Reptilian Quest

When did it become written in stone that some of the UFO occupants visiting us are somehow related to reptiles? On top of this question, I wonder if humans are projecting their ancient fear of reptiles in general, and of serpents specifically, onto UFO occupants.

I hasten to add that some people feel that reptilians send smaller big-eyed E.T.s out to harass us, and to experiment on us. While others feel the reptilians inhabit our government and so are not the background overlords hiding somewhere beyond Saturn, but instead are running our lives – and perhaps have for generations.

I am not trying to shoot down anyone’s beliefs or other writers’ works. I sincerely wonder about the reality of reptilians, however.

I don’t need a lesson in “thinking outside the box” writers and channels, I’ve read most of them. David Ike was one of the first and is still very convincing, in his “reptilian” concepts. Reptilians are shape shifters, too, according to some, which means they are basically energy beings and not organic beings.

If this is so, then do shape shifters even have a “flesh and blood basic species,” in this case, that of a reptile? So why are we picking on reptiles?

Wouldn’t a sentient reptile be flesh and blood? Then shape shifting would be as difficult for that reptilian as for you and me. To be shape-shifting, one has to be, at heart, a blob of energy who can change self into whatever form he or she wishes.

So, this is one of the confusions I run into when thinking about reptilians.

However, let’s say the extraterrestrial reptilians are flesh and blood: There is a debate in scientific circles as to whether the dinosaurs were hot blooded (endothermic) or cold blooded (ectothermic). A space-going intelligent race, however cruel they might be, would probably be an endothermic species.

Endothermic, warm blooded animals seem to gain more intelligence as the eons go by than the cold blooded species. There are all sorts of issues about circulation, speed, perception, and other traits. Maybe a few warm blooded dinosaurs somehow survived, went to space, because they were the top of the dinosaur predator/intelligence ladder, and at some point came back to be our overlords?

Could be. However, is there any proof or even evidence of this? Many abductees have seen the big-eyed grey beings but there are few reports of being confronted by a large, mean, intelligent reptile.

However, let’s say someone was abducted by a reptilian or managed to catch a glimpse of one. Was it kindred to a turtle?

Or did it slither like the serpent who kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden?

Was it more like an alligator? A lizard? Was it the Gorn?

If it wasn’t any of the above, how come we call it a reptile-relative, who is apparently called “a reptilian?”

In environmental crises as we have on Earth presently, reptiles are among the canaries in the coal mine. Turtles, and sea turtles in particular, are fast disappearing, leaving only their shells behind to prove they once ambled Earth.

Why do we project our basest human impulses onto animals, anyway? Even alligators and crocodiles usually try to avoid us unless their food supply is gone. Most snakes see us and slither the other way as fast as they can.

Jacque Vallee and John Keel, among others, felt that UFO and paranormal phenomena somehow are intermixed with the incredibly strange, wonderful and frightening mass human subconscious. Jungian psychology tends to enhance these theories.

Have we made the ultimate bad guys, the cruelest of possibilities in The Unknown, a projection of our ancient hang-up on The Serpent?

In very ancient times, serpents were acknowledged as fascinating life forms and even worshipped by Pagans, but Christianity has been planted in our minds for hundreds and hundreds of years.

The serpent chased Adam and Eve out of The Garden. Is this why we just accept the unproven theory that space reptilians are mostly very bad guys?

Beyond this, might we be creating them as we embrace a potential falsehood?

Vallee theorized that humans have some hand in creating The Unknown as well as being visited by it. Is The Unknown actually formless clay which the human mind molds and shapes with its hopes and fears?

Quantum theory adds some credence to this idea as well. We not only perceive our reality, we participate in creating it.

Fear is a tricky thing, and also very powerful. As we hope for UFO disclosure and then, wonder of wonders, for possible UFO landings and perhaps face to face look-see’s, let’s be careful to keep our old subconscious human fear under control.

And in preparation for all that might happen, let’s not adopt a lynch mob mentality about reptilians! If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that a being based in reptile DNA does not emerge from a flying saucer. But I could be wrong.


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