Traversing the Intelligence of Species

In what ways can we prepare ourselves to meet exo-species?

This is an unbiased question, because a particular exo-species might be loving, positive extraterrestrials or they might be cold scientists who intend to use us for research or dinner.

This is an unbiased question because we should try as best we can to prepare ourselves, whether they are from far distant space, from time, or from another dimensional source other than time itself.

“How can we prepare ourselves?” would seem to be the most important question of all.

Look at it this way: If we go to Africa to meet an African Elephant in her habitat (what’s left of it in 2011), we damn sure better be aware of how to approach her if we want to survive to see the next African sunrise. Some thought, experience, and common sense, needs to go into this adventure because

there is that nanosecond of meeting her face to face, and in fact, every moment beyond that, hinges on that first moment of action/reaction.

I am not sure that our human, often left-brained intellectual theories on what aliens are in cahoots with governments, or what dastardly plan an extraterrestrial race has in store for us, is the best way to prepare ourselves. I’m not sure that perceiving the human race as always the victim of this space-going race or that other dimensional cartel, will really help us survive when “they” land! Of course, that’s

if they land, because any self-respecting alien race would run the other way when viewing Earth and her humans in 2011.

However, it feels to a lot of us, like they are going to land. UFO sightings have snowballed unbelievably in the last year. “They” seem to want to be seen by observers on the ground more than they have since perhaps 1947 and the “early” years. And if “feelings” have anything to do with it, many of us feel there will be landings of UFO occupants, perhaps contingent only on if the earth military is breathing down their necks (if they have necks).

Most of the people I know and have worked with, regarding UFOs, contact, enlightenment, spiritual evolution, and more – love animals. Whether one is on the scientific, skeptical side, or on the peace, love, and light side of this enormous issue, almost all of us love animals and nature. Coincidence?

If we are capable of traversing species intelligence, we perceive the humor and love of our dog friend.

If we are capable of traversing species intelligence, we feel empathy for a stray kitten.

If we are capable of traversing species intelligence, we feel sadness as polar bears lose their ice floes, their homes collapsing permanently beneath their giant paws.

For those who cannot traverse species intelligence, they feel they can kick a dog and no harm done.

For those who cannot traverse species intelligence, they enjoy shooting a doe who stands protecting her fawn.

When we look at a baby alligator, is there a fleeting moment when we see the same look of innocence which a human baby has? We call this “cute,” but it is much more.

Most of the people I know who actively pursue the UFO puzzle,

do see that magical innocence in all new life.

Do baby grey aliens have this same innocence? (That’s if they have babies).

If some aliens are pure energy forms, is there a time when they begin anew, as young life?

We have so many questions about “them,” – all of “them!” And I assume “they” have questions about us, even after studying us from “on high” for years. I assume they now wish to know us individually, even if, in our ancient past, they knew us better than they do now.

I do not think I am being all “love and light,” because the truth is, once you know another individual, it is much harder to hate him, much harder to use him for research, much harder to kill him, and even much harder to eat him.

I feel the future is an open book as to what UFO occupants will do upon meeting us face to face. There are certainly many groups of “them,” and they no doubt vary widely in how they perceive us and in how they perceive reality itself.

Are humans capable of traversing intelligence? This might be the aliens’ biggest question. Are humans locked into human intelligence only? Do they believe they are the most superior race that ever was and ever will be?

Intelligence may be the spider web that holds the universe together, literally. The model of the universe which the super-computer designed, shows super-galaxies are held together by plasma-like webbing – energy webbing, like an electric spider web!

Intelligence itself is a mysterious and incredible “thing.” It may be that cosmic races have found each other through the ability to traverse this Intelligence Web, one star system to another, one multiverse to another multiverse.

Pure Intelligence may be the one thing we

all have in common. It is scientific, it is spiritual.

My contact, who states he is from Earth’s future (and you can believe that or not, tis up to you), calls his group Space/Time Intelligence. Therefore, pure energy forms are included, other-dimensional beings are included, and extraterrestrials are included.

Perhaps “they” wish to include humans at this point, too, in their Intelligence group. All we have to do is use the intelligence we use when we love our dog, or seek out the tallest oak tree, or climb the living mountain to look at the living sea, or survive that look-see at the African elephant. We need to traverse, from our intelligence to their intelligence, because it is all one web. Intelligence is Intelligence.

Is this naïve of me? I think instead, this is the best advice for survival.

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