2012 & Beyond Alien ET UFO Community – To be or not to be?


Alien ET UFO Community is real and is growing on planet earth. There is no way it will go away and debunkers will be proved wrong about thinking that aliens and UFOs do not exist. We will be sharing more metaphysical science among our peers for review and adding more websites.

We are sharing in the ways of the Ascension Age with the enlightenment of other alien recognition. We are open to those who have taught us that we will continue to explore, grow, and learn about who we are, why we are here, and where we shall go when we leave earth. We are learning about Tectonic Economics and that those who learn of the globalization of humanoids have a place in our global community. We are all one humanoid species with a plan.

The plan is to ascend and to become awakened and aware of our own soul’s desires to be. However to be what is the question. This is where our philosophy and science combines energies. We are now going to learn more about the golden age of cosmology in 2012 & beyond.

The fact that I have been consistently visited by others in various levels of my own reality has given me reason to investigate and research. I have become who I am today based upon my own extraordinary experiences. I have seen various UFO sightings and been spoken too by Nordics who look just like us. We are seeing more and more UFOS in the skies overhead.
One thing that keeps coming up in my mind is how I was able to finally realize that when at least two of the male alien humanoids befriended me I was told honestly about their obvious difference. I am the type that I ask questions…

Both these alien humanoid types told me when I asked about their little finger missing that they were born that way. Just like the Lady GaGa song, “I was born that way.” Now, that song she sings is a constant reminder of aliens every time I hear it. Such a simple thing as a song and yet I can’t help but wonder how many of us are really aware of how we are guided and shown the way to open our own minds to the way of others who are different than us on earth.
How much do we really know about who comes and goes on this planet?

Since I was a child, I have been visited and I strongly have been impressed to believe that not all alien life forms are seen in the physical material world.
The paranormal realm is growing with things we cannot yet understand.
That which I have experienced apparently was for a reason dealing with the not so normal. But, what if it will be normal for all of us in the future?

There is something to be said for all of us being the same and yet it is fascinating to me in experiencing our differences.
In this world though in which we live, we have been taught to fear much of what we do not know about or come to learn that is foreign to our way of thinking and believing.

Maybe this is one of our largest and most important lessons while we are here on earth.
There are many in life that have crossed my path for one reason or another and they always thanked me for what advice or experiences I shared with them. Many were those who came to me desiring me to give them a reading or psychic impressions using the Tarot.

Since I am growing older and into my life as an older and hopefully wiser woman, I am finding out that the more I learn it seems the less I know. The changes that are occurring on this planet effects all of us including all of us who are empathics.

There are many who read my articles who say that appreciate me sharing my life experiences. It is those people who keep me going and writing. I believe in the powers of those above and believe in the empirical hierarchy of the democratic process. However, I do not believe in the caste system such as that in India.

I believe in reincarnation such as the ascension process but not that we were ever something less that human because each of our kind is responsible for reproducing our own kind. In other words, I believe that other sentient intelligent beings may be able to clone themselves into other sentient intelligent beings from reverse engineering the original DNA and studying the genome.

However, I do not believe in the Hindu faith of something like a bug or rat can become a sentient intelligent being. I believe in reincarnation but only as it fits that which I believe we are all created for on this planet and that is to learn and grow our own spiritual knowledge so that we can continue to grow in our own soul’s eternal and immortal progression. I believe the greatest energy that we all share is love for our own soul selves as creations of those above.

Some people believe in faith, hope, and charity, and that the greatest is love and that is all I have known on this planet. I have studied all world religions and believe they are all a path that will lead a humanoid to that which he or she is seeking in this mortal lifestyle and culture.

The more I see UFOS and ET as alien to this planet and learn about others in our Alien ET UFO Community, the more I understand just how special we all are in our own separate ways of being.
Life is not just about being and coexisting but about growth and learning about our full potential as humanoid sentient intelligent beings. I believe that we have all got to decide for our own soul self whether to believe in supreme beings and/or a higher power or not.

There are those above who come and go on this planet and we are here for reasons that only they may know and is for us to find out in whatever way we see fit which we call spiritual paths. I believe that the Alien ET UFO Community is directly involved with the ways of the Ascension Center Enlightenment process and that we can all benefit from learning from each other.

We are changing and where we shall go with our future stories is what we are all creating now as the critical mass consciousness together as one humanoid sentient intelligent being species.
This article is for Dirk Vander Ploeg and UFO Digest along with all our readers on his website and mine called Planet Information ET Work.com. Stay Tuned as we share what thoughts I am to create and share for the book series called Taken Up.

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