Evolution, Einstein, UFOs, and the Concept of Time

“We cannot solve problems at the same level at which we created them,” said Albert Einstein.
Somehow, this comment from Earth genius Einstein, made me feel better as I pondered an odd fact in my own lifelong search for “the beyond,” and the UFOs which seem to come from “there.”

When I asked my daughter what she remembered of the two brilliant white orbs which she and I watched for hours along with other people in the park by Tampa Bay, she responded that she did not remember it. What? That was the best sighting of my life! I detailed it in my previous UFO Digest article, “Paranormal Warnings: Mothman, UFOs, and Bridge Collapse.”

Then my daughter said, “But that spinning UFO we watched out in the yard that evening was really something.” What spinning UFO? I remember no spinning UFO, I have never seen a spinning UFO but sure would like to!

I sent my longtime friend and fellow warrior-in-pursuit-of-the-beyond, an email which referred to the “string of pearls” UFOs we saw at the bottom of Black Mountain Canyon, San Diego County, 1979. My friend replied that she hardly remembers that sighting at all.

Then my friend wrote back, “But that sighting we had of the brilliant orbs on the horizon on Sycamore Road that night was so amazing that we drove back to my house in a hurry to try to get our two tv-watching friends to come see them, remember?” No, I don’t remember that night at all. I remember many nights of UFO hunting on Sycamore Road, but I do not remember that night when something was actually sighted.

How annoying! It seems to me that time, or the lack of it, is a necessary ingredient in the UFO puzzle. I know this is not news to researchers, but maybe in my simple way (not being a quantum physicist), I can shed a micro-gram of insight. After all, Einstein also said, If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

I wonder if UFO occupants can make loops in time. I am referring to a Star Trek episode entitled “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”, not because Star Trek has brainwashed me into a television vegetable but because it offered a simplistic scenario which illustrates “time loop.”

A U.S. fighter pilot in the 1960s, is ordered to check out an unidentified flying object in Earth skies; it is the Starship Enterprise. The Enterprise has to beam the pilot aboard because his jet breaks up in the Enterprise’s tractor beam. The pilot is suddenly exposed to life aboard the starship, her crew, her technology, her immense size, and so forth. What can the Enterprise do with this 20th Century man who now has experienced “the beyond?”
The answer: They beam him back into his jet the second before it breaks up, while they sling-shot in time back to the future, so they never caught his plane in their tractor beam, and the pilot’s experience aboard The Enterprise never happened.

But it did happen! But it didn’t happen! That is a loop in time, or put another way, “time” does not exist, at least not in the linear, set in stone way, which we humans presently perceive it.
Would the jet pilot have obsessive inklings and weird dreams about strange beings and their star craft? Might the pilot be more fascinated by UFOs than he ever was before? Probably.

And there we have it, the simplest explanation of why two observers, deliberately on a UFO sky watch, remember the night differently. Both individuals are intelligent, sane, and honest. Just as a double check of this theory, even if my daughter was pulling my leg (which she wasn’t), my friend on the Black Mountain and Sycamore Road experiences, was not. I also have several other examples of this syndrome, “Remember that UFO in the sky over ___?” “No, what are you talking about?”

These were not abductions or landing encounters, these were simply sightings (or non-sightings), by sober, honest people who deliberately set out to watch for UFOs.

Now, I know many UFO sightings are remembered by everyone who viewed them, so it does beg the question, was there something else that happened to one or both “can’t remember” observers? Like Star Trek’s jet pilot, did one individual experience a loop in time, caused or manufactured by the UFO occupants whereas, the 2nd observer continued to perceive time in our human linear fashion?

Our friend Einstein also said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

And, “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”
There are some interesting theories on UFO propulsion which involve creating an anti-gravity field ahead of the craft. In my humble knowledge of such, quantum physics seems to say that where there is no gravity, there is no time. Of course electromagnetics is involved in all this, and I am not capable of solving or even addressing Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, but of course, Einstein ultimately couldn’t understand it, either. Perhaps Unified Field is not even an entirely accurate concept.

My humble point is, if the manipulation of gravity is involved in UFO propulsion, then escaping the chains of time may be a side effect. We know that UFOs sometimes cause electromagnetic effects and a shift in the polarization of car engines – gravity/time/EM?

Maybe to UFO occupants, what we perceive as time is only “time.”

There is that quantum theory that an individual on a far distant planet can send a telepathic message instantly to an individual standing on Earth. That is one of those quantum “wow” factors that one has heard often. However, when I mentioned it in another article, someone told me I was misleading my readers, that this theory had been proved inaccurate.
Maybe so, and I truly hope no one left for Omicron Ceti in order to send back telepathy and test what I said in my misguidance, but are any of us (including physicists), really expert on quantum physics or what lies beyond it – maybe something even more incomprehensible? Who the heck knows if telepathy is instantaneous or if it even exists? It is too early to say a quantum theory which was originally given to all of us as a scientific fact, is right or wrong.

When you really think about time being only a matter of perception (human perception, in this case), all bets are off. It is not even the tip of the iceberg, but it is a micro-inch of ice peeking above the waves, with the enormous iceberg almost entirely still hidden.

Have most of us who seek the answer to the UFO puzzle, been through a loop in time which the UFO occupants created? Have we stepped out of time itself, or been taken out of time, and still managed to survive in “time” or – no time at all?

Or maybe we created the loop in time because the species we will evolve into, after Homo sapiens, is capable of stepping beyond time. And so, as the evolutionary process begins to take place within us, we are beginning to see beings from “beyond.”

Frightening, but even more – Exciting! Invigorating! Evolutionary!

Back to Einstein’s thought that we cannot solve problems at the same level at which we created them. To me, that’s why we cannot shrink from UFO contact, and also, why we must explore the paranormal and “the beyond.”

If we retreat to our old human ways, no tv, no Internet(?), maybe sticking with people who agree with us, maybe staying with our family, god, and country, then we are at the same level we were in 1930, 1940, or 1950. Have we then stagnated as a species? We do seem to be straining against that possibility as it looms currently: same old wars, same old “rich get richer, poor get poorer,” same old spin, same old abuse of the planet, which is now really damaged.
If we just read books, for fear of subliminal messages from aliens or the government on television, long story short, the Germans in 1939 sat before the family fire and picked up Mein Kopf, so books aren’t always the answer.

We cannot go backwards as a species. Even if “evolution” is not your favorite word, then “momentum,” “motion,” “change,” these are perhaps the only universal constants.

I feel that UFOs and related phenomena are giving us a golden chance to evolve, first in spiritual ways, and then perhaps we will change a bit physically in the future. Are we up to it?

I do believe it is, when all is said and done, EMANATING OUT OF US!

Not long ago, we thought the Milky Way was just about the entire universe. Is the universe much vaster than we thought, because our consciousness is expanding? Did our conscious make it vaster?
If we look at even the most frightening or mysterious aspects of alien behavior as a wonder and with unbridled human curiosity, rather than with fear or hatred, then we have a chance of understanding them.

Yes, on up the road of human evolution, science and spirit meet, becoming one. Perhaps it is then that time becomes “time.” Do I hear that knock on our human door?

“All religions, arts, and sciences, are part of the same tree.”

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit, a very persistent one.” – Albert Einstein

Gee, that guy said some neat stuff!

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