UFO photographed Alaincourt in Haute-Saône in France September 27, 2012


Many thanks to Ms. Madalena (his name) who just email the original photo she has taken this strange “thing” to Alaincourt on 27 September 2012 to 23 H. ..

Our Amie Madalena says in his email: 

“Good evening, Mr. Mace, once more looking out the window here that I photographed today at 23H. saw the lights are very low circling around a tree in the field, 300 meters of the house. “…

Click here to see original large format photo.


See the photo above, and I expanded this strange “thing” … :   

Click here for enlargement of top image:  https://www.ufodigest.com/sites/default/files/field/image/alaincourt-closeup.jpg

Location Alaincourt, France: click here for Google map of area.

Publisher’s Note: This is one of the strangest photos I have ever seen. Is it a new type of supersonic prototype aircraft? Or is it a unknown example of a new type of UFO?  Could it be an extreme closeup of an insect or could it be photographic proof of fairy folk? If you have seen anything similar to this or have an actual photo or video please send to me at [email protected].


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