UFO photographed in Amantani island on Lake Titicaca in Peru May 18, 2012

Above, the first picture taken at No. 544 09 h 20.

Above, the first picture taken at No. 544 09 h 20.

Many thanks to Bernard who just send me his email here with original photos attached with. The photos are above, and are ranked in order of shots, from top to bottom. The camera used is a ” Fine Pix S 5200 “. Difficult to give a definitive explanation for this phenomenon. Asian lanterns and balloons seem to exclude …:

Above, the second picture taken at No. 545 09 h 24.

Above, the third picture taken at No. 546 09 hAbove, the third picture taken at No. 546 09 h 24.

“Hello, May 18 to 21h above Amantani island on Lake Titicaca, I observed with three others a luminous phenomenon. Two spheres of light circling on themselves, which move over short distances very quickly, emitting light sources such as colors of the rainbow, but soon. To the naked eye it looks like a star that flashes through binoculars it looks like half a melon that turns on itself very quickly by emitting light spots. The lights seem located far enough towards the Bolivian Andes, perhaps 100 km as the crow flies, I’m not an expert. Our local guide shows that for the first time. Our hostess queschua The next morning we said they often come at times closer to the island. My 11 year old son wanted to see them land behind the house. Here are the pictures .. Do you have a scientific explanation or esoteric, I am very open . Regards Bernard”.

More photos available here: http://ovniparanormal.over-blog.com/article-ovnis-pris-en-photo-a-l-ile-d-amantani-sur-le-lac-titicaca-au-perou-le-18-mai-2012-106713719.html

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