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Alien ET Truth – Everyone is Psychic in the Ascension Age 12-21-12

We are all alien ET to this planet and are own a “Soul Journey” and shall return to our “Over Soul” in the Omniverse.

Everyone who is alive as a humanoid is psychic. Many may not yet be awake to the entire levels of humanity and their extraterrestrial abilities. The fear of being different in the past for those who were awake and aware of more than those who came to earth with them during their time factor may have kept some from growing in their talents and psychic abilities.
Psyche is the human soul’s own spirit and mind. The psyche is the human structure that makes one unique and sets them apart from all others who also are humanoids and have freewill and free choice over what to think, imagine, and believe.

The word “Psyche” come from the Greek word psyche, “Spirit” or “Soul”. Everyone gets a psychic connection and not everyone gets the energy vibrations in the same way.

Each “spirit” that is connected to a soul is different and unique and has their own ways of receiving their own psychic gifts. A Psychic can be considered using outside knowledge or of the natural thought process of what we now call the mind dealing with thinking, imagining, and common knowledge. We use the psychic abilities to reach that part of our energy and force of the essence that deals with the entire universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, and Omniverse. Some of us have been chosen to share in life as ET Spirit Guides and Life Coaches to others.

We are changing as is the world dealing in psychogenics. Psycho genics is having origin in the mind or soul. Soul to those who are on Alien ET ancestral origins and know it are said to be in full memory of their reincarnated spirit which is attached to the entire soul which was created elsewhere in space and in the past on earth was called the oversoul. This is the guiding force in us all and yet when we are first created from the nothing of the all we are entitled to believe in the Xenoverse or space of unknown and then being assimilated to become part of the original knowing with the god particle in all things which is said to be of our “ALL” as the one in all things.

Life on earth is about being one in the journey of opportunity that is offered in “SOUL-GROWTH”. This is an amazing work in which we all share and it is time we share what has in the past been suppressed by those in the old ways of power who wanted to rule over the minds of all others whether in government positions or old world religions.


Every soul has a map to guide them whether in our Genome DNA or in our own spirit presence we call essence and know that the two are not the same thing. One is tangible while the other is intangible. The Genome gives us a place to start as tangible memory while our soul gives us a place to start as intangible memory. It is now obvious to scientists and chemists alike that these two parts of our genetic makeup are not the same. There are reasons why some embryos can be fertilized and changed in time when others cannot. There are some genetic markers that are dormant while some are active. Those who are interested in the life sciences and how creations on earth are made are now entering into that deal with new creations such as cloning. Parts can be cloned while others cannot. This is another long story that we cannot discuss later…

Regarding free will, some people choose to learn from their inner voice as guidance. Others choose not too. Some fail to realize their own internal guidance system. We can all learn to turn on or off our own talents and gifts just like playing a piano or any other physical form we can learn to master on earth. However, the “Psychic Knowing and Awakening” is like a water faucet that can be turned on and off again. But without prior given time and learning on earth it can become very difficult for one to learn “HOW TO”!

Therefore in the future we will see more people offering practical pointers to others on earth while we open up all the channels to all the spiritual essences on earth we call souls.

Remember that you are the KEEPER of your own ABILITIES. No matter what one learns, or observes, is taught, reads, sees, or is told we are all in control of our own freewill. No one can reset your mind to become a puppet to their own freewill. That is unless that is your desire and freewill set in motion by your own spirit attached to your own soul.

We will be discussing the psychic process in the future as we continue the “TAKEN UP” series for the “SOUL”.

More and more people are awakening to the fact that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” This is the major plan for the “Ascension Age”. 2010-2012 are the (3) years of the awakening the entire population on earth to this fact. Now with that goal out in the open here is the second part of the awakening plan.

“All Humanoids are Psychic and have a Soul!” We are all a part of something wonderful in this Omniverse. It is time we awaken all the dormant genes in our units also known as vessels for the soul as body-mind-spirits. We are all having the birth-life-death experience together. It is now time to learn how to use our gifts and talents and share our psychic powers of our spirits together.

We are all on the path of enlightenment during the new coming Ascension Age. We shall all learn how to be grounded while here on this planet while we learn to be those who are members of the “Ascension Center”. Love and Light TJ

I shall be leaving clues and messages all over the Internet Path for those who enjoy discovery of treasures in this life. Part of the “TAKEN UP” series which is first shared here on UFO Digest is to share in the inclusion of everything and everyone. We are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with what we call “SERENDIPITY”. Learn the meaning of that word and how it will apply to your own life in this working class planet world!

More later…

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