within it our energetic potential lies. Governed by our thoughts and the mind’s alignment with the heart, a successful elevation of our vibrational frequencies can occur—the cornerstone of attaining multidimensional travels to the higher dimensions of love and light.

The undeniable truth is that we are all energetic beings composed of energies, rhythms and vibrations, living in an energetic world. It is not until we learn to cast aside our physical encasements that we will begin to discover the true knowledge behind the seeming “mysteries” of the universe.

Scientists of planet Earth have made incredible strides in the study of the mind; however, they have seemingly failed to convey to people all of what they would be capable of achieving by simply learning to expand their consciousness. While the unconscious constitutes the majority of the mind, it leaves only a meager percentage to the consciousness, making the realization of our energetic abilities and the recollection of our multidimensional experiences even more of a challenge. With this knowledge, it is vital that individuals learn how to maintain control of their thoughts, as well as bolster their level of consciousness so that they can travel energetically in full awareness.

Mainstream thought has long regarded what is known as the dream state to be the unconscious. This assumption, however, is greatly falsified. Many of us have indeed found ourselves able to sense feelings or emotions (both those of the positive nature as well as those of the negative) upon waking up from our sleep, and this argument alone contradicts the basic assumption that humans remain entirely unconscious during the state of sleep. How are some people able to retain fragments of their dreams if they have remained entirely unconscious during this dream state? These faulty allegations, unless dismissed, constitute an unfortunate burden on the true meaning of being able to freely travel multidimensionally-the ability to remember one’s travels and remain entirely conscious while doing so.

The will of the mind, much like the steering wheel of a car, provides us with the ability to focus on reaching any destination of a desired course of action in our travels, regardless what the circumstances may be. The force of will, a force that can be resonated throughout your entire being while skillfully remaining undetected by the physical senses, reconnects our thought waves with the energetic components that vibrate throughout this universe. This force of will, much like the oxygen humans breathe, is a force that is readily available for anyone’s use as long as they remain entirely focused on their intentions to do so.

When we wish to travel multidimensionally and to remain conscious while doing so, it is important that we acknowledge the availability of such a force and use it to fuel our intentions towards being able to consciously remember every detail of our travels. Although this concept may seem difficult to understand at this moment, you will come to recognize it after you have fully acknowledged its existence and eventually be able to utilize it to manifest the outcome you desire in any situation of your own life.

There exist many universes, galaxies, and planets that have yet to be discovered and explored; and through discipline and practice, each and every one of us can regain the ability to travel energetically wherever we choose to visit. The ability to travel multidimensionally to the vast dimensional existences through the usage of the energetic body is by no means one that is marked by exclusivity- it is universal amongst all beings and transgresses across all boundaries of age, culture, location, and education.

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