Prophecies and the Rennes Chateau Mystery

Our Lady’s Prophecies and the Rennes Chateau Mystery

By Carolyn Shield

Berenger Sauniere of Rennes Chateau had a devotion to Mary Magdalene building her a chapel. He built a grotto with rocks he collected for his shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. It was a time when visions of Our Lady encouraged the Marian legacy in the church. It seems that Sauniere may have had a great devotion to Our Lady. 

In 1846 appearing to two shepherd children, the apparition of Our Lady of LaSalette

tearfully gave them messages of the future of the church. The church suppressed the message of Melanie (shepherd girl) and said they lost the secret prophecy. One version was found just recently in the Vatican archives in 1999. Some in the church supported the vision of La Salette and others didn’t. Many of the royalists supported the vision and Sauniere supported the return of the monarchy. Recently the secret was found in the Vatican archives it tells that the Vatican will lose the faith and become seat to the Antichrist. Pope Leo XIII placed a church’s prohibition on discussion of the secret of LaSalette. One wonders why after his vision on October 13 of Satan taking hold of the church for 100 years he would not allow discussion on the vision of Our Lady. Is the prophecy coming true? 

The apparition of Catherine Laboure in Paris of a Lady who describes the Miraculous Medal happened in 1830.Our Lady predicts the French king dethronement and the church’s troubles. The children of Saint Vincent survived French Revolution which include Daughters of Charity, Vincentians, Sulpicians and the Lazarists. It is at the Miraculous Medal shrine in Perryville Missouri that I found a painting of a Mary (who appears to be possibly pregnant) with her hands folded in the same way as Mary Magdalene below the altar that Sauniere had ordered for his chapel at Rennes Chateau dedicated to Mary Magdalene. It seems Sauniere was devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Photo by Carolyn Shield of Passion picture at Miraculous Medal Shrine

On February 11, 1858, another apparition of Our Lady appeared to Saint Bernadette. The little shepherd girl saw a Lady standing in a grotto. Saint Bernadette was wearing the Miraculous Medal when she saw Our Lady. Lourdes has a spring similar to La Salette with curative powers. There was another vision of Our Lady in Knock Ireland in the year of 1879 which also is connected with curative waters. My family has a connection with Lourdes, Knock, and the Miraculous Medal. My father’s life was saved by the Miraculous Medal in which a bullet was deflected in a gun battle, a family member witnessed the lights of Knock, and my grandfather was cured by Lourdes water of a skin disease. It was why I visited Knock and noticed the hands on the statue of Mary Magdalene were the same as Rennes Chateau. I was surprised to see the same symbolic hands on Mary Magdalene as at Rennes Chateau.  Is it a coincidence or is there a connection? 

Then there is Fatima which happened on a October 13, the Miracle of the Sun. October 13, 1307 was a special day as when the Templars were arrested in France by the king and tried for heresy by the Vatican. Ben Hammott, a researcher, has found a body with a Crusader flag whose hands are folded in the same position as Mary Magdalene on the altar at Rennes Chateau in a cave near Rennes Chateau. Jean Cocteau a possible Grandmaster of Sion at his burial had his hands in the same position of prayer. In Saint Louis another statue I found of Magdalene with her hands in this same position.

Pictures by Carolyn Shield at St Mary Magdalene Church in St Louis

It was where I found the panel which showed Magdalene coming in a boat to Marseilles

with others fleeing for their lives. She is lying on top of a bundle in the boat. The story of Mary Magdalene coming by boat was from the French oral tradition.


The Legion of Mary was founded in Dublin in 1921. Marian teachings states Mary is the Mediatrix and CoRedemptrix. The Legion of Mary is based on the teachings of St Louis de Montfort. He was a student at Saint Sulpice Seminary under Jean Jacques Olier in 1695. Saint Vincent De Paul was a friend of Jean Jacques Olier the creator of Saint Sulpice church in France. Saint Sulpice was possibly visited by Sauniere. It is where Bishop Dubourg taught and Dubourg has connections with Cajuns or Acadiens from Nova Scotia. He was Bishop of Louisiana territories in America. Saint Mary of the Barrens (Miraculous Medal Shrine) was built with the help of Dubourg and is where the painting of the possible pregnant Mary stands at the cross with the symbolic hands. 

I have traveled to see where my relative saw the lights of Knock in 1879 and in my journey I had the greatest surprise. I found another Magdalene with her hands in the same symbolic position as the body at Rennes Château, Magdalene at the altar at Rennes

Chateau, Jean Cocteau on his burial, Miraculous Medal Shrine picture of the Passion, and the Mary Magdalene statue in Saint Louis. The picture is Magdalene statue at the Knock shrine in Ireland. The Magdalene has her hands placed on her left thigh just as the Magdalene statue in Saint Louis. The Vision of Knock gave hope to a starving rebellious Ireland. It was in 1921 the Irish Republic was formed as well the Legion of Mary..

Picture by Carolyn Shield at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock Shrine

At the shrine is a grotto with Our Lady of Knock residing in the grotto. Many of the children, women, and men who saw the visions have said that is Our Lady. It is assumed that the Lady in white is Mary. One wonders if Sauniere thought Our Lady of LaSalette , Our Lady of Lourdes, and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal was possibly Mary Magdalene. The hands symbolism must have special meaning and it is usually used with Mary Magdalene that is why the statue of the possible pregnant Mary at the Miraculous Medal shrine is interesting. The hands symbolism typically goes with Mary Magdalene.

It does appear that the symbolism has a connection to Mary Magdalene and Sauniere was aware of the symbolism and connection too. Saint Sulpice seems to be the center of these teachings and supporter of the Marian Legacy. The teachings of the Vincentians centered on helping educate the poor. Pope Leo XIII had a vision on October 13 1884 of Satan destroying the church in 100 years. Pope Leo XIII heraldry is at Rennes Chateau. The date is linked to the Templars arrest by the king of France and the Vatican on October 13 1307. In the visions of Fatima and LaSalette shepherd children saw a great evil in the church. These prophecies were suppressed and have come true with the latest crimes of the Vatican coming to the surface in the media. The hands may symbolize the supporters of the Marian legacy who were aware of the prophecies. What do you think the hands symbolize?

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