Creating the Future

After 30 years of chasing UFOs and investigating paranormal events as well as my own personal encounters with “the beyond,” I have reached a few tentative conclusions while admitting that there is a galaxy, indeed, a universe-full of knowledge which I do not possess. In fact, I do not think any human possesses the absolute knowledge of other dimensions, far distant worlds, or the absolute knowledge about the beings who inhabit them. These beings also seem to be flying through our skies and living, sometimes, among us.

The Internet has added to the cacophony of theories about UFOs, UFO occupants, and paranormal events. Freedom of information and exchange of ideas is great, but deciding to absolutely believe any of the wild theories which are out there, is a mistake, I believe.

If you accept the “love and light” theories which replace God, the Bible, and the whole Christian hierarchy of angels and “masters,” with a savior on a star ship, his archangels as crew members, and an entire detailed history about their origins and missions, you are exchanging the old religious dogma for a new religious dogma, however disguised it may be.

On the other hand, if you decide that extraterrestrials are all in cahoots with the evil human or reptilian “powers-that-be” on Earth, and that you are a victim of this long-running misery, you close the doors on your own power and freedom. In a connected way, you also close the door on the fact that most races intelligent enough to travel dimensionally or in warp from far distant worlds, are probably intelligent enough to have left war and aggression behind eons ago.

Are UFO occupants like the Spanish conquistadors who pillaged and murdered the Native Peoples of Central and South America? Are they heartless colonizers or overlords?

Or are UFO occupants like Greenpeace activists who place themselves and their bodies between the whaling ship and the whale? I can personally attest to the fact that my welfare has been protected several times in my life in very mysterious and unexplained ways. I do remember an encounter with a UFO occupant when I was a child, and he has been with me spiritually all my life, as my spiritual contact.

However, my somewhat nebulous conclusion is that Spanish conquistadors were humans. Greenpeace activists are humans. So, I cannot make the mistake of applying human behavior in all its diversity (from good to evil), to extraterrestrials or other-dimensional beings.

The truth is, we humans do not know what UFO occupants will do, once they do land. We do not know what they are doing or planning even as they fly overhead. We do know the
universe seems to have light and dark, good and evil (of course sometimes it depends on your perspective!).

If I choose to allow the perception to be dominant that some UFO occupants are evilly-motivated, I build my own prison bars. There may be some truth in this – that humankind is kept as livestock or an experimental prison population – but we cannot pick up our pitchforks as the peasants did in days past, and storm the bad king’s castle.

If I choose to concentrate instead on the perception that some UFO occupants are peaceful, positive beings, there is a chance they will help liberate me and my human race. In fact, they may be already trying to. Every message I have ever received from my alien contact, is one of offered help and guidance. His compassionate teaching is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or, put another way, “what goes around, comes around.”

Why haven’t UFOs simply mowed us down en masse years ago? One has to search to find aggressive actions by any UFO. And yet the Internet is filled with nefarious plots on the part of aliens to take over Earth. With the technology they obviously have, they could have done this years ago.

At this point, let me reaffirm, I do not deny there are dark beings “out there,” and also “down here.” I also know there are light beings “out there” who are also working with humans “down here.” I choose to focus on the positive beings. I choose to work with the positive beings. I also believe they offer the best help we humans can find, in order to break free if indeed we are in a prison.

To me, this is a logical conclusion. I have not jumped at this, it has taken years to sort out in my head and heart. But it goes farther than this:

I believe quantum physics when it says we create our reality. We not only perceive our reality, we participate in creating it. We create dream realities every night, fully-formed as we step into a dream adventure.

With this in mind, we can objectively state that we do not know exactly what is in the unknown. Anyone who does absolutely know what is in the unknown, is probably a religious fundamentalist, be they Christian or Moslem or other.
Since the unknown is unknown, our perception of it counts as the unknown becomes the known.

We create what is in the unknown!

An example: If my guide Tibus suddenly shows up in my kitchen, and I react with fear, assuming he is one those alien overlords, and I grab my gun and shoot him, I have created a terrible dark mess in what was “the unknown” to me, but which has now become a sad reality.
If he shows up in my kitchen and I am frightened by the strangeness of it all, but I use logic and intelligence and pull myself together, he may well show me a way out of “the prison.” I have at least allowed the unknown to have a chance of becoming a positive reality.

Of course I would not be so trustingly stupid if a burglar broke into my house, but we must not react to extraterrestrial contact as we react to all the rude, ignorant dangerous people out there on Earth,. They are human, after all.

I perceive that contact with extraterrestrials and/or other-dimensional beings will be the most enormous event ever to happen to humanity. And it is going to happen!

Do we immediately throw a dark shadow across it, or do we humans go out there in the galaxy (at least in our heads, in terms of our logic and intelligence), and eventually join the galactic community? We can’t hide our heads forever in the sand, being isolationists. And we can’t reject all life which is in the universe as “of course” being bad guys who want to pillage and kill us.

We as a human race, create our reality. We create our future. That is true freedom.

My conclusion: The human race is in the process of evolving into another species, just as Homo erectus somehow is involved in our evolution into current Homo sapiens. Perhaps we are soon to be Homo cosmos. Whatever the name, our complex electromagnetic fields which compose the “human hum,” are beginning to fluctuate and change. This is the way of nature, the way of the universe. The only true death of a species is stagnation.

That “human hum” is how we perceive reality. We act, feel, think, as humans. As time proceeds, we are beginning to perceive the world differently. We are learning that we must love our planet or we will destroy it. We are learning that creative energy (the creator spirit), is not just male, it is also female. There is so much we as a human race are learning! And UFOs, the paranormal, our perception of the Great Unknown, it is all in play! It is all a part of our evolutionary process.

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