What is Poleshift and How to Live Through It?


When I talk about poleshift, I am defining it as the complete separation of earth’s crust from the core, and reattachment an hour later. The poleshift in 1650 BC was 15 degrees and the poleshift coming up in about a year or less or slightly more, will be over 90 degrees and make the new north pole off the present eastern tip of Recife Brazil. As the earth is continually trying to rebalance any previous adjustments, there are always ongoing earth changes; but none so strong or massive as the flyby of Planet X.

All the magnetic poles of the earth, all the other planets, the moons of planet size, and the sun, all face up. North is up. When a true pole shift occurs, that NEVER changes, but the crust separates and reattaches. So what you think of as the north pole of the earth, the arctic, is actually just the part of the crust that is above the north magnetic pole of the core. When the crust slides to a new position, the north pole of the core does not.

Other than that, the north magnetic pole wanders and meanders due to the roiling of the iron rich magma due to external conditions; but always remains ‘up’ except for these days, now. With the north magnetic pole of Planet X facing the earth’s equator, the earth, crust and core, has started a wobble from which the earth always recovers except for the hour of pole shift. What is happening is that as the earth turns, the two north poles repel each other so the north pole is pushed away from the sun. But but as the Great Atlantic Rift, an iron rich magnetic attractant, turns to face the sun, Planet X pulls the north part of the rift down, as Planet X is south of the ecliptic by a slight amount. This always tips the north pole toward the sun and Planet X when the Atlantic Rift faces the sun. So this wobble is not random, but regular; repeating every day. That is why Texas and Russia; both equidistant from the Great Atlantic Rift, have had massive droughts which do not seem to go away.

Eventually, as PX approaches to 14 million miles, the closest it will come, the crust will stop rotating with the core, and break free of the core for one hour. One hour only, as poleshift only occurs when PX is accelerating out of the solar system. During that one hour, the Great Atlantic Rift will be facing Planet X.

The closest approach of PX, and poleshift only take one hour.

As gravity pushes, there will be no collision. Because of particle flows, gravity may be considered to be polar, like magnetism, but is pushing, not pulling. Rotation cancels gravity. There never is enough rotation of a planet to cancel gravity, and therefore, collisions between planets are extremely rare. This is why Planet X going counterclockwise around the sun from above, stopped the earth, the dark twin of earth and venus, going clockwise, in their orbits. What we have right now is a ‘dance’ where all 3 planets are trying to go by the bigger one, PX which is TRYING TO LEAVE.

To simplify the understanding, I left out some other things which can happen. Those things include the north pole laying over away from the sun for a period of 3-6 days of partial darkness in the northern hemisphere, and the sun doing little circles in the sky before setting in a new direction. All of these things are explicitly described in http://www.zetatalk.com

I suggest that those who are interested in putting these things into images, go to a Radio Shack store and purchase two cylindrical stick magnets. You will, while playing with them, see that the two north poles repel each other. If you find suitable hollow balls, and run the sticks through the balls, you will have two mini planetary bodies. Then glue some steel washer to the surface of one. The washer will represent the Atlantic Rift, which is the earth’s crust’s greatest surface magnet. With some experimentation you will see that as the earth ball rotates and the PX magnet approaches horizontally, the earth ball will lurch momentarily when the washer faces the PX ball, but continue spinning, although slowing. When the earth ball stops, it will be with the washer/Atlantic Rift facing the PX ball. This means that all those on either coasts of the Atlantic Rift will actually see PX in the sky as PS occurs.

Those on the other side of earth will know when it happens, but not see it in the sky during that one hour. It will have an awful and fearsome appearance. Planet X is an inhabited, cloudy, atmospheric, oceanic, volcanic, planet trailing twin strands of rippling moons, trillions of rocks, and clouds of iron oxide dust. The open volcanic rifts on the surface of PX create a dull orange glow in its clouds, that some will say, incorrectly, that means it is a dwarf star. It is not a dwarf star, but the home of the selfish giants, the 12-16 ft humans who came to earth to mine gold and created us as slaves, and pretended, cruelly, to be gods. Unselfish ETs got so tired of that, that they, since the last poleshift, 3,657 years ago, have continually sabotaged every attempt of the Annunaki to land on earth since. They do not need to attack Annunaki ships, just fiddle with the electronics until they realized it was more than a fluke which was stopping them from being our gods returning. There are a few unselfish, service to other, Annunaki, but they are in the minority. Earth is graduating a class to another dimension, but they are not. Read about it in Zetatalk.

When PX, stands free of the sun so that all on earth can see it clearly without filters, mark your calendars. It will be exactly 50 days until poleshift.

Zetatalk has an exact timeline of the events of those 50 days [7.3 weeks during which all the earth will see PX in the sky]. No man knows the date those 50 days begin. Some inside information, thirdhand, suggests that it may occur at any time from this moment to somewhere in 2013. I repeat: No Man Knows The Date. Any dates given are guesstimates. Zetatalk has been very clear that 10/10 is poleshift and we are in 7/10 now, and have been for a year. It is thought, but not known, that 8/10 would be shorter, and 9/10 even shorter still, than the present 7/10.

The first three things that will happen as the crust separates from the core, reattaches, and Planet X speeds on by are:

1. Massive worldwide earthquakes in the 8 to 10 range; all volcanoes erupting and horrific sounds as lands rise or submerge; giant static sparks go from earth to Planet X. New Zealand and New England will rise about 500 ft.; Florida and the UK will sink another 150 ft. lower. The crust will stop turning, and wherever the sun is in the sky, and whatever stars are visible, will not rise and set. The rotation of the crust of the earth will have stopped. Then when the crust reattaches, the sun will set in a new direction. The sun, planets and stars will rise and set in a new direction.

2. Worldwide 600 foot tidal surge as oceans rush from the old equator to the old poles as the earth crust grinds to a stop [as the core continues turning]. Then as the crust reattaches to the core with Recife Brazil as the NEW NORTH POLE, the oceans will rush from the old pole locations to the new equator and then slosh from coast to coast for about a day. Coastal mountain valleys, fjord like, will force the 600 ft. tidal surge to heights up to 4 times higher, in excess of 2,000 feet in elevation

3. Worldwide falls of meteors and meteorites as boulders and rocks and iron oxide dust from the tail of Planet X. Death and destruction will be random and widespread as will firestorms caused by red hot rocks hitting combustible material.

Zetatalk has complete worldwide discussions of safe areas. Please at least look at it, even if you cannot do anything about it at this moment.

Gordon James Gianninoto

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