This is an interesting story, and recent too. Swedish explorers using side scan sonar looking for valuable shipwrecks discovered a 60 foot diameter circle on the bottom in 300 feet of water at an undisclosed location between Finland and Sweden. As a licensed sea urchin and scallop diver tender in the Gulf of Maine, I know that the deepest a diver can go with two tanks is about 110 feet. I say that because it takes time to go to that depth safely, and time to return so as to avoid nitrogen bends, so the working time at that depth is perhaps 20 minutes or less. Certainly a submersible submarine type device with robot arms could go to 300 feet or more, and take samples to see what, if anything, might be revealed by the hardened mud.

But then the question was posed on http://poleshift.ning.com as to whether the object was a UFO and the answer by the human unselfish ET Zetas was that it was a UFO/USO landing spot. It may have glided in arriving or departing as there seem to be almost 1000 feet of a track leading up to or away from it. I have said it before and will say it again, if you have any questions you would like extraterrestrials to answer, you have to join the ning for free. Then you have to make sure the question was not asked before, which I failed to do when I asked about this case, I admit*. The best way to do that is use the internal search engine on http://www.zetatalk.com to see if you can find any other references to your subject. Then you ask the question, and if Nancy Lieder accepts it, she will pose it to the Zetas on Friday of that week and publish the answers on Saturday morning and put it in her free ZetaTalk Newsletter that goes out every Sunday.

The Zetas have said that there is no equipment on Earth left behind by extraterrestrials to find. They have also said that there may be an occasional body from a lost explorer over the ages, but no evidence that would clearly resolve the issue for skeptics. They have said that skeptics have a right to put blinders on and pretend there are no extraterrestrials and the ETs even protect that right. I say that with so many thousands of witnesses and photographs and videos, the fact that there is NO evidence of ET science, in the matter of physical equipment or parts left behind, by itself, proves that ETs are here. It also proves that there are rules of contact, and that NO ONE can violate them.

I am one of those who has been in touch with unselfish ETs and had ships in my yard, and dozens of incidents and sightings, and therefore no one is telling me I did not see what I saw and learn what I learned. That is why I am speaking out. But those of you who are still researching UFO issues might find this article interesting. And you might find it exciting, as I do, to be able to pose questions to ETs, and get answers as long as they are not personal questions. Here, you see, if it were not for the Zeta comments, we would just think there was a natural formation on the ocean bottom, or possibly the ruins of a building. This shows you that your research need not come to a dead end just because you cannot go and touch the artifact yourself. And, if you don’t believe any of this, you don’t have to! Too bad though, as it is clear there is more evidence which keeps adding up cumulatively.




This is indeed a track left by a UFO but this will NOT include the UFO itself, nor was the track the result of a crash. Ocean bottom ooze was solidified during a landing, turning ooze into a type of rock by heat or other particle emissions on the surface of the UFO.

A SWEDISH team searching for booze on the bottom of the ocean may have found a UFO instead.

The Ocean Explorer team made several million dollars back in 1997 when it located the wreck of the trade ship Jonkoping. On board was a consignment of 1907 Heidsick Monopole Gout Americain, the corks of which were popped late last year after wine buffs snapped up the bottles for around $13,000 apiece. That’s kept Ocean Explorer team leader Peter Lindberg in the deep-sea suds search business ever since, but nothing he’s found has caused as much controversy as a circle that turned up on a sonar survey on June 19.

Mr Lindberg didn’t say much about it at the time apart from releasing the image and ruling out theories that it may be a land mine or algae bloom. Obviously, that didn’t generate enough attention, so now, after further examination, Mr Lindberg has gone public with some more details about the dimensions of the disc.


Recently, a Swedish team searching for ancient alcohol on the Baltic seabed came across a strange circular anomaly. There is much speculation about the nature of this “artifact” and it has been in the news recently. Could the Zetas please give us the Truth? [and from another] www.news.com.au. A Swedish team searching for booze on the bottom of the ocean may have found a UFO instead. At 87m down, between Sweden and Finland, they saw a large circle, about 60 feet in diameter. Mr Lindberg said the team has also noted what they say could possibly be tracks running some 300m up to where the disc lies. The team claims the tracks show the object has moved, either on or since settling to the ocean floor.

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