11/11/11 Saint Martin Day and Revelations

11/11/11 Saint Martin Day and Arcadians

by Carol Shield

Saint Martin’s Day is the feast of Saint Martin of Tours which is on November 11. Martin was a roman cavalry soldier who cut his cloak in half and gave it to a naked beggar. He later had a dream where Jesus told him to get himself baptized. He woke up and found his cloak restored. They call him Martin of Tours. His tomb was a stopping place for those on pilgrimage to Santiago Compostela. Martin’s cloak was used by Clovis the Merovingian king hoisted as a banner. Clovis won the battle and converted to Christianity.

Saint Martin’s cloak was one of  the Merovingian’s prized relic. Saint Martin is a popular saint with the French and the Arcadians. The Arcadians were the people who were expelled from Nova Scotia. Longfellow wrote the poem Evangeline depicting their eviction. In Louisiana at St Martinville, Saint Martin of Tours church stands built by the Arcadians. The Arcadians have some connections with the Merovingians. One is a folk song sung by children called Good King Dagobert. They have a legend about Father Dagobert of New Orleans whose ghost haunts the streets with his songs. Saint Genevieve is a saint very popular with the Arcadians who King Clovis aided. She is patron saint of Paris. Paris is the name of  man of the Trojan prince who fell in love with Helen of Troy. The French town of Troyes could be a reference to the expelled Trojans. The Trojans just like the Arcadians had to leave their homeland. Saint Ann is another revered and has her own street. In a French legend Saint Anna was said to be married three times and had three daughters named Mary. Mother Mary of Jesus, Mary Clopas, and Mary Salome were Saint Anna’s daughters. Napoleon had genealogists trace the Merovingian lineages and his wife Josephine was said to be of the Merovingian ancestry. It was Napoleon who sold the Louisiana territory to Thomas Jefferson. It is interesting to see the same saints revered by the Merovingians being revered by the Acadiens. Napoleon placed the bees he found in Choltilde (Merovingian) king’s tomb on his emperor’s robes. The famous painting Et Ego Arcadia by Poussin a reference to the untamed land of the shepherds and cowherders.

Evangeline statue at Saint Martin of Tours and Evangeline statue at Nova Scotia

Dactylic hexameter was used for the poem by Longfellow. Virgil’s Aeneid used the same.

St. Martin of Tours Martinville LA     Martin’s Phyrgian hat        Freemason symbol

Saint Martin of Tours statue is in direct alignment with the Freemason symbol across the street. picture by Carol Shield at St Martin of Tours in Martinville LA . Next to that is Lady Liberty by Eugene Delacroix wearing her Phyrgian hat. The Phyrgian hat was a symbol of the Republic of France fight for freedom. Lady Liberty(Marianne) is the possible symbol of the Roman  huntress Di ANA. The moon goddess was called sometime Anna. “

Diana is connected with the Great She-Bear, Ursa Major, ruler of the stars and protectress of the axis mundi, Pole of the World. The Helvetian tribes had the legend that she coupled with the bear king Arthur. The Patriarch of Constantinople praised Chrysostom’s zeal: “In Ephesus he stripped the treasury of Artemis; in Phrygia, he left without sons her whom they called Mother of the Gods.”

The Phyrgian hat could be a reference to that event.

The Phygian hat is worn also by the god Mithra. Mithra was worshipped in underground caves. As you can see the Phygian hat Mithra wears is the same as Saint Martin of Tours who has a sword and cape. What is interesting at Saint Martinville is that Saint Martin of Tours is right in line of sight from the symbol of the freemasons. Mithra was connected with the Sol Invictus (Sun) and Moon. The twins associated with Mithras have been connected with the constellation Gemini. Castor and Pollus the twins one who was mortal and the other immortal placed in the heavens by Zeus.

Double-faced Mithraic relief. Rome, 2nd-3rd century CE.

In fact Mithraism has been linked to Zoroastrianism and the stars and constellations of the Zodiac.  Zoroaster was the possible religion of the Magi who came to Jesus birth. They foretold that a king was born from the stars. The Akadiens of Sumeria has connections and history with Zoroastrians. These Sumerians gave us written language, mathematics, astronomy, and the flood story of Gilgamesh. Inanna and Nanna both are goddesses one of Venus and the other of the moon. The Sumerians story is one of the fall of tower of Babylon and the arrival of Nibiru.

Martinism came from a Masonic affiliated group called Elus Cohen. Louis Claude de Saint Martin was secretary to the Martinez Pasqually. I think it is a interesting coincidence that Saint Martin is lined up with the Freemason symbol at Saint Martinville. Martinism had its beginnings during the 1750’s and 1800’s. Martinism has a connection with the Sacred Heart because it is through the Way of the Heart we become closer to God. The accumulation of knowledge of the occult and other mystic teachings was their goal.

Saint Martin Day is November 11. Martin Luther was baptized on that day. World War I ended on that day at the eleventh hour on 1918. Martin Luther King died on November 11. Japan has just had their greatest earthquake on 3/11 and America has had their 9/11. It seems that the solar sunspot cycle is also 11 years. Our earth is having climactic changes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and increase volcanic eruptions. One wonders if the Summerian tales of a binary twin named Niberu is causing the troubles earth is having.  As we approach Saint Martin’s day November 11 on 2011 perhaps the Arcadians knew this was a special day from the legends of their ancestors. I always thought the number thirteen was unlucky but maybe its the number eleven.










Martinism developed out of the masonic-affiliated Order of the Elus Cohen founded by Martinez de Pasqually around 1750.

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