Implanting Visions

Once in a while, we humans who are fascinated by the UFO phenomenon, stop to ask ourselves, “What is it that they want?” “What are they doing here?”

Despite films and even television series, there is absolutely no evidence that UFO occupants are here to attack us or enslave us. If the human race is enslaved, it is to its own dependence on a monetary system in order to survive, and to politico-socio systems, which give power to the greediest and most ruthless.

Some believe that a reptilian shape-shifting race runs the world. Everyone has a right to believe what he or she wishes; however, there is no evidence that this reptile race, if it exists, crawled out of one of the UFOs which millions of people have seen in Earth skies since 1947.

The truth is, there is not one account of a UFO attacking Earth. There are a handful of odd disappearances, particularly concerning pilots. On January 7, 1948, Captain Thomas F. Mantell of the Kentucky Air National Guard, piloting a P51 Mustang, crashed and died while pursuing a possible UFO. Mantell was a highly experienced pilot, and rumors flew regarding his last words to ground control, and the odd condition of his body. His death changed the national conversation regarding “flying saucers,” from one of good humor and jokes, to alarm and fear.

Another experienced pilot, Australian Frederick Valentich, disappeared in 1978, after telling ground control that the unidentified object which seemed to be playing games with him was moving at such high speed that he could not identify it, until it hovered and began “orbiting right on top of my plane.” Valentich described “a green light and sort of metallic-like, it’s all shiny on the outside.” His last words were, “It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.” His body has never been found.

Military pilots such as Mantell and Valentich, have dangerous professions. It’s possible one or both became disoriented when they encountered unusual climate conditions or mirages. In both cases, however, UFOs had been reported from the ground, which is why Mantell and 3 other Mustang pilots, were chasing the UFO. Valentich was on a training mission when he encountered “4 bright lights about 1000 feet above me.” Valentich had an avid interest in UFOs.

We can guess that when these pilots got too close to large alien star craft, their planes started to break up because of some force around the star craft, or that the UFO-star craft purposely nabbed both pilots in a tractor beam. That, of course, is actually an episode of original Star Trek. We do know positively that Mantell’s body was in his crashed plane, whereas aletich disappeared entirely.

We must conclude that no one knows what happened in either case. However, of all the UFOs buzzing around in Earth skies since 1947, and of all the airplanes, big and small, also flying in Earth skies, two pilots in 1948 and 1978 seem a small toll, if UFOs are malevolently inclined toward humans. It seems likely that plane malfunction or extenuating circumstance was involved in both cases.

Harm done by UFOs to individual humans includes the sunburn effect, more prevalent in the 1950’s and 1960’s, when someone witnessed a UFO close-up and apparently got something like a radiation burn. Of course, alien abductions wherein individual humans are subjected to painful medical procedures are harmful to that individual.

It could be argued that the number of sunburn injuries has lessened because the UFO occupants figured out that humans could get burned by their ships’ propulsion method. Alien abductions are a big unknown; might some abductions be performed by secret agencies within Earth governments, to discredit aliens? It also must be asked, what is the psychological state of some abductees?

Leaving these events as unknowns, and noting that they happened to individual humans, we still can state that no UFO has ever attacked Earth.

In “Battle Los Angeles,” a recent Hollywood film, UFOs staged a full scale attack. This movie is loosely based on an incident on February 25, 1942, when thousands of people witnessed incredible events. However, according to actual eye witness reports and evidence carefully researched by documentary film maker Jose Escamilla , it was the UFOs which were fired upon in a full scale attack by the U.S. military, lodging anti-aircraft shrapnel in Culver City buildings which remained for years. The huge UFO hovered over Culver City for 1 ½ hours, then flew slowly to Long Beach under heavy fire, next to Seal Beach, then darted back to Culver City where it hung motionless for another half hour before zooming off over the Pacific. It never fired a shot, whether it used bullets or lasers or scalar defenses, it never fired. If ever there was provocation for the UFO to attack, this was it.

The fact is, UFOs have been chased and sometimes fired upon often by the military over the years.

We can conclude that extraterrestrial and/or other-dimensional craft have been in Earth skies at least since the modern UFO era began in 1947, and they have never attacked Earth. So, what are they doing here?

Millions if not billions of humans now believe that UFOs are not from this world. Are UFO occupants simply conditioning us to accept their existence and their presence in Earth skies?

The Internet has facilitated the knowledge of thousands of UFO sightings, many of them caught on video these days. Modern technology is adding to the fact that UFOs exist, and that they are not of this world. Yes, there are hoaxes, there always have been. However, there are UFO flaps all over the globe, from Russia to China to New Zealand to Pennsylvania. Individuals have only to witness one valid UFO for themselves, to become convinced Earth is being visited from “beyond.”

UFO occupants have achieved a deep reservoir of implanted visions within the human mass consciousness; these implanted visions are now our human visions. They are a part of our own mass consciousness.

How many of us saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind? How many of us saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind at least 5 times? (I’m raising my hand).

Steven Spielberg has done other great movies and some not so great, but CE3K took on a presence and force which was downright spooky. It gave us goose bumps and we knew that Roy Neery was us.

How many of us love original Star Trek which is about humans being capable of joining the galactic community as they sail in their human UFO, The Enterprise, to encounter aliens in other UFOs.

This television series which was cancelled after its second year and struggled along in its third season of 1968, knowing it had no future, also had no budget. Alien costumes were made from dinner place mats; a visiting space probe was made from a spaghetti colander. Yet, the list of scientific innovations and inventions that have become reality which Star Trek introduced, is remarkable, from communicators (cell phones), tricorders (GPS systems and all that smart phones offer), to medical scanners (Germany is now using handheld medical scanners to tell the general condition of the patient), to stun force phasers (tasers) to deadly plasma and laser weaponry. About all that has not come to pass is the transporter which turns matter into energy and back to matter again, and the Starship Enterprise itself.

Stars Wars made that crazy alien bar and the Rebel Alliance space ships, not in a galaxy far away, but residents of our own consciousness. Of course great science fiction writers, from Ray Bradbury to Arthur Clarke, might have caught an implanted vision or two. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, was autistic as a child; who knows what mind-signals he heard and what other dimensions he saw?

If there are future humans in some of the UFOs, then they would have the best reason of all, to implant visions of their world or worlds, in their ancestors’ mass human consciousness. Without these seedling visions firmly implanted, their future would not exist.

Have UFO occupants, whatever their source, knowingly influenced mass media, and in doing so, managed to insert concepts and attitudes into the mass human consciousness? Have aliens changed our human way of thinking, feeling and acting through these implanted visions in films and also, simply through their actual presence in our skies?

When trying to figure out what is the purpose and goal of these beings inside UFOs, it is fairly certain, looking at years of evidence, that their directive is not to attack humans or eat humans for dinner.

They seem to want us to see their vehicles and conclude that we are not alone; we humans, over the years, have been forced to conclude that there is intelligence from other worlds who knows more than we do. That is a bitter pill for humans to swallow; the evidence seems to point to the fact that the UFO occupants are trying to be gentle and slow-going in letting us know this.

It makes sense that implanted visions into the human consciousness would be a method of achieving their goal, which may be to ease the human race into the galactic community. These implanted visions work hand in hand with UFO sightings and experiences in the process of actually evolving the human race from within its own human mass consciousness.

Evolution has to be an internal process, but information, knowledge, experience, can be implanted from the outside, to be assimilated within the species.

Are they helping us evolve from Homo sapiens to Homo cosmos?

This may be nothing new, it may be the way evolution has always happened for we apes who walk erect.

Prophets heard the voice of God and received visions from beyond, thus began the world’s religions. Perhaps implanted visions have not always unfolded as those from beyond had hoped – a subject for another time.

Quantum physics tells us that the phenomenon of consciousness involves subatomic particles; it tells us that telepathy can hypothetically occur instantaneously between two individuals which are light years apart on different worlds. If the quantum physics which we humans have figured out to this point is accurate, it is only the tip of the quantum iceberg. We are just beginning to explore the concept of quantum realities in which parallel universes and multiple dimensions are real.

It seems reasonable to assume that UFO occupants know more about quantum physics than we do (they certainly know more about propulsion than we do). Implanted visions would probably be within their ability, either through technology or sheer mind power. If an individual suddenly becomes fascinated with the UFO phenomenon or the spiritual ideas received by others who were bitten by the UFO bug years ago, might implanted visions also be at work?

It may be that implanting visions is one of the prime directives of the UFO occupants’ mission statement. An over view of 1947 to the present, points to this, because this is the biggest discernable result of the presence of UFOs in Earth skies.

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