UFO photographed in Poland near Lipianki by Google Maps

UFO photographed in Poland near Lipianki by Google Maps 


by Christian Macé

The picture also here to “Google Maps” from the UFO near Lipianki

What you see on the satellite image shown on Google Maps? A surfer noticed the picture an unidentified flying object and added a link to the photos on wykop.pl.

“Can somebody explain what a bright object flying near the airplane on the satellite photo on Google Maps?” – Asks.

Maybe our Internet users will be able to answer this question. Begin a discussion in our forums or add your own comment to this article.

The photo is on the Polish site here:


Locating Lipianki, Poland:


The Polish site: in “Research”, type “UFO”


Source:  http://www.to.com.pl/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20101114/AKTUALNOSCI/282071001 


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