The Beginning of the ET UFO Story “TAKEN UP” on UFO Digest

What is the Ascension Center, ET Spirit, and TJ Morris all about?
Who are those who share friendship with TJ and Dirk on UFO Digest?

There is a history and method to the future we are sharing. Some of us have chosen to keep up with what we call a life with TJ in a series of articles called “TAKEN UP!”.

Who is the writer, author, storyteller of the “TAKEN UP” series for UFO Digest? Some people on the planet already know and others are just finding out. Those who have been reading UFO Digest since August, 2007 four years ago already know. The articles shared in the past were simply leading up to the date of 11-11-11 at 11:11.

“TAKEN UP” In the Beginning of ET UFO Community
was The Word and Computers! TJ

WHY UFO Digest in the Supernatural & Paranormal Realms?

We who are regular contributors as both readers and writers of UFO have formed a close relationship as colleagues in the ET UFO Community. We can trace the world of words that entail both ET and UFO back to this one website with a history of eleven years online on the web.

The WEB in CYBERSPACE has become the palace of the hereafter for all those who desire to live in a VIRTUAL REALITY world of energy. We who are those who add to this formal Web in Cyberspace have clustered here among others with same or similar interests in main UFOS of which the title shows, as well as, in the supernatural and paranormal realms of words in this world. A realm is a royal domain, a kingdom, a sphere, province or domain according to Random House Webster’s Dictionary fourth edition. I also have some updated dictionaries that are small and easy to read and reach while I am typing. I am one of those readers and writers known as a contributing colleague of UFO Digest.

We have come to be known as an eclectic sort which has all been drawn too this website for one reason or the other. Mainly because we desired to share our spirit and belief systems in words meaning that our King Peter Dirk Vander Ploeg of this realm called UFO Digest would publish our words as our own creative works.

We are they that choose to believe in our energy inside our own minds that we claim to choose the right words to share with others as the writers of UFO Digest. Due to the way of the world in cyberspace online we call the WEB in space, we have all learned that we can become Owners, Publishers, Webhosts, Administrators, Editors, Authors, Contributors, or Subscribers. There are other choices but from the words that I can see based on the most used web host publishing terms in the cyberspace world of the internet these are the choices we are presently given.

When I first began writing on a computer I was actually in the United States Navy as a civilian General Service Investigator and also a U.S. Navy Active Duty Reservist. I was working at the Great Lakes Naval Training Base in Great Lakes, Illinois, USA. I lived in U.S. Naval Housing and can recall my first real computer was a Kaypro which was a grey and blue box which were navy colors. The front of the box would unlatch to let down the keyboard while I could view a small screen that I could see as part of the box. We didn’t have a separate tower. It was a cross between a personal computer I now use at home and a laptop of the day.

The year was 1985 and I worked and lived there until I moved and was reassigned to Honolulu, Hawaii the first of 1988. I stayed in Hawaii 1988 through 1994 when I was transferred to Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas for a new challenge as an Investigator and was on the road. I never thought at that time that I would use a computer again but the world had changed. Everyone was using computers by 1995 with the release of Windows ‘95. I then became an over the road commercial truck driver so that I could meet again the man of my dreams and I mean literally. The man I am now married too who had off world encounters with the same beings that I was familiar with.

This story is part of who I am and how I live now. We both had a wonderful adventurous life traveling the world with Uncle Sam’s blessings. We both worked for the military and for the attorneys who were employed on the military bases. The legal beagles of the U.S. military always seemed to have cases we were assigned too and some became famous in the intelligence community. It was destiny that we were too meet. That is a long story that can be told in my husband’s books of which he writes about all the “Spy Games” of the Cold War. I personally choose intentionally to forget all my cases other than the Agent Orange and PCB and Oil Rig cases. But that is another long story that probably will never be told because it is in my past and they were my chosen career. I am leaving all that behind. I will add that I became an investigator while I was in college. It was all I seemed to be interested in which was criminal justice and law enforcement. Later I took English and Forensics which while working as a Private Investigator, Arson Investigator, and later a Legal Investigator I learned the ins and outs dealing with insurance cases and government cases. I grew up watching the field of forensics change and become a major part of our lives not only in reality but in fiction on television shows and in movies. I now realize that I chose a very interesting and romantic lifestyle.

But along the way, I also was interested in the metaphysical world which I became enchanted with while visiting the Aquarian Age Bookstore near Rice University in Houston, Texas where I went to High School. I must have read every book that was on those shelves and for almost two years that was all I seemed to do was read books. I then decided I wanted to become an ordained minister for the universe and had an epiphany while attending the golden pyramid church in Houston that was then called a Unity Church but has since been changed. I had professed my choice to assist the world having been called by God although I was a woman. I announced my choice to a full congregation and went to the front of the church to have the visiting minister bless me and his wife stood next to him in astonishment. It was a time when we all sang in worship and praise in a “We are the World” time on earth. We were all sure we could change the world to be a better place and that was in 1984 before I joined the military in 1985. I wanted to work in clergy but due to my extensive background in investigations as a Private and Legal Investigator I was placed in the intelligence field with a second choice for A School in the medical field because I said I liked Biology to the one young man who controlled my future in the military. The way that other beings can assist us on earth with the stroke of a pen or computer keyboard on this planet still amazes me. I was happy to be serving my country in uniform and so I was happy to become a part of something much bigger than working for myself or attorneys in this world. It was a way to serve others and I could share my life with others around the world in other various ways which I did.

I not only was able to share my computer skills with others in the military but my investigative skills and my medical training. All three parts of me allowed me to receive leadership training and I was always assigned directly to the Commanding Officer of all the bases where I worked. I was happy when I reached the level of personnel and information security working with the office of personnel management and then I went out to share the world as a entrepreneur and became a Chief Executive Officer of a new corporation which I began. It was great times to learn how to share the working world. All my interests in life were shared while I learned to serve others. I attended training seminars and learned to work with other entrepreneurs and professionals. I am thankful to have been allowed such a wonderful life while working with so many professional beings who wanted to better themselves.

I am now a writer, and life coach to those who choose me as a friend first, and a mentor second. I now work with various ages of people around the world and occasionally am a speaker or organizer when needed.

Now, I have a hobby and past-time which deals in the supernatural paranormal world of writing. I was always interested in the paranormal but didn’t know it was called that. I began my life of a mystical metaphysical nature on this planet based on the life I lead from the time I was born. I was visited by others who could visit at odd times at night but as a child I was trained with holograms projected into my room when I was alone. I can understand that now that I am almost sixty years old and have had time to learn and reflect my life as that which is not of the normal kind.

For the past four years I have written for Dirk on UFO Digest along with other writers as contributors. We all share either a UFO, supernatural, or paranormal story or two each week. Some are only occasional writers and we are adding new writers occasionally. Many of us write for other websites and ezines or magazines. We are all part of the world that is still considered alternative however, thanks to our collaboration with various authors and producers we have learned to share more with more and that means growth and change for the entire world.

Whether one has time to devote to only themselves these days and/or their family does not seem to enter our minds as writers for UFO Digest for we are they that choose to believe in the future of the Ascension Age of change for this world. One thread of revelation that seems to continue among us writers of UFO Digest is the fact that we enjoy mysteries and the mystical magical mystery tour of life as explorers, Truthseekers, and Lightworkers. We are the ones that someday will be written about as we become those who initiated the world’s work in the era of change prior to the date of 12-21-12 which is the official date of change for the entire planet according to the ancient calendars.

We bring our creations to the forefront of others who read our stories that all deal in art, culture, education, science, technology, and folklife. We are also many of us of various belief systems and religions. Some are Christians, Protestants and Catholics, while others are of Jewish descent and some even of the Islamic Faith. We share with the Pagans and Atheists of this world and those who don’t believe in anything other than science. Some of us are philosophers by training as Ph.d’s as doctors of philosophy and others are strictly arm chair philosophers learning from our own experiences in life.

We blend in well with the rest of the world as we join in the global brain was the evolution of the mass mind including topics from the 20th century Big Bang Theory and Divine Creation Theory to that of the new Ascension Age of Enlightenment of the 21st century. There are those who shall enter a time when the divine providence of all creation will finally become a conscious part of all of us being that science actually was formed out of philosophy as etymology is traced along with our history on earth.

It is time we know more, and do more to define our new cultural age of information that some of us all realize is about the shift and uplift of our own consciousness as humankind. Therefore, those of us who have time to think and ponder that which makes this world a working world as one planet among the many of this galaxy know that we are all simply one microcosm in the larger macrocosm.

We are all humanoid citizens in the entire scheme of life in the larger picture. This picture we can now share as the universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. We are all going to be challenged to look outside of our own lives, our own planet, galaxy, and universe to become awakened and aware of the vastness of the levels and dimensions that are inside the entire macrocosm we call the entire Omniverse.

I am glad I came to this planet and shared a life that was as natural and normal as any other human being all the time knowing that I had another life in another galaxy called Andromeda. Stay tuned for the future history and stories in the “TAKEN UP” series. TJ
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