In our times and with the levels of stress that we experience in our lives, we are constantly looking for answers to the situations that happen to us every day. Some of us go outside of ourselves to get those answers; we go to Psychics, Tarot card readers, looking for a word of confirmation that can validate some of what we are seeking in our lives. Whether that is an answer to a question about a relationship, dissatisfaction with our job or how to handle and best serve a family member etc. 

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I have always been full of questions like that, and every time I went outside of myself looking for the answers, like when I went to a Psychic, I felt that there was something missing in the answers I received; That the person was giving me an interpretation of what he or she was reading from my energy field from my vibration, and not so much from deep within my soul.  

By  Ernesto Ortiz

I wanted to understand what my soul journey is about and what keeps the record of my actions and the accumulation of my lives experiences. Yes, I could go and have gone to past life regressions but these again are the interpretation of the reader. 

True revelation occurs when I have had a Déjà Vue about being someplace, an experience that leaves me with goose bumps, with a solid validation of who I am. Seeing or feeling this Déjà Vue experience is confirmed by me. 

No doubt some people have the ability to tune into Higher Realms of Consciousness, just as no doubt a lot of people tune into the Lower Realms. 

The astral plane I think is not a very desirable place to obtain Higher Guidance information, because that is the plane where lower entities and discarnates abide.

Reading Edgar Casey and finding out that he received most if not all of his information from the Akashic Records was fascinating to me. So the question was how do I tune into the frequency that bypasses the astral plane and get to the Realm where Masters and Teacher abide?

When I was a young boy, I read in the Bible about the Book of Life. I was always so intrigued, what is the Book of Life? Then I started reading spiritual books and I heard about the Recording Angels, and I started questioning, who are they and what do these Recording Angels record? 

I discovered that the Recording Angels have a fascinating job, which is to record the life events of individuals and then take that information to the Hall of Records, which is the place where all of our soul’s history is recorded. There the information is given to the Record Keepers and is filed in our own Book of Life. As I see it, the Hall of the Akashic Records is like the Library of Congress of the Soul, and to have access to that Hall is the most incredible thing because we can retrieve information that lies deep in our own Souls History.

So what is Akasha, and how do we access the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are like the DNA of the universe. They are like the soul’s journey over time, so every thought, word, and deed is registered in the Akashic Records. Each soul has its own Akashic Record, and there are collective records of all souls or all journeys. The Akashic Records are very much known like the book of life; for they record past lives, present challenges and purposes for this lifetime, and future probabilities or possibilities. The misnomer is that the future is written in the Akashic Records. There is only future probability based on lessons learned, based on choices made in this lifetime.                                                                                                        

In Sanskrit Akasha is translated as primordial substance; that out of which everything is formed. 

The question you may be asking is why is it important to know that there is an Akashic records?

The reasons why the Akashic Records are important to know about and work with is because the Akashic Records are held in the etheric and they contain and emanate the purest form of love energy that is known on the planet. That is God energy — divine energy. So the idea of knowing about the Akashic Records gives us a sense of our own accountability from a human point of view and a divine accountability, if you will, that is all loving.

So the question is how to access the Akashic Records? There are numerous ways to access the Records, just as there are many ways to get from one City or Country to the other. One can travel by bike, bus, and train or to take an airplane. Is just how fast or how directly you want to get there? 

We use a “Sacred Prayer” that gives us access to this realm instantly. This Holy prayer was given by Spirit and gives us the attunement or the key to enter this realm. Once in the Records Spirit directs the course and we are guided to retrieve the information that is most valuable for others or ourselves. 

The first time I opened my Akashic Records, I felt like a great love emanating from this realm and a wonderful warm welcome, accompanied by voices welcoming home. I knew I was touching upon something very Sacred and of a very highly refined energetic force. I could sense the love of Masters and Teachers as I was guided in answers to my questions. I was full of visuals and words that where resonating within me, I was feeling the essence of Spirit at work, and I was in the middle of it being the witness. 

What I was feeling is that I was being aligned to a very High and Sacred energy, one that I was feeling physically as well as emotionally. I felt my capacity to open more from the heart, as all of my energy was being centered there. 

The consultation comes from a detached point, but from great love and wisdom. We don’t get judged, as this information is unfolded before us. The information may come to us in many forms; words, pictures, sensations and perceptions as our inner sensory receptors are awakened and fine-tuned. We open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we allow the illumination to come to us.

Learning to open your own Akashic Records can be one of the most useful for our lives; there is no need to go outside the self to Tarot cards and psychics when we have Masters and Teachers and the Lords of the Akashic Records ready to provide that information for us. Self-inquiry is one of the most potent tools available to us that is why Satsang (spiritual inquiry) is such an invaluable tool. We can use the Akashic Records as our own Satsang tool. Learn it and see the amazing reward of having Your Masters and Teachers and the essence of pure love present in your life by accessing this magnificent realm with a simple Sacred prayer

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