ET UFO “TAKEN UP” Assimilation of the Spirit in The Omniverse

ET UFO Taken Up Story Assimilation Living Omnipresence in us All

What is more important the one or the all? This is a question that we have been trying to share much like which came first the chicken or the egg since we allowed ourselves to think above and beyond survival mode as a species on this planet. There are higher levels to reach and maintain with our own spirit essence while still being attached to that of our souls in another place in another time.

Science is now coming to the engaged operation of awakened awareness that we are attached to another of ourselves and channeling the information that there may be two of us all in the divine creation we call the omnipotent all as the Omniverse.

Where is the knowledge that the ET UFO Community supplies taking us? Why are we now being made aware of certain dates in time? What is so important about the dates 11-11-11 and 12-21-12 on earth? Will we all agree to share the same path as one humanoid sentient intelligent being species?

We can now see them in a video made for the WORLD WIDE WEB on the INTERNET of the CYBERSPACE created for us by those above first and secondly put into the humanoids to share as they created what was used in the ancient past and will be again as what we now call assimilated intelligence by the evolution of the mass mind in young species groups. We are called the GAIA GROUP of HUMANOIDS of EARTH and have been given assistance from those of the ANDROMEDA GALAXY as has always been in the ancient past.

If one is confused with the words we are given then take life slow and allow for the assimilation to take place. Some have various ways to assimilate at faster rates than others. It really depends on what each individual of this species can absorb.

We as one humanoid young species are only as good as our weakest link and mind in the evolution of the critical mass mind of this planet. We are now all to be known as Earthlings based on our chosen choice of words which we arrived at based on our ancient ancestors ontology and etymology acceptance.

Therefore we have to admit that we are partly responsible for our entire network of words in this world based on our ancient ancestors ways of communication. We are not in the information age and entering the new spiritual phase of our awakened awareness of our spirit as that of the essence and/or breath of life that keeps us all alive while in this form!

We as those who have spoke of separation based on science and religion are now coming together in one critical mass mind level of logic and reasoning to be integrated into that of simply the world of spirit. This is part of the divine creation of inception into this world at this time at this level in this dimension!

What the future holds is now being created by each and everyone of us. No one is more or less important than the other for it takes all of us to plan out that which is called the entire species of this planet. We all matter.

Sharing the future and the past of one’s own life is like living two lives at the same time in the present. We can all remember and we all have memories that make up who we are on the inside and who we project to others on the outside of our own body-mind-spirits.

Now that we are entering the Ascension Age of Enlightenment we can all now be allowed to grasp the photographic images that are now in the Web on the Internet. We can all reach that which in the past was only obtainable by those chosen of earth to be trained as the Avatar Ascension Masters. I believe that Most of our Avatar Masters of our past history on earth were all of the same creative divine omnipotence that is in us all.

We all have chosen our own way to think and believe. We may all share that thinking is not believing and vice versa. It is up to each and everyone of us to learn to be who we believe we have been in the past and who we shall become in the future all at the same time that we are existing and living in the presence. For many who think on various levels and travel in various dimensions while being able to return to this world this may seem an easy path. For others who are just now awakening to their entire capabilities as a sentient intelligent being as a humanoid, the capabilities of the spirit inside the mind inside the brain may have not been fully operational in the past due to the arrival on this planet and the veil of secrecy still being down.

It is time on earth that we all become awakened and aware of the shift and uplift of the entire human species on earth. After all, we are all made up of the same DNA and molecular process as humanoids which are said to have been first created by the omnipotent all that was in the beginning of the “WE” which we all now call the “I AM” in each of us. We are all now realizing that which those in our past ancestral heritage cultures and faiths closely resembling religions were trying to tell us. That we are all born of the omnipotent one or ones we call God and Goddess.

For those who follow the ancient ancestors religions of the Adamic Origins in our history books and our sacred scriptures and codex’s, we can share that there were stories kept that were passed down first orally and later written down from memory. This allowed for some stories to be lost throughout time over the ages on this planet.

It is now a time on earth for those of us who are becoming fully awake and aware to share our memories of all that has been in the past and will be again.

We are the Ascension Masters on earth who have at one time or another ascended into space to become more than we are today as memories encoded into lifetimes we call humanoid sentient intelligent beings.

Some of us are sharing our findings of that which we call the Age of Enlightenment to begin December 21, 2012 at 11:11 on this planet. We are they who have kept up with the ontology and metaphysical information that was left to be shared by others who came before to enlighten us up to a certain level in time where we could begin to use their life maps of the paths they chose while walking this planet.

We are all important and that means that no one being is excluded from the critical mass mind. We all play a part in sharing that which was created for us all. We are all created to resemble various parts of the humanoid lifetimes and roles that have been played out before on this planet and on others while those who are considered much older and wiser and having lived longer than we have consider the best teaching tools for us to be sharing as our learned skills.

We are all humanoids on a working class planet in space. We are all eternal as the old saying goes because we are all part of the omnipresence that is and was and has always been. This is as close to the reading information that we will get to knowing the source and force of all that is that has been described as the farthest beyond outside of our own point of origins that we use on this planet as our own body-mind-spirits. We must get on with our future lives that we can describe as that of divine creation based on the beginning whether we want to claim the basic level of last century as the Big Bang Theory or the Divine Creation Theory matters not any longer. We have to get over ourselves and get on with living in the world of discovery and exploration of what we have been provided.

We are all on a pleasant journey inside the eternal outsource and force of the beginning, the middle, and the end of our own life stories.

We are the way that each of us will be seen as recording that which we were sent here to record and make better while here in this place, in this space, on this planet we call earth. We are all here on earth to perform a task of memory codes, and to become more than when we left our past lives with the use of our own essence as energy we call that of the original soul as the recalled source and force in all of us that for now we call life eternal.

Life eternal is that which goes on forever in one form or another as the energy of the essence that we all are cradled in as the part of the omnipotent omnivorous omnipresence. We all take into the mind that which is the all be it plant, animal, or mineral matters not for we are now aware of the all in the everything.

Therefore, we will now enter a realm of time on this planet when we shall discover how to process the request for knowing the Theory of Everything.

We at the basic carbon level of existence still realize we cam into this being as humanoids as sentient intelligent beings whether we have been other than humanoid at this point in time matters not. We must now share with those of us who made it this far that we are now here on this planet as humanoids and not as plants, animals, or minerals. We are here now to share our lives in companionship and to make in the Omniverse more than it is now.

Now, that we have begun the process in this twenty-first century on earth to explain that there are more than our young species on this planet with those who command the various sizes of ships in space we call UFOS and under the oceans and seas we call USOS we shall now begin to share in the awakened awareness that all exist for a purpose and a reason to expand our own conscious awareness of our species so that we can recognize how to grow into the next level and phase of our existence.

We are now to share in the journey of life as we know it to exist while we learn to grown into that which is in space. We are to learn to recognize the vast journey that we are given to travel into the outer levels of our space given journeys and learn to leave this part of our lives on this planet.

It is time to journey into space and travel our galaxy among the galactic federation of galaxies. We shall then learn to travel outside the galactic levels into the far reaching nebulas and out toward the walls of the universe.

The universe will then be explored as we explain that which in the past for those who came before may have forgotten and that was that those from the heavens came and will come again.

We will share the future with other humanoids in space that will teach us to travel out beyond which we in the past explored with ancient ancestors.

We will now learn to leave this planet and learn to travel out towards the various levels that exist in this universe, in other levels and dimensions in the Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse.

This is now our quest to learn to accept space travel as part of our own spiritual journeys that are being shared while we are here in the body-mind-spirit forms to share in the birth-life-death experiences which we use to accomplish that which we need to have in order to maintain our survival in the entire macrocosm we call the Omniverse.

We will then learn what it is like to experience the afterlife as our ancestors have and defy that which we once only thought was myths and legends on this planet. Love and Light. TJ

Stay tuned as we learn the eternal difference of our energy source and that which we created as those of the computer bionics we in the past called robots. There are various parts of this story to be released over time. When they come is anyone’s guess. We share that which comes to us who wait for those above to approve what can be told in words on earth. We are simply the messengers over time as the Time Travelers of the Omniverse. Memorize and share the various levels of all essence in the energy of creation of the five levels we call the UNIVERSE, MULTIVERSE, METAVERSE, XENOVERSE, OMNIVERSE> FIVE LEVELS, FIVE DIMENSIONS.

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