Recently, I wrote about a ghost hunting paranormal program — The Dead Files —  with an interesting twist: the encounter with an alien entity, for Tim Binnall’s site.   (Use Mediums in UFO Investigations.) Alien, as in ET, not a spiritual, angelic or demonic entity. Last night’s Ghost Adventures, a show I actually enjoy despite the sometimes heavy dude vibe and ghost provoking drama, investigated sites in Transylvania. Very exciting! While most of us know about that area’s vivid history concerning Count Vlad (Dracul) and his inspiration for Dracula/vampire lore, the Hoia-Baciu Forest in that region might not be as familiar.

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The Hoia-Baciu Forest — called the “Bermuda Triangle of Romania” —   is a very strange place, a true portal into other unworldly realms. Ghost Adventures was in Romania to investigate ghosts, and the spooky tales of the forest was a natural place for the team to explore. What I found interesting was the variety of anomalous phenomena. From unexplained disappearances (one story: young girl disappears for five years, returns with no memory of where she’d been) to odd lights, sounds, a circle (not exactly a true circle, more circle-like) area in the middle of the forest where nothing grows, absolutely nothing,  and yes, UFOs. UFOs! The team caught on tape an orange orb/light that are similar to so many reports of orange lights the world over. The word “UFO” was uttered by many in last night’s program, from residents to witnesses to the team.

I’m intrigued by these cross-over types of cases, where ghost activity and UFO activity, if not connecting or intersecting in some ways, at least parallel one another. 

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