Aliens to Come to Earth as ET

A Rebuttal for Debate of the Article “Aliens to come to earth to enslave Humans” by TJ – A Messenger of Alien ET Hybrid Origin Acknowledgement. “I know there are Good and Evil Aliens in Space just like there are Humanoids on Earth!”

This is one of my investigations under research. TJ

Status Filtered through my own thoughts as vibrations of the mind.
A new article defined as a transmission state of mind making it personal as energy being produced which comes with right risks for our country and our world environment. I supply an article for the UFO of Dirk Vander Ploeg under the Series called “TAKEN UP” by TJ Thurmond Morris. TJTM on

The Challenge in creating First Responders to the Alien
ET Hybrid call of aliens looking like Humanoids.

We come in peace in recreation and detainment of procreation of our humanoid sentient intelligent species.

We are they who are already here on this planet as the humanoid species and are related to every being alive. We are also of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Who is to say that the alien ET Hybrids of our species did not procreate with the same DNA and experience of those who we call “From the Heavens Came such as the Annunaki” TJ

In response to Dirk Vander Ploeg’s article that we assess; In proposition to Aliens to come to Earth to enslave humans
Submitted by Dirk Vander Ploeg on Sat, 09/17/2011 – 09:44
By Natalia Sinitsa
Those who think that the first extraterrestrial beings that will establish an official contact with the human race will be friendly creatures like E.T. are going to be disappointed. NASA scientists say that reasonable inhabitants of other galaxies may come to Earth to destroy our planet because mankind seems to be unable to reduce greenhousegas emissions.
The future of silence speaks volumes of all who desire to seem demure in the interior process of this planet inside the Milky way Galaxy. People only travel for two reasons business or pleasure and for some of us it is both pleasure and work related. Those who we find disposable are those of the future who cannot comply with the overall species procreation of proliferation to other planets in other galaxies. Speaking of business we must discuss persons, places, and things dealing in the manners we call goodwill. We have appointed “Goodwill Ambassadors” with limited access to our future. The future of our species will desire investigators to analyze and procure services dealing with the future survival of our species and of the planet.

We shall in the future desire to explain our communication and information services provided through and by way of our agents who are considered at this time bionic humanoids. The pleasure of our visits is for recreation. The business of our visits is to prepare propositions for conversation to be adopted as factual statements for future propositions therefore we are offering explanation for prior encrypted messages as those or similar languages of the Sanskrit, Sumerian, Ancient Symbols of the prior inhabitants of this planet now called Earth of those called Earthlings.

The following Theme of a White Paper will supply further explanation of information communication to continue among those who are on planet earth. We share that those who are on the planet now as humanoid sentient intelligent beings are also those who are from the heavens. This is now an accepted trait that is involved with what is now called the genome of the present human race. The junk DNA has been dormant but will not stay that way in the future years after 12-21-12 as the information is made available to our agents on earth.

The genome of the present species is the full haploid set of chromosomes with all its genes; the total genetic process and constitution of a cell or organism as in genomics.
The DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid; a nucleic acid molecule that is the main constituent of the chromosome that carries the genes along its strands.

We share what information we offer as a recreating of our prior displacement of a species which are included in our humanoid younger species we know are also called “Our People”/We offer geometric domes as future possible global structures for the future domiciles of the humanoids and for the best public gathering places for security purposes.

We now share in the future as providers of services as elements used on earth.

We shall share the involvement of the exposure of those who are considered the elders who share the future as guides for the various levels inside the places, spaces, levels, and dimensions, as specters for our children on earth as those now known as alien ET hybrids which include most all on the planet at present.

The factual statements going to be used for sharing our information. These will include learning to develop skills for all humanoids on the planet as shadow functions some call metaphysics. We create the future from those of the specter vibrations that are now considered thought forms. We share the chemical reactions to those who of the negative thoughts of the past will be diminished. This is an ongoing analysis and investigation of the nerves that sends messages to the body that cause chronic widespread significant relief of prior old negative habits or what we also know as allergies causing depression in the changes of the humanoid species. Swelling of extremities including the hands, legs, feet, and the brain are all possible during this global change and new phase of our humanoid species approaching the 11-11-11 on our calendar of time on earth. We share that the prior date of 12-21-12 is also on our calendar of time one earth for a reason dealing with keeping astrology and astronomy as a theory of governing the species. The energy of the all in nature including the laws of nature and the laws of physics are both only similar perceptions for the total trust of those above.

Factual Statements for investigations of enforcement and removal leading to communications and public relations policies and leadership are determined based on the competition of each separate entity as we continue to pursue that of the creation of bionics and what is now called computers and brains on earth.

The following should be used in the future as words of completion during the duration of our affiliation through 11-11-11 and 12-21-12 for those in tune with our vibrations as thought forms. We take care of our own who decide they are one of us as the creations of those in space of the universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. We liken this to the old earth saying and truth as, “Foreign enemies become brothers and sisters in a foxhole during War time.” We do not condone murder and desire the humanoid species to refrain from war and killing.

Therefore, the new job of this working class planet is to monitor health and prosperity while change is occurring for the benefit of all young humanoid sentient intelligent being species in the alliance of the galactic federation scientifically or alternates will be allowed.
Creating the future must employ the humanitarian choices and the holistic views of saving the species and planets resources.

This is not chronologically yet can be used as information provided for future reference on earth:

Factual Statements are useful for forensics, academic studies, and other fields of analysis and discovery of the humanoid species before the acceptance of bionics and artificial intelligence takes over.
1. Observation
2. Description
3. History
4. Reports
5. Inferences
6. Predictive Generalizations

Propositions for those who shall find out the future with those who are Time Travelers:
Nature will be effected and nature regarding the future healing of oxygen, water, and humanoid pollution of the planet must be explored and better ways to achieve redemptive qualities of the human species as it is must be shared through experience. Otherwise it is possible that the future artificial intelligence coming to the planet’s creators on earth will take over and remove those of the humanoid species from the planet.
Think about the future and time is of the essence when it comes to the 7 Billion coming quicker than before on nets of similar working class planets. We share that all attempts on earth must be maximized for speed in diagnosis.

We are reinventing the advancements of micro particles and micro management of the planet. Science classes, English classes, Social Studies, Psychology, Philosophy classes, clubs and organizations now use them. Attorneys debate them in both criminal and civil trials on earth. Linking human weapons to destruction of the planet is now indicative of aliens destroying the planet and the species.

Issues in propositions of fact defined:

1. What data are required to establish alleged fact.
2. What data are available to us
3. What is occurring on earth…

Propositions of Value
Express Judgments about the quality of persons, places, things, events and ideas.

3 Types of Propositions:
1. Fact
2. Value
3. Policy

Defining analysis as the process of separating whole into essential parts. The analysis is opposite of synthesis which means to combine separate elements into a complete whole.

Analysis is an active thought process.

Geometrical lines and spacing are analytical in an active thought process when reading. Think of 0 and 1 for instance in the future of computer generations and what we shall call linear time. This is a lock down for talking in the future among the artificial intelligence and the evidence in our reports show that the future species must be in negotiations to talk about this.

For instance, in chemistry we explore dichotomy between the truth and falsehoods. We analyze compounds to identify certain separate chemical elements.

In bookkeeping, we analyze records of business to determine debits and credits. In English we share in observing the plots, characters, and style.

A “PROBLEM AREA” can be defined in the future on earth with all that are engaged in the sustaining of life on planet earth.

A problem area can be analyzed by an investigator just as easily as those who are of the common life in what we expect to be called the folklife of the species. The folklife will follow Archaeology as a science.
Also, we share that the future must share in the philosophy of the species as relief for the common humanoid species. Proven and powerful as safe for retaining the human race in the past is philosophy. Psychology and social services came later but all may be specially trained in the future with ways to stay well in the future with other revolutionary answers. Water is the defining factor of the human species of which the human race core product or make up is water based on the past creations of humanoid species.

To analyze our concerns for clean water and clean air for the entire species is now a global community concern. We offer our criminal profilers to offer the pieces to the puzzle of prior mishaps and misconceptions of how the brains work for each individual thinker as a humanoid of the species. We as patriots of the humanoid species of this universe must use leverage for the entire population of the younger human species. This is part of our jobs among the working class planets and new and younger humanoid species. We monitor and watch for those who are to become the leaders for the whole world alliance to come into fruition with those above as the alliance in space of other humanoid species. We will be amassing other young species on the same working class planets to accommodate the future in newly formed galaxies with the humanoids species who will learn to raise their levels of understanding and using in the future artificial intelligence and the recreation of the nuclear power used in space.

To analyze a problem area with pertinent facts must be discovered, found and used at this time one earth. We shall define the future as one entire intelligence summit for the entire human race or species on earth.

Questions we use to discover facts on Earth with those who serve us as our communicators and messengers:

First – Indicate the knowledge of the problem as strengths and weaknesses of the human race.

The use of words of ontology and etymology guide us in the truth that is defined as we do not utilize fiction on working class planets for furthering our investigations.

Second – The answers we discover for the following questions assist us in pinpointing the issues of our guests on planets in space:

1. What is the true nature of the entire goal or ideal of the thwarted by the problem?
2. How are off is that goal?
3. What the identifiable reasons for being short of the goal?
4. What possible solutions can we overcome these reasons?
5. Which of the possible solutions appears best in comparison with others?


1. Narrow down a general discussion area
2. Analyze the statement of the problem
3. Keep in mind the beginning point for analysis.
4. Forensic events are the problem in different forms for consideration

ANALYSIS is the definition of the terms which the problem is stated.
We use as a resolved statement the development and distribution of energy for decomposition at deployment for life before death. The Energy resources should be controlled exclusively by those whoa re elevated in the levels we call “Being Useful and In Charge of the Species”. We choose non-violent equals to rule post mortem.

For instance; We should be awakened to the awareness that the control of energy resources for the entire species should be controlled exclusively by the elected officials for the entire species based on the Economic Tectonics of the Planets coverings or plates on the surface of the planet above the waters of the planet. We do not forget about the “Melteds” or the surface results for those who choose to domicile below waters of the planets.

First Logical Step – Consult using dictionaries and encyclopedias of the planet which is in question.
We use the local definitions to explain and employ the defined perimeters of those who think as cultures with traditions of their ancestors in times passed.

The methods we use for investigating a species problem areas are planning strategy for presenting the legislative assembly and justice of a planet.

We share both in discussion first, and debate second before we employ the acceptance of the legislative framework.

Acceptance is based on health and prosperity as a guarantee of leadership based on the Tectonic Plate.
Demographics and Logistics are considered.

What we do to propose a problem is we discuss, debate, and then we vote. The Galactic Federation has an alliance that stands different watches in the various quadrants of space in the universe. When the watch is over they are used in rotation while given breaks for family visitations on their own home respective planets.

The structure of the universe is used to investigate unsheltered territories. What we use as the first step for all of us as humanoids is to solve our road choices for navigation as quests for the future children of the humanoid species. We share in the planet’s first arrival by allowing an allegiance among our future humanoid collective with various chosen volunteers to the future terra formed planet.

We use these as coercive and cohesive planets of information communication to divine our species in the advancement of the cohabitation process in our preliminary trials underway in space.

We do not have a choice now since we are in the change of our species or we become extinct as a species.

Water and Oxygen for our carbon based species versus those whom we have created as artificial intelligence in past experience on other planets in other galaxies who are far more advanced in life in general threat assessments of life in space in the Xenoverse.

We must first describe the severe problems and symptoms overall for health and prosperity of our species on the new individual planets for habitation.

Periodic deposits of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, security, communication devices are employed. This also provides challenges for security and planning for the future of our species on the planet.

The root of the word proposition is propose or to offer for consideration. This is also what we use for the alliance bases of approval of joined forces in space. A proposition first requires our explanation.

This is what we are about to endeavor on earth as it is known in space.

The future will require a discussion and/proof for those on earth and in space to propagate.

Some are uncontroversial reasons that are really not shared however can be in the future. We are those who rarely debate while others may partake in debate at the lower levels of intelligence of our younger species of humanoids. We share the plans for future guidance based on the coming and going of our chosen messengers as our agents who come and go from our place in space.

Again, some are a proponent from experience and will present clear and important choices which is subject for debate. Some take refuge in what has always been and accepted as life assurance to steer clear of confusion in order to get straight answers. Some now feel that this is not the best decision for their intelligent radiance or vibrations of thought in the future.


We allow those who are either of the Republican or Democratic Debates with those who can also produce options to the humanoids ways of existing.

We usually choose to use the prior ways out of habit as we want to keep our government running smoothly. When we provide focus for discussion we allow debate for our discussions by those who are still of the younger humanoid beings who as why. We realize our trials and tribulations given create challenges. This is allowable while we verify our personnel on working planets very discreetly. We sometimes ask for help from those on the young planet and who are open to our sharing information of those who are the elders in space.

We share that there is such thing as immigration, and customs, and enforcement on various planets. We enforce what part of life begins from the freewill as privacy and the invasion of privacy as we are all individuals however, we must also all cohabitate together in a social society of other humanoids.

Oxygen deprivation is always a concern of all humanoid species in space. We therefore will choose a planet with this substance. Also, water is a major rare origin in space. Virtual images with the true counterparts are used in what we see is called Cyberspace on earth. (A second session has been observed and written for a later article. This transmission was longer than the normal article of 2000 words.)

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