Stardrive by Jack Sarfatti

Retro causality and Signal Non locality in  Consciousness and Cosmology

We are on a journey into the far outreaches of space we call cosmology and consciousness.

The following paper that was created by Dr. Jack Sarfatti for the Journal of Cosmology is important for all who are choosing to be awakened and aware of where our “Global Brain and MASS MIND” is taking us in the 21st century.

The application of similar ideas to the  cosmological dark energy and arrow of time problems isalso discussed. Indeed, I suggest that the dark energy accelerating the universe is advanced Hawking-Unruh black body radiation from our future observer-dependent cosmological event horizon.

Noted Keywords: retro-causality, signal nonlocality, conscious qualia, holography, arrow
of time, horizons, dark energy, de Sitter space, Unruh effect, cosmological
constant paradox, Wheeler-Feynman advanced radiation

Please read this share of the Journal of Cosmology.

This is a white paper accepted by Dr. Jack Sarfatti. –







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