A Response to: Why Humans Do Not Know About Aliens, UFOs, or Life in the Cosmos

I greatly enjoyed Chris’ Holly’s, “Why Humans Do Not Know About Aliens, UFOs, or Life in the Cosmos,” and I agree and empathize with most of it. I too had (and have), strange experiences which consequently made me, somehow, an outsider who either kept what I knew to be the truth, hidden, or have faced ridicule. I think most of us have experienced that to varying degrees, whether we are abductees, contactees, ufologists, researchers, or a combination thereof.

I agree fully with Ms Holly that we humans are mostly ignorant, stupid, selfish,  often cruel, and don’t know of what we babble when it comes to space, dimension, aliens, UFOs and the generic Unknown.

But we are all we’ve got, Chris.

Either we become so frightened of our own inadequacies as to become paralyzed right when this gigantic cosmic door may be opening, or we go out there, humble but equal, knowing that “they” know we are not equal in most ways, and face The Unknown as an evolving species who at least wishes to TRY to survive, and to TRY to get to know “them.”

A few of us think/feel we are ready to become cosmic citizens. Chris, I know you are among them and so am I. It is not really because I have been a ufologist (whatever that is), for over 30 years, have a college degree, taught school, investigated UFOs, have run my own business successfully based on “going out there” for over 30 years – no, all this is admirable enough to make me able to live with myself – but I am ready to TRY to be a cosmic citizen and to meet “them,” because something deep within me says I must. It also says, “It will be alright.”

Yes, I might have the bad luck to get beamed up by an alien with no conscience or moral code who also has 6 heads and walks on its multiple hands and feet, but then again, I might get beamed up by Captain Kirk, my great, great, great, great grandson (No, I do not believe this literally).

Chris, you did mention that “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” are just films. Sure, they are films. I had written an article, “Implanting Visions” for UFO Digest, saying maybe the mass media is used by The Unknown to accustom humans to the existence of aliens and the galactic community, good and bad. It’s not written in stone that “Star Trek” for instance, is an “implanted vision” of our potential future if we can just evolve as a human race, but then again, it is a possibility.  Why do so many people love “Star Trek” so passionately and personally?

However, no point of debating that; it is a matter of opinion.

I do think humans like Chris and I, have so much in common – perhaps 99% of our view of the universe is similar, based on incredible experiences we have both had, and knowledge we have both gained, so that there is no point in debating each other into the ground on the 1% differences we may have. Or maybe 2%, who knows?

The world has gotten so petty and downright vicious in always finding fault with the other guy. It’s the fad. I do think we folk who might be almost ready to meet UFO occupants without peeing our pants (ok, I would pee my pants but I would not get my shotgun – yes, I might wish I had, or I might thank the heavens that I maintained my stance of peace, quality, and need to learn about them). It all depends if who landed in my back yard was the mobster from the alien lagoon or a dashing humanoid.

Yes, of course I am biased toward the dashing humanoid, I can relate to him or her! And he or she may be the cruelest, most heartless alien of all of them. On the other hand, the creature from the alien lagoon may be like many Earth life forms and be frightened itself – of me.

All I have to relate to The Unknown as a fairly enlightened, intelligent human is:

1)       All I have experienced, researched, and read regarding UFOs and The Unknown, for my entire lifetime (my UFO encounter(s) happened when I was a small child).

2)       My amazing human friends (at least human in this lifetime), who also encountered The Unknown, who are very smart for humans (smile), and whom I care about and trust.

3)       My vast experience with and love of, other Earth life forms and incredible Mother Nature (Gaia) herself

4)       A few bits of media, such as “Star Trek” which was hindered by having to have human actors as aliens, hindered by all that you and I are hindered by, Chris, as we explore The Unknown, but it did say one thing which I do embrace and think goes beyond a mere tv show’s usual schpiel:

“Star Trek” said we have to go into the galaxy or into other dimensions as humans. That’s all we’ve got.

                Sure, some of us feel connected to a star being “out there” who may have contacted us. Sure, some of us who believe in past and future lives (parallel aspects),  feel we are as alien as we are human – human only for this lifetime.

               However, we as a species are human. Do we play victim? Or Forest Gump? (Too stupid to even be seen and hide under a rock of self-disdain and lack of self-belief?)

                Or do we do what Forest did, and amble on out there, with as much grace, dignity, and integrity as we can muster? We humans do have worth!

“Yes, I am human, but I will not kill – today.”

“There may be some hope for me as a human in perhaps 2000 years,” and meanwhile, I’ll keep exploring.

If we accept how lacking we are, we are a failure as a species.

                A few of us do know that many scientists think in a little box. A few of us to whom The Unknown came (for me, about 60 years ago, and it has never really left), do perceive more of what/who is out there than grumpy old narrow scientists perceive and perhaps even more than love and light New Agers perceive. Perhaps we are to be the ones whom those aliens contact (again) in 2012 or 2013 or 2300? I am not sure.

               But I do know that I must embrace my humanity and find the best of it within myself. Maybe “they” are not so different after all, maybe a few of “them,” are beings who will respect my life force and who will teach me or at least talk to me with the universal translator (ok, “Star Trek” again, sorry).

If I assume that they are all so different and so much beyond my human understanding, well, then I give up.

And I do not give up. That is human: Not to give up.

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