ET UFO “TAKEN UP” Story – Thoughts of Creation -In the Beginning

Being one with an ET UFO post in their past while writing a book is not easy. This is a time of change on earth and writing about the ET UFO life and community is just now being shared on earth. It is a time of change and a time of coming out and making claim to that which in the past was not normal. We weren’t allowed to talk about ET or UFOs. So how should I begin this story that I have tried on many occasions throughout the years to tell and write. I began the story last week and have had many attempts in the past on UFO Digest and nothing would come to make me want to finish the entire story. There has to be reasons why I can seem to get on with it now. What has changed other than time?

Creating an outline for this story is not easy. Originally we had planned this several years ago to become a way to share my ET UFO history from the time I became a teenager. This would follow a model like the one called “TAKEN” with a little girl named ALLIE which came late in the story made for television as a series which had a basic history outline of how our story line came to be noticed and shared in the last century being the twentieth century on earth.

The twenty-first century is leading us as a species into the future. We are all part of the same humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We are all traveling in space on the same orb we call planet earth which rotates around the sun in orbit with many other planets in our Milky Way Galaxy. I was chosen to share my life experiences in the context of the story line of how the ET UFO Community came to see the history of our lives based on the past.

We are all a part of this ET UFO story called “Taken Up” because we are here on the planet and we exist as one young species. The questions that came up for me as a ET UFO Community, supernatural, paranormal writer are simple questions that we all use when writing. We want to cover the who, what, where, why, and how as we try to do on most all stories and sometimes we include how many and /or how much. That gives us a basic idea of what others will want to know about this story if truly interested.

This story is one that changes constantly as we all become more acquainted with the objects we can not identify as manmade or spacecraft we do not recognize as spacecraft made on earth. That gives us the basic idea that what we call a UFO is simply that which is an unidentified object. We also have the USOs as unidentified submersible objects. I may not be the best candidate to tell the complete and whole story for the entire world of earth dwellers however, I do feel close to others whom we now call extraterrestrials as ET.

This is how I live my life between one world or another. This is what makes me different although there are plenty of us here on this planet we call Gaia and Earth. We are all humanoid in appearance and even in the way we think. It is just that we are also aware of another life elsewhere are parts of our minds allow us to believe in a past with memories of space or other planets.

I have had a hard time over the past few years wondering how I would finally get into writing the entire story called “TAKEN UP” and I knew it would have to be a series of books because of all that needs to be shared and told. This is a book that will belong to the world based on the fact that there are so many others out there that can relate to the way we are grouped together inside the entire global community. We are all part of the evolving mass mind that is changing daily. We can all say that we are aware of the way life is now compared to the way life use to be.

When we were in the last century we all thought we had life figured out and how we were to believe about certain things. We were told we would all grow up going to school as children and when we became adults we would all work to share in the process of having our own families and our children would in turn grow up going to school while we had jobs and were the parents. We then grow older and retire watching our grandchildren and our great grandchildren grow up in a safe world that was predictable. We used as a model what was called the American Dream where anything was possible for anyone wanting to dare to dream the American Dream.

After World ward I and II there was the Korean War. We who are now called the Baby-Boomers were the generation to put titles on our past ways and we used colloquialisms and acronyms to discuss our ways of shortening titles of words we all new about and understood. There were many corporations that grew from someone’s idea into a small business and from there into a corporation of three or more and a challenge to make more things in a faster and better way became known as the industrial age one earth. We all lived through the Industrial Age as we saw the Viet Nam war come and go while many were in protest with the Flower Power Hippie Love theme of  “Make Love Not War.”
That soon all ended and we entered a new era with the twenty-first century and then came 911 in America when we had to wake up to a world that was not as safe and secure as we once believed before September 11, 2001.

The world has changed and so have we all. We just celebrated the tenth anniversary of that terrible day when our World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon was attacked by high jacked planes killing thousands of people mostly Americans. This was a sad time that introduced us to more fighting and wars. We are becoming tired of fighting and yet since we have had change in our lifestyles and our stock market has come close to crashing once again as it once did in the last century we have had to re-think how we live and what we prize as that which is attainable for the general populace on earth. We have our normal way of life for the general person coming to this planet whom we call John Q. Public as John and Jane Doe. We are now in the process of revamping what we will believe we can achieve in one lifetime here on this planet.

This is where this story comes in to play. This story is part of the memory codes for us all to remember our past and enjoy the present as spiritual beings with ties to the entire macrocosm we call the Omniverse.

There are many of us in various different levels of life and one of the master numbers that is said to activate our senses in a deeper DNA level of our true existence is the number 11.
11 is said to be representative of our two spiraling twin DNA codes that intertwine all that we are in memories to make us who we are. We are all the same and yet we are all different. The 46 Chromosomes are said to be made up of the 33 and 13 which equals 46. To some in this world they can see how those in our ancient history believed that all can be broken down into numbers. Pythagoras  is a well known name in our past who offered a change and a challenge to the way we thought then and now.

There is much that we can all suspect and some may want to prove dealing in numbers and numerology. For me, this is only one part of the entire world and the way we think. IT takes all of us to make up a world and a species.

The fact that we are all the same and different at the same time gives me reason to question all that is the same and different and this leads me to believe there are reasons for our similarities and differences.

This book or series of books may continue the entire time that I am alive and then come to mean something to others as a similar account of life one earth of similar beings or an account of one who was different than all other beings. For now, as I write these words as a work called a book I cannot tell. I have no idea where this book will lead us all as readers. I am reading this book the same as any other who bothers to locate the beginning, middle, and end of this book as my life time experiences. This book will be the lifetime achievement and memoirs of my life while I was on the earth all the time having events from time to time that deal with what we now regard as ET and UFOS.

This book is written for those who desire to know more about the ones we call extraterrestrials and their unidentified flying objects as well as all those who are like me who believe in both ET and UFOs. We can regard the two letters E and T as both the single and plural meaning of extraterrestrials.

We are learning to create the words that are in English and others may desire to translate these words into their own languages with such things as Google Translator or other types. We are writing this in English as this is my native tongue being bred, born, and raised by Americans in the United States of America. It is going to be hard to create an outline for this book because it will become everything that I have thought about, experienced, and suspected as my truth while I am here in the physical form on earth.

I have come to believe that anyone who was born on this planet was born to experience life as a body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience. That seems obvious to me. I hope it does to others.

How we all perceive our lives through the filters we are given such as the five senses as seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting is what we presently call the five senses. We also have the sixth sense we call feeling. We can feel inside our own selves and share what we call a gut reaction inside our stomachs and also when the hair stands up on the back of our neck or on our own arms that also lets us know we are feeling something that can possible inflict harm upon our being as a humanoid. We are just now learning about the sixth sense and we will soon learn about our seventh sense as that which guides us inside as what some now of a religious background in their cultural tradition may call the “Holy Ghost”. This is something that is said to be tied to the spiritual contact we can all receive from those above if we are believers in the Supreme Beings above that some refer to as God and/or Goddess or both.

Who we are now and who we may all become is what I have been most interested in and we call this the shifting frequencies of the Ascension Process that allows us all to know, feel, and recognize that we are all more than the total sum of our parts as humanoid sentient intelligent beings.

Now, I add in that I have come to this planet knowing that I am also from another place called the Andromeda Galaxy and this gives some call to wonder if I am telling the truth and if so on what basis to I make my claim of being more than one or having more than one set of memories. This is part of the story I hope to share regarding Atlantis and Andromeda Galaxy. Also, I hope to share in the plan for us all to achieve the goal of the entire global community attainment we can arrive at on 12-21-12 at 11:11 when our entire planet will align with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

There are already many stories with ideas of what will happen but no one really knows until we arrive there on the timeline which on earth is December 21, 2011 at 11:11 for each of us as that date and time comes to all of us.

If is said that we may become changed as in a metamorphosis like a caterpillar to a butterfly. It is said this is the time marked in history for radical change for all those of the human species on earth. This is a time recorded in various calendars of our ancestors. Do we believe that anything will happen to each of us and/or all of us at the same time?

This is part of that which many books have now been written about and can be located on Amazon for sell or located in the local libraries.

IT is said that we are all able to become more than we are through living prayer with our own feelings We are a feeling type of humanoid and we are told to pray always which is done as we feel. We are feeling and recording at all times which is said to be recorded in our brains and can be channeled elsewhere to those above.

Whether we believe prayer works or not is up to each individual. We have been shown how prayer can work and there are also many books of change and what some call miracles regarding the power of prayer. Whether we desire to interpret these feelings as real change or not is up to us as an individual. If change is not as easy as some want us to believe then that is call for us to understand why change is easy for some and not for all.

There is much to study on earth and part of my calling is to learn about the humanoid sentient intelligent being species and who we are, why we are here, and where we shall go when we leave this life on this planet. I believe we are all social creatures and need companionship. I also believe in reincarnation and believe in my story of change and how my experiences have changed me for the better as a person while living on earth.

This story will entail many of my experiences and how I came to believe as I do.

I will share my past lives and my present lives including the times I have died over the course of my entire life one this planet Gaia we call Earth. How I became known as one being on earth who wants to share that which seems off world to most and yet to some my story will sound familiar and some will even want to share they too have felt the same way as I do or did about life on planet earth. This is what will make the story fun to enjoy as we share the happenings of my life which may or may not happen to others. So please join me in the future tales as articles on UFO as we begin sharing the various memories I can recall as a child growing up on earth, becoming an adult, parent, and provider. Share the way that I learned to deal with life in general regarding surviving and then becoming one who saw how the changes of sharing life with extraterrestrials also came to be a part of the world in which we work, and live.

This is a working class planet so I believe in one way or the other we must all work to sustain our lives while we are here on earth. We all may each play a part on this planet so that others can acknowledge that the various jobs and positions in life actually exist. There is a saying that goes, “Except for the Grace of God – There Goes I in this lifetime!” This meaning that we should all have compassion for each other and when we see another poor soul in a bad situation we know that it could also be us if it were not for the grace of God. Therefore come with me now whether you believe I am blessed with the grace of God and/or Goddess or whether  you believe I am a poor soul in a bad situation. I will let each reader decide for themselves how they see me and my past as I write this story for all to find that are supposed too in this journey of a lifetime on earth.  To be continued in love and light. TJ

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