10 Future Predictions by Diane Tessman

During my eleven years of public school teaching, I also pursued field investigation with MUFON and the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO). I was meticulously scientific in my investigations; however like so many investigators, I was also driven to look into the UFO phenomenon for some hidden personal reason which I did not understand at that time. After undergoing hypnosis with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, I remembered a UFO encounter when I was a child in North Iowa. I realized consciously that I “shared consciousness” with a UFO being who calls himself Tibus. This line of communication had always been there but I had not dared to recognize it.   For 30 years now, Tibus and I have warned of climate change which brings torrential rains and  super-storms; these events are just now becoming painfully apparent. Another example: Tibus has been adamant about not using nuclear power, “because accidents will happen.” Now we have Fukashima. 

    I have written 5 books as well as writing 2 monthly publications, with predictions and insights into Earth’s upheavals and changes. As you can see from the Ten Predictions below, Tibus’ messages involve logical outcomes rather than conventional psychic information which is not, by definition, based in logic. If you continue to mistreat your environment, this will happen.”  This is the crux of Tibus and many other alien beings’ warnings and messages. Perhaps receiving a message from a UFO being is not always flakey or crazy, although the media tends to portray it this way. Perhaps it is a method, an attempt, to open humankind’s eyes to the plight of its planet which is a crisis almost entirely caused by humankind.   


10 Future Predictions by Diane Tessman:


     How can anyone predict the future when quantum physics confirms for us that there are an infinite number of alternate realities? Tibus has taught me that there are certain over-riding events which happen in almost every branch reality. These events are the movers and shakers of Earth’s history in every time line. In my precognitive work, it is these over-riding (“umbrella”) events on which I place the most emphasis.
    You will not see a prediction here about the success a Hollywood starlet’s rehab or a British royal’s choice of tiara. The Change Point is approaching for the Planet Earth, an intersecting moment in space/time in which every one of us will be deeply involved and affected. Each planet which has a dominant, sentient species like Homo sapiens, reaches a pivotal moment in its history when this species threatens to destroy the higher life forms on the planet through its own greed, and selfishness. Today, we see higher life forms such as lions, tigers, whales, sharks, elephants, and an endless list of others, in danger of untimely extinction because of humankind’s cruelty and lack of empathy.
    Yes, Planet Earth is in the throes of her Change Times; in this violent process, Homo sapiens may even extinguish its own life spark along with that of the planet herself. Is a species really so intelligent which destroys the world on which it stands? 
    Perhaps Gaia, the living spirit of Mother Earth, will manage to keep a few life forms such as cockroaches and microbial life after humankind has done its damage and is long gone. However, Gaia is a middle aged planetary spirit; her world was in relative balance before Homo sapiens began his march of progress. She had created and was nurturing tens of millions of species. It is not yet her time to be a dying world. It is not yet time for the wondrous diversity of Earth’s higher life forms to be extinguished
    Here, then, are my 12 Future Predictions in these crazy, often dangerous, Change Times, which lead to a dimensional Change Point. Many of these predictions are alarming but the positive predictions, which are the last three, are our future hope; they are Our Future. .
    Beyond chaos and change of the old world, is a new world which sings in a higher octave. Those humans who can survive in this higher electromagnetic frequency of consciousness, will perceive the new dawn of a healed and balanced planet.
    Prediction One:. Fracking, is the new “advanced”  technique of horizontal drilling for gas, which in fact, fractures the earth causing thousands of earthquakes, releases huge amounts of methane which kills fish, birds, and more, and destroys the water table, private wells and entire aquifers across the nation. All profits from fracking go to the giant natural gas industry.
    Fracking will cause a terrible shortage pure, clean water. The shortage of consumable water is a major prediction regardless of the fracking process but with fracking covering some states already like cancer, the drinking water crisis grows much more critical and pressing.
    Fracking is beyond government rules and regulations because former Vice President Cheney saw to it that this toxic, destructive method of drilling, is exempt from all oversight and regulation.
    And so, for the United States in particular, the future lack of drinking water and fresh water for other aspects of civilization, will become a devasting crisis earlier than it would have without the upgrade in fracking practices.
    Prediction Two: MRSA and CRKP infections will spread like wildfire, turning what is already a global threat into a global panic. Over-use of antibiotics is the reason for the rise of these superbugs. MRSA attacks people in hospitals but also in communal areas now such as schools and gyms. CRKP is a new superbug which causes mostly respiratory infections which are almost totally resistant to antibiotics. Together, these killed over 25,000 people in Europe last year but that number will seem small as these and other brand new superbugs defy antibiotics entirely. 
    Prediction Three: Contamination through radioactivity and the otherwise rapidly dwindling fish populations across the planet, will make many kinds of fish such as cod, which we take for granted as always there  for us, rare and almost impossible to find.  Also rapidly shrinking in availability due to pollution, radioactivity, and the huge human demand, will be oysters, scallops, lobsters,  and similar seafood. The Gulf of Mexico is more damaged already than we are told.
    Prediction Four: The Pacific Ring of Fire will continue to go through a violently active period when both earthquakes and volcanoes continue to  cause enormous and frequent catastrophes which in the past, had been rare events. Of course devastating walls of water called tsunamis will also occur because these go hand in hand with severe earthquakes. 
    Prediction Five: The Arctic Ocean will soon be open water all winter long. In many areas of the planet, the last traces of formerly mighty glaciers will trickle their last drop, into the sea. The lack of glaciers also exacerbates the coming fresh water crisis. In the Antarctic, large chunks of the ice shelves will continue to break up; when the main Antarctic ice sheet is exposed to the Antarctic Ocean without the protection of the ice shelves, a huge meltdown may occur very quickly, raising ocean levels by many feet.
    Prediction Six: There will be more nuclear accidents and/or serious damage to nuclear installations due to huge catastrophes. It is strange, but once a thought enters the mass human consciousness, we know more such events will come. We do create our own reality. One month after the Japanese Fukashima meltdowns, 3 workers in Nebraska were exposed to radioactivity at Cooper Nuclear Station.
    Prediction Seven: Of course the radioactivity from Fukashima is greater and more damaging than governments will admit. Which brings us to our 7th prediction: The powers-that-be on Earth will continue trying to control the population of humans through disinformation and misinformation. To keep their power, they must keep the general population like a herd of sheep, wrapped up in materialism and the endless quest for “enough money.”
    Do not be mislead by readings of radioactivity from Fukashima which try to sound as though it is not a high reading; we must remember that nuclear meltdown and near-meltdown is a 24/7 process, and continues for thousands of years.
    Prediction Eight:  In the near future, more humans will break from the control mechanism of mass consumerism and gluttonous materialism, finally perceiving that this is the road to doomsday. This revolution will occur partially because of desperation over growing levels of radioactivity and what they mean to us and our posterity.    
    This huge change in human consciousness will also occur as resources such as food, water, and fuel become scarce when they were once so abundant.     
    Also contributing to this critical mass of enlightenment will be growing desperation regarding the extremes of the climate. There will be endless super-storms and super-torrents of rain and snow, and society will no longer be able to deal effectively with them. Other areas will undergo severe, long-lasting drought or what seems like permanent flooding. Water levels planetwide will continue rising.
    Prediction Nine: There will be intentional Internet leaks of top secret government documents which prove conclusively that extraterrestrials and other-dimensionals have been flying in Earth skies and landing on Earth soil, for many years now. 1947 marks the beginning of a full scale mission on the part of these beings, to visit Earth and observe or help, during the Change Times.
    The absolute proof that UFOs exist and that they are not from the Earth we know, begins to pave the way for actual face to face contact with humans by these aliens. In all likelihood, these events will not span a number of years, but only a few months as they play out against the backdrop of Earth’s catastrophes. We could wake up tomorrow with the certain knowledge that UFO aliens landed in London yesterday and will be landing in our area today.
    Prediction Ten: Landings by UFO occupants. Careful friendship will be extended to the mass of humanity. This will happen right as a dimensional shift occurs which we call the Change Point. From then on, there will be a different electromagnetic frequency for the human mind, due to a large fluctuation in Earth’s geomagnetic field which is already beginning.
    This change in the human EM frequency, will lead to the perception of a better world. Perception is reality, and those who perceive a better world, will find themselves on a healed, balanced planet – a new dawn for Earth. 
    Those who can adapt, will. Those who cannot achieve this enlightened state of mind, will continue in the old human frequency, a dimension which is slowly coming unraveled. Essentially, they will continue, on a world which is full of catastrophes and which will become not the hospitable world we have known.    
    Enlightenment is up to each individual; no one chooses you – you choose yourself.
    The Change Point could occur in 11 but of course we all think of 12 and those Mayan predictions. The Change Point could even come in 13 or 14, but we all feel its approach and know it is near.
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