UFO enthusiasts hail FBI’s official release of Roswell memos

Much of this stuff has been on this FBI website for years and is a little less exciting than some would say, as it is a report of a report of a report. However, the government said it lost interest after Project Blue Book was closed in 1968-9 so this shows they were as interested as possible for years afterward. And it lends credence to Roswell and other NM crashes being real. I downloaded all 16 PDFs and will, if time permits, print out some of the more interesting pages, and scan them as JPEGs so that they can be emailed. The pdf file sizes vary from 7 mb to 17 mb so most people are not going to read them unless that is done. Some of the more interesting pages have ‘hoax’ written across them by the FBI evidently. And clearly that may have been done only before these documents were ‘released’ if you call it that, so they might not be hoaxed as much as the FBI might want you to dismiss them as hoaxes. And no proof either way.

To me the more interesting files in the vault are the extrasensory files on the guy who taught people to see through walls, drive, and read books while blindfolded. Ultimately they said that there was no evidence that he did, although there was evidence he did. [FBI Logic!] Clearly many remote viewers can do this, and I have done things like that too, not driving though, so I know that is possible. Actually to psychics and higher dimensional extraterrestrials/ETs nothing is hidden, no matter how you try to hide it. That lends credence to the thought that ‘god’ knows everything you do and nothing is hidden; nothing. And you know who that is most scary to? The most selfish…….

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Anyway, there is much discussion of this in emails I have been getting. No one seems to know that the original air control concept was to have one giant radar station in the four corners area controlling all of North America. The radar was actually dangerous to technicians so they gave that idea up, also because they did not have the computer power to control 10,000 simultaneous flights from one radar station. But in the time it was up, evidently over 40 saucers or ships crashed. So Roswell, Aztec, Plains of San Augustin, etc, are only a few of the crashes ever revealed. It is said that live ETs recovered telepathically told the US military of the coming pole shift. And that was 60 or more years ago. Another reason for the US to not admit what they know………….

And again, some people are stuck on whether there are ETs and whether there is proof, while Nancy Lieder in Wisconsin has telepathically put questions from the public to human Zetas for years since 1995 and has more than 39,000 pages of answers on the website http://www.zetatalk which prove, if one would just read them, that ETs are here and do care about us, and are human, and are concerned with our spiritual and physical and emotional and mental development. So it is a big world out there and you just choose your level of understanding. Clearly, if ETs are contacting individuals the the entire FBI file thing is a joke and a way of pandering to the selfish and the intentionally idiotic. Having contacted ETs and received instant answers, I know they are eager for you as an individual to contact them. As long as the government is in power and says they do not want public contact, there will be no landings on the White House lawn, as some people might wish. Only when there is no government left after pole shift will there be open contact.

So only for those who wish to make a game of it, is the FBI file issue any bit interesting. If you skip all the wondering if there is proof steps, and go directly to asking them for contact, there are no more issues left. If all the thousands of witnesses, photos and videos, and people who say they have contact are put together, is not the total absence of physical proof, not itself proof? Is not the landing platform in the Bekaa Valley of Syria made of granite blocks 300 feet x 100 feet x 60 feet, for almost a mile, not proof? At 200 lb per cubic foot, those stones could not be cut, let alone moved in 2011 let alone arranged into a platform so flat a laser level shows it perfectly flat. No one on earth could do that, and won’t be able to for a long time. So what is proof? Isn’t proof personal? Go ahead and ask for contact. Only the Catholic church says if there are ETs they must be created as god’s children too. Doesn’t that occur to anyone?

It seems like there is evidence for you to believe, or if that makes you nervous, to be in denial, and not believe. You do not need access to vaults to decide which makes more sense.



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