What do benign aliens find the most time consuming of their activities at present?

By Gordon J. Gianninoto 

Not only is the pole shift coming in the next few years, [every 3657 years], but this time it is different.  All souls who have made a conscious choice to be at least 51% unselfish will be allowed to graduate to the next dimension up in consciousness.

After many many difficult lifetimes, many souls will be rewarded for their understanding and choices under the tough conditions we live in today. In total, they will be few, but there is nothing to stop you from joining the group ready to move on. You may choose to be in this group only by demonstrating your intention by behavior.

The Earth itself will become a planet to a higher frequency vibration with open contact with positive aliens on other worlds. It is a reward of increased perception, love, and telepathic contact. A world without deceit, lies, and selfishness.

As the pole shifts, and continents shift, and all the things of life as we know it end, there will be tests of kindness and ruthlessness for survivors to deal with. The choices you make will determine whether you go on to a better life, or are shipped off to a prison planet filled with all the most selfish people only. If for some reason at the coming Earth changes you have not decided, you will be allowed to incarnate for one more lifetime, in  a place where there are no ‘things’ and possessions to cloud your choice. Really, if you think about it, everything is slanted for you to succeed.

I became aware of this years ago, and am trying to let the people I know what is coming up. It is not just a worldwide disaster, it is also a time of soul choices like no other. A one time chance to graduate.

Do you really want to live hundreds of more lifetimes as you explore selfishness for a long time before there is another chance to graduate? You can ignore this, and think that is not possible. But most religions mention this time and this choice.

Think about it, this is not the first time someone has brought this up, is it? But as the hour draws near, which side of the door do you wish to be?

If you do graduate to 4th density, you will not have to join the group on Earth, you could reincarnate on any of a huge number of other worlds and civilizations, but probably you would want to remain with your group, the other souls you have come to know and love in all these hard lifetimes in a cycle that is coming to an end. 

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