UFO filmed in Knokke in Belgium August 19, 2013

Here I made this still picture above and circled in red UFO and I enlarged. Looks like a gray sphere that traverses the sky from right to left … Click here to enlarge to photo.

Many thanks to the Friend Thierry Chauvet Toulon, just send an email to me the following information … :

“Hello Christian

With Agnes Eve and we’re on vacation with our friends at Beauraing in Belgium last night we took a drink and watched the news 19:00 on channel RTL when I noticed an object across the sky from right to left.

I got the part of the newscast via Real Player on the website of RTL http://www.rtl.be/videos/video/454742.aspx?CategoryID=312 to 1mn26 UFO is visible right behind the mat right with my friend Christian we tried several formats, the more accurate is the Real Player.

I make you go in a second email with the other test idle.

I hope all is well with you, have a good day.

Friendly “.

I have enlarged the photo and enhanced using autocontrast and the variation tools using Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Dirk

This UFO recently filmed in Knokke in Belgium:

http://ovniparanormal.over-blog.com/ovni-film% C3% A9-% C3% A0-Knokke-in-Belgium

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