The Origin of Planet X and What It Means

I am glad this question was posed, because the answer is not as any of you might expect. This gives me the opportunity to explain some things that are very clear, and other things that we cannot know. I have been studying astronomy since 1957, and was trained in NYC as an astrologer in 1972. Astronomy is heliocentric as the perspective is from the sun, and astrology, which has two parts: where the planets are as seen from earth; which is geocentric, and what does it mean. Furthermore, you cannot understand what has happened without knowing that gravity pushes.

1. Planet X did approach our solar system from the direction of Taurus. It was first spotted by the IRAS satellite in 1983 approaching from Orion. This is when NASA and JPL announced they had ‘found’ PX and the next day said they were ‘still looking’. As it kept coming the angle changed as from our northern hemisphere view from left to right. So, as PX entered the inner solar system in 1999, it did come from the Pleiades. Then, from 1999, it approached the sun from the left, behind the sun, in our view. Finally, in 2003 it came around the right side of the sun and became located in between the earth and the sun, but slightly off to the side.

2. Therefore, since 2003, PX has been, as seen from the earth, next to the sun. Therefore, whatever constellation is behind the sun is the one behind Planet X. Normally this would mean that as the earth continues in its orbit, the constellations behind the sun would change as they always have. In other words, if the sun is in Scorpio, the constellation Taurus would be overhead in the night sky at midnight. Again, if the sun is in Taurus, the constellation Scorpio would be overhead at midnight in the night sky.

3. When Planet X came from behind the sun and started approaching earth, both PX and the earth stopped in their orbits as they were coming in opposite directions pushing each other. Not only that, but PX, being 4X larger than the earth, also stopped Venus in its orbit, and, the Dark Twin of Earth, on the opposite side of the sun from earth normally, caught up to the earth and stopped also. So you have 3 planets trying to go forward, which is counterclockwise, around the sun: Earth, Venus and the Dark Twin, stopped; and pushing from the other direction, trying to go clockwise, and stopped, is Planet X. And this has been the nonstop situation since 2003. As pole shift occurs when PX goes by the Earth, and it cannot, yet, poleshift could happen at any time.

4. You would think that, as you have 4 planets in the inner solar system stopped in regard to each other, that they, while not moving in relation to each other, would continue rotating around the sun as the sun itself turns, rotates, and would move the whole group around it. Whether this is true, I cannot say. What? Yes, I say that we cannot know that! Why? The reason is that the Zetas as in telepathic contact with Nancy Lieder, and as published in these two sites: and have said that with the earth stopped, all life on earth would be in serious danger of dying, and therefore, to keep the seasons in their progression, extraterrestrials have simulated the seasons. I have seen over 3 dozen ET ships in my life and had them in my yard and have myriad experiences which lead me to say that EXTRATERRESTRIALS HAVE UNBELIEVABLE TECHNOLOGICAL POWERS AND ARE CAPABLE OF CHANGING ANYTHING, NO MATTER HOW LARGE, AND OR SIMULATING ANYTHING. I can’t say whether you, as individuals, might, or might not, believe that, but based upon things I have seen and experienced, I do not doubt it for a minute. So we have situation where the earth is not moving in its orbit. Yet we see, for example at this time of year, Orion and the Pleiades rising in the east. And the sun is in Sagittarius, about to go into Capricorn. And with the sun is Planet X.

5. A quick check of the NASA SOHO site, and which downloads photos of the sun every 10 minutes, will reveal, and has revealed, over time, not only photos of Planet X and the Dark Twin of Earth, but also regularly shows strips where NASA has pasted in planets that are ‘supposed to be there’ but are, in fact, not there. NASA has even pasted in the wrong planets and then removed them and pasted in the right ones. For something that is not supposed to be happening, by a planet that is not supposed to be there, this site is a most sordid affair. And NASA will not have a press conference about it, and no astronomer will risk his career and or his life by making statements about it. If this is a public service, and free to the public, which you can download and save at any time, why are things being pasted in, and re pasted? I have attached two recent images to illustrate these are not straight from the camera images, but have strips inserted to cover up what you may ask and never get an answer to the question. Clearly, before these two photos were posted, NASA felt they had to paste strips over something in the photos they did not want you to see. This happens all the time. Go to those two sites and click on the picture to get the larger version. Then, if anything strange is happening, right click on the image and save it to your hard drive. NASA may be saving these images for itself, but you will never see them again, so if you catch something, save it and share it. I have also attached photos taken by the same two satellites of both Planet X and the Dark Twin of Earth. Clear as day, and no explanation forthcoming. NASA has computer programs to ‘catch’ images of PX and the DTOE, and put in new strips to prevent you from seeing them. But, as in all things mechanical, the program is not that good and fails, else, how would we get images of the ‘Winged Globe’ and the Dark Twin? These photos are your public property and I labeled them, so you may send them or use them in any way you wish. Note: I misspelled Nibiru, but you can get over that….

6. Therefore, in conclusion, we think we know where the earth is, and where the sun is, against a background of stars, and it may be true that we are there, but probably not. However, one thing is perfectly clear: As PX is in between the sun and the earth, but slightly off to the side, wherever PX comes from before poleshift, it will NOT be far from where the sun is at that time. How are the aliens simulating the seasons so that life on earth is disturbed at a minimum? Is it the angle of the axis, seasonally adjusted, and the background of the stars? Wow! One thing is clear from the same source, and that is that when poleshift is over, the earth will be in the AUGUST position. In other words, it will be summer with winter 4 months away in the northern hemisphere; and winter with summer 4 months away in the southern hemisphere; BUT remember after the shift, the new north pole will be just offshore of Recife, Brazil, and the equator will go do the middle of the Pacific from Alaska to Hawaii, so, in Maine, where I live, I will still be in the northern hemisphere, but further from the pole by an additional 1200 miles, and warmer.

7. Thus it is clear that Planet X has returned to our solar system every 3,657 years, and done pretty much the same thing every time; so it is no wonder that ancient ‘myths’ and stories of the ‘gods’ have included details which COULD BE descriptions of Planet X, and from which one would hope to learn about and predict the future, you can see that that is not only not necessarily applicable or accurate.

Thus, as interesting as these ancient dramas of the ‘gods’ are, forget about them this time. All the unselfish ETs are gathered here to make sure there is a successful graduation of unselfish souls to the 4th dimension in about 100 years or less. So there has NEVER been a time like this on earth, nor will there be again. What steps are being taken to cause the least prior disturbance of life here, we do not know at the present time. Thus, you can forget about this question, and finding the answer, because as the last 7.3 weeks before poleshift start counting down, Planet X, with its 5 million mile long twin stranded tail of moons, rocks and dust, will loom larger, visible every day to the entire world until PX is 14 million miles away and almost the size of the full moon. The question you need to answer is not what star system it will appear to arrive from, as it is already here, and we know exactly where it is; but rather, have you used ZETATALK to determine a safe location? Have you made plans for your survival and that of your loved ones?

We are in 7/10 where 10/10 is poleshift. 7/10 will not end in this EVENT calendar, not date calendar, until Japan is shattered from south to north as the Pacific plate slides under it; followed by hours later, the New Madrid Fault going off, followed by hours later, the Great Atlantic Rift widening, sending a 300 foot wall of water over the UK, Denmark and flooding all the Baltic lowlands. In the meantime, coastal China, Vietnam, and Thailand are subsiding while Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines are sinking. Meanwhile the northern part of South America is trying to move 400 miles west into the Pacific, while the northern part of Africa is trying to move east into the Arabian Peninsula. If you think all the earthquakes, and volcanoes are random, you would be very wrong. Time is short.


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