UFOs Come For Their Own: The Raphael Chacon Case

UFOs Come For Their Own: The Raphael Chacon Case By Wendelle C. Stevens, Lt. Col. USAF, Decreased

A Book Review By Gordon James Gianninoto.

The below quoted passages are from an Ebook published by the estate of USAF Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens. The complete list of 58 books he wrote on various UFO contacts is available as a package on a 2 GB Thumb Drive, for about $300, or, I gather, for $10 each. I have the printed edition of many of these books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I bought them as they were printed, when I was a lawyer in Connecticut. I consider it important reading to understand ET contacts with humans on earth. This is eye opening, to say the least. The first striking thing is that you have no actual idea what is going on around you in the apparent society you see. Many of the most technically developed races seem to have achieved manipulation of time and space on our dimension. At first you say what dimension, because, this is all there is, right? Then you realize this argues very well that there are different dimensions and the manipulation occurs in another dimension and the effect is all around us. But there are rules, especially karma, so actions have to be permitted by ETs from even higher dimensions than just the next one up.

Anyway, they say truth is stranger than fiction. I say you can’t make this stuff up. Somehow Wendelle, a very well traveled man during and after his service, found these people. It probably got so that people tipped him off, after his interest became well known. This case, the Raphael Chacon case, was in Wendelle’s backyard. This happened in Arizona, near where Wendelle lived. Raphael was not one to speak out, or join the UFO community as an author. He is a quiet, kind, unassuming man. He did not do anything to draw attention to himself, and there was nothing about him to lead you to think he was in contact with ETs from Zeti, part of the Orion constellation. Is this what we know as Zeta? I don’t think so, but it is hard to say for sure. Telepathy rarely spells out words, and often does not use names. Also, Raphael is a native speaker of spanish, so could he be interpreting Zeta as Zeti or Ziti? Again, I don’t think so, but you make up your own mind. The ET did not look like any Zeta, and had small eyes, which is a major difference.

Is this story interesting? On many levels it is very interesting. Raphael could be your neighbor, and you might not give him a passing thought, ever. But Raphael was contacted by ETs who said he was one of them. Then they took him back in time to see the great cities of the Americas flourishing, and even the pyramids being built. He was shown the devices to cut and shape stone and those used to levitate huge blocks. He then saw cataclysms come to the earth and change everything. And all of this was in our prehistory. Chacon was told he had balanced his karma and his ‘group’ was closing out operations and they were taking him with them. [Do you think because they know the earth is about to change dimensions and they don’t want to be part of any change like that?]. So this was an ongoing case at the time it was written. Some of the books are not. Chacon was contacted, then he sought out Wendelle.

It was 1979 I think. He told Wendelle the ETs were going to take him, and then he sent his family back to Costa Rica, and disappeared. He had a good life, children, a good job, was quite stable in every area of his life. He was neither educated nor an extrovert. He told Wendelle the things the ETs showed him. That is the most interesting part of all.First of all the energy technology is fascinating. Then there is a view of the earth if we stayed on the course we then were taking. That would be WWIII; which, thankfully appears to be off the table now. He was shown and explained how the ETs in his group had worked with Pacific Islanders and when the Mayans left, the Mayans.

He mentions and experiences time travel, teleportation, space travel, living on another planet, and the past history of the earth, some of which is below in this excerpt, like the ETs camouflaging a real Fountain of Youth in southern Arizona so that no one can ever use it again. He said one of the stone cutting rings is in a museum in the US, recovered in a tomb of a Pharaoh. Those are things someone could look into.

One thing I don’t like, is, that he is told his wife and children are not from his planet, and that they cannot come with him. He sends them on their way, like changing a jacket, no distress. I wonder how he is free to do that, and if it is without consequences. Of course after he tells them of the UFO contacts and the future war, and his instructions, they have no problem leaving the country to avoid a nuclear future war. Lack of education does not equate with lack of intelligence, so Raphael’s wife only had to be told once, and she got the point. Especially after she saw the ships come for her husband. You can imagine her story: “He seemed nice and was reliable so I married him, had his children, and then it turns out he is a spaceman! Can you believe it?”

I could not get over this series of books on UFO CONTACT. I spoke with Wendelle many times about 20 years ago. An ordinary man would have given up his career, considering the obstacles that were put in front of him. But he had a gift. Luckily he was a frequent lecturer at some of the largest UFO conferences. But before electronic publishing, he only printed a thousand copies of most of these books. They have become collector’s items.You can find him on a few of the older classic UFO TV shows. He was part of Project Blue Book, and when they shut it down, he could not sit still. He was determined to find proof. While each case is not by itself proof, the net impression, on the whole, is that this is very very real. And aren’t we clueless about what goes on around us?

So I don’t know how it came to be that an excerpt was posted on the internet. I would think that the copyrights are reserved, but I also would think that Wendelle would have wanted you to purchase more of his books to benefit his family, especially his daughter, CeCe, so I hope this whets your appetite. Each UFO Contact book has it’s own huge differences in the contact, yet there some very very interesting things in common. It is like a panorama of the full range of ET to human contact.

All the way at the bottom of this email I put a list of books about individual contacts with ETs, garnered from all over the world. If you go to the link you can see the actual covers of most of Stevens’ books in the print edition. In fact, most of the books on the list are by Col. Stevens, and each is more interesting, and very believable. Some include descriptions of the other worlds the ETs live in. You know how if you were to take a trip around the world you would become ‘worldly’ ? Well, when you start reading your way through the series, you are making some very believable ‘otherworldly’ travels.

The reports do not contain a lot of spiritual or religious beliefs or practices. They are straightforward stories of every kind of not particularly exotic contacts with humans and humanoids from other worlds. These contactees are the normal people you see around you; of every type and description. Picture the American Indian or the Hindu. They are human, are born and die, experience life as you do, but have lifestyles and beliefs and practices that are as far from yours as they can be.

Human but different. That describes a lot of worlds you will experience through these books. Many of them seem to live at a higher moral level, respecting each other as individuals, and all of them operate on a higher technological level. But their lives are identical to yours seen from the perspective of Karma: situations and choices. To me, it is clear that to be born on a body on a planet is a learning experience, no matter the race, the planet, the conditions. I absolutely believe this is creators-in-training school. I think Wendelle filled a niche that no one else has attempted. If one man can find and write about all these cases, what does that say about how many others are out there? I find this fascinating. These books put our ‘modern’ civilization in perspective, whether you like it or not.

When Stevens says “UFOs Come For Their Own”, you need to realize that earth is only 4 billion years old and the universe is 16 billion years old. Thus, if you are an old soul; and lets face it, not everyone is; you probably did live on another planet. I am guessing this could be up to 1/4 of the population of earth. So, are you the next Contactee? Think about it…..


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