ET Contact History Both Good and Bad

It is said that there are both good and bad sentient intelligent beings in space and in cyberspace. It is said that we of the past on earth have had battles of belief systems and over land. This comes from the basics of survival of our species and was based on differences and the need to feel good and right about being alive on this planet. The future has to become more advanced that we have been in the past.

At one time on earth, there were some of our ancients who were guided to become more than we have been led to believe. There was once even technology that we are not presently aware of but we suspect in the world that was once called Atlantis. Atlantis was once the entire population on the planet which was above the seas and oceans. There were also those who learned to live and exist below the surface in the seas and oceans of the waters of this planet. Many stories have been lost over time as nature has a way of structural relocation of materials on this planet. Some of the destruction was natural cataclysms while others were manmade or humankind made. This is now what our historians are trying to figure out. We are dealing with the future in all types of jobs and careers dealing with our future on land, underwater, and in space.

We are going to enter a time in the future that will deal with what we call Tectonic Economics for the future of all humankind on earth. We will now have those who will live on land, underwater and in space. The future will deal with all the major areas of life including, earth, water, air, and fire. We need all four elements and there will be others brought forth in the future of other places in space for us to gather intelligence about in the near future. How we deal with the future other elements will depend on how fast we shall progress in our eternal operations of learning about the off worlders who we now also call extraterrestrials. Some of us already share the celestials, terrestrials, and celestials. Some of us already refer to the Universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. It is said, that the smartest and oldest of our humankind as sentient intelligent beings brought forth everything that exist inside this macrocosm we call the Omniverse and therefore we can think no further that past the originally designed creators of this Omniverse.

Herein lies a story of the Holy Court who were created from the original one, then two, and then three of all that exists in space inside the Omniverse that we can now recognize as the five levels and five dimensions in our space and space time. There is said to exist over 33 levels and over 13 levels and dimensions. The more the humanoid kind think about change and dimensions the more that are created in space. One can peruse the videos on You Tube to see the various stories created about dimensions in space and in space time. We give the communication skills we share verbally as vibrations in space symbols and syllables that we can recognize.

We use our present known five senses and are adding the one we call touch and feel as two separate levels or senses. The sixth sense has gained acceptance in this time on earth and we are now going to add the level of the seventh sense as the awakened awareness of knowing about the inner spirit as that of the original creator which lives inside us all as the seventh sense of enlightenment. The old stories tell of the inner spirit of God or Creator as the force of life and the breath of our Goddess as the force of breath which is needed by the force of live to actually become materialized ergo the need for both the tangible as material and unseen which we call intangible. We need both to survive. All that is alive and well on planet on earth have both material and immaterial as tangible and intangible in order to live as life on earth. Also, we have now learned to address what is good and light and what is bad and dark as both matter and antimatter as tangible and intangible.

Whether one believes in the Adversary of the Holy Court or of Extraterrestrials in Space is up to the individual as freewill inside our own minds is still a choice of each individual whether in a male or female array we call a body-mind-spirit. We are all experiencing the same life as the birth-life-death experience. But why one might ask? I do and I share memories of born again and death in this life. How can this be? Are my memories good or evil? Depends on how one filters the words I share and how they are portrayed in the meaning and intent with which I use them.

Words can be deceiving and it is hoped that we all learn to have the power of discernment.

This power is the energy that we are blessed with that some simply regard as logic and reasoning while others feel that their guidance is from a higher power as a gift of the Holy Ghost for protection while experiencing life on earth. How can some of us believe in the power of energy as the Holy Ghost while others do not? It is because of our belief in stories of our ancient ancestors and our cultures and traditions. The stories we learn to adopt into our own psyche and minds that are housed inside our own brains inside our own heads are important. We are all made up of separate stories inside our own minds. The energy we share as life is called our essence.

Our essence can be shared through way of what we call the breath of life as spirit.

To some of us who are choosing to believe in life guided by faith we share a hope that guides us through life on earth based on our family cultural heritage. This is what in the past has separated many of us on this planet.

Those who are of prior Jewish and Gentile descent also share stories that are Adamic in origin with those who are of the religion of Islam. Hard to believe to some but true. This is why we should always search out the origin of the original story and trace back to the earliest origins of our stories on earth which we now call our history.

It is part of life to defend one’s own belief system as cultural traditions. We all relate to who we are based on where we were born, and how we were taught by our own parents, family, friends, and loved ones on this planet.

I am a story teller and a teacher of the extraordinary family kind as in the supernatural and paranormal. I come by my gifts naturally as this was what all my education in the United States of America has taught me. To believe in assisting others in reading, writing, and with understanding life on earth.

I am no different from most people who were brought up in the United States of American who were taught to honor Father and Mother, to Love country and freedoms which are granted to us by our forefathers who created the Constitution of the United States. However, I can’t help but wonder about why all the other people who were born in other parts of the world do not share my understanding and love for America and the constitution which framed human rights for us all.

It is always amazing to me to see the world in fear of war, famine, hunger, and evil that seems to be created by all those we elect to positions of authority. Some countries still do not have the choice to elect their leaders. This has to do with that which could be summed up in the old ways that were taught by others who from time to time showed their own greed displayed as power. Power in the wrong hands can be devastating to this planet and those who live here.

Samuel is also known as The Satan in the story of life that has been written for us to find. The story I mystical and called “The Soul of Hope? In which Satan appears. In Jewish tradition Satan is the Adversary on the Holy Court in Heaven or space as we now call that of the unknown where we are said to want for nothing. Samuel as Satan and The Adversary is always advocating for those sent to our planet in humanoid form be tested. His arguments are couched in practical logic.

In the beginning, it is said that we were all created in God’s image so it is reasonable to believe that Samuel as Satan the Adversary was chosen for the job based on something he created himself and quite possible the way of desire and greed for one’s own selfish intent outside of the original Godhead or Holy Court. It is said that the first Adversary was chosen against his will, as a job, of which in the working world of faith and judgment he became attached to it and ruled in his part of the Holiest of Holies as one of the original sons who rose up against the other son who was chosen to represent the pure of love and light whom we came to know as the chosen son as Christ, The Chosen and First son of God and Goddess. The first one is called three after one and two and it has not been decided by all humanoids which came first the male or female array of our chosen embodiment of the Holy Order of our parents in heaven.

Samuel is now committed to his quest for challenging humanoids who came after the first and after him making all of us those who are both of the son of love and light and the son of perdition as our ancestral heraldry goes, ergo then we are both all considered good and bad and must be tested. This is the age old cultural story that most all who believe in the ancient one’s stories have left us.

I am writing a story for others to find on UFO Digest. It is a story in the “TAKEN UP” Series of Life.

Do you believe in the stories of our ancient ones? Do you believe in the story of Satan and Jesus in the Holy Bible? Some may believe of Jesus in a different way based on their lives dealing with the Holy Quran or other books left on earth for us to discover.

Life in general can be taken as a lesson to learn and overcome by the adversary. Samuel is the character in the “Soul of Hope” a story of Jewish descent as am I as some of my own genealogy tells me through my own mother’s story. Her father told all of us to place a stone on the grave of anyone whom we pass by. That is in my own mother’s story in her book by Tess Thomas, Surviving as a Southern Woman. My mother was a very good woman with cares and concerns like the rest of us. While my mother has passed her own logic was to leave something for all of us left behind on earth to find and cherish as some of her memories which she left her children and grand children in a book of her own stories. I believe in her share for me and all of us to write stories to leave others who stay behind on this planet. Be they about our love and enlightenment or our challenges in life that involve our fears and what we have overcome in this life, we can all be needed in ways by others that we may not understand as story tellers and authors.

To all of you who have ever felt that you were not good enough to be a writer or author I now challenge you all to write your life story as your own memoirs and share them whether through the old traditional publishing which is becoming extinct or through self publishing and adding on Amazon and Ingram as ebooks for others to read in the future on their Kindles and tablets of all kinds.

We are now all kept up with who have use of technology with our cell phones and computers. We are all in the future going to share in jobs that require we all be kept up with GPS and radio frequency identification chips or RFID.

We are all going to be known anyway on this planet so why not share our own stories the way we see our life’s as who we are through our own filters and our own eyes and our inner eye as our spirit?

Some people are sharing their lives with others who are called Lightworkers and Truthseekers. We are said to be the one’s either of this world created here or of the creative desire of others in space. It matters not any longer what color, or what religion one Is on this planet for our DNA has shown that we are all the same on this planet when it comes to being of the same make up as creation goes.

If we are all the same then it is obvious that we should all learn to tell the past as that of simply stories that have been told and shared through way of the old oratory ways by stories passed down from one generation or the other and/or written down by those who insisted that there be stories for those who came after in the world could read and find in the future.

We are now responsible for the future and we can define it for all that come after us with whether we want to add love and fear in the stories of the future. Please assist me in sharing that we can all leave our truth here on this planet left in our electronic stories to be found someday in the archives we create for all future children who come to resemble all of us as humanoids.

Those of the ancient past who knew of bionics as computers only know that we have certain stories to tell that only those with a spirit that leads back to the soul can tell. In other words, those who are of the extraterrestrial races who believe in the good and bad as stories to teach us what we can learn from being of both good and evil and allowing our freewill to rule over that which is bad as evil can certainly teach us lessons to explore that which we do not understand as lessons to be learned that are not necessarily evil.

Evil on earth is what we make it whether we give it a name or point of origin is up to us. We can all learn to appreciate and to participate in learning in love and light and leave this behind as our legacy to be shared in our stories on earth! Love and Light TJ

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