UnlockingThe Power Of Astral Projection

Unlock The Power To Astral Project With Dream Recall

Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, OBEs, Astral Projecting and even Near Death Experiences all share something in common – they occur when our brain waves are at a lower frequency than in our waking state.

Anyone whose experimented with techniques for astral projection knows that the first thing you want to do is get your mind to relax and move out of a beta state and into the deeper states of alpha, theta and delta. Because most dreams occur in the alpha and theta states, having a deeper, conscious connection with your dreams can be a way to develop your conscious, astral projection skills.

And how do you build a deeper or conscious connection with your dreams? Through dream recall. Here’s a technique you can use to begin recalling your dreams regularly and clearly. This technique is actually a form of self hypnosis. Once you’ve practiced it for awhile, you’ll find your ability to remember your dreams has become more constant and your lucid dreaming more frequent.

Note: Before you begin, be sure to have a notebook (or journal) and pen close to your bed so you can write your dreams down as soon as you wake.


Part one of this four-part technique is pre-sleep relaxation. You want to do something to fully relax your body and mind. This could take the form of deep breathing, visualization, some gentle and slow exercises, or 20 minutes of yoga. Meditation is ideal IF you can really relax your mind while doing it. You should also be sure to not be too hungry or too full. A grumbling or over-worked digestive system will only distract you from fully relaxing.


Once you’re fully relaxed, you want to make some simple but clear suggestions to yourself. You can do this silently, aloud or listen to pre-recorded statements such as: “When I wake, I will fully and clearly remember my dreams,” or “I remember my dreams easily and fully,” or “My dreams remain clear when I wake.” You can spend as few as 2-3 minutes, or as many as 15 minutes focusing on (or listening to) these statements.


Part three occurs when you wake. As soon as you wake up – whether it’s in the morning or the middle of the night – you want to grab your journal and write down anything and everything you remember about your dreams. At first this may be very little – with only fragments, impressions, colors or characters within your dreams coming to mind. Write them down anyway. Eventually, more and more of your dreams will become clear when you wake, until you remember entire dreams with ease.


Finally, after writing your dreams down, reread them. This process often helps you remember even more of your dreams and reinforces the process of dream recall for future dreams.

Once you’ve been practicing this technique for awhile, we’d love to hear how it’s working for you. How often are you remembering your dreams? Are you having more lucid dreams? Do you feel your ability to consciously shift your brain into the alpha and theta states has improved? Leave your comments and let us know!

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