A Catalyst Toward Disclosure

By Diane Tessman

It is not Hollywood which has fallen short in showing us unusual, bizarre, mind-blowing alien life forms! If we as a human race are unprepared for the diversity of life which is out in the universe and which might soon land on our planet, it is the fault of our governments and leaders all over the world!

Hollywood almost always has a profit motive, and for this we can judge them harshly if we wish; but then, our system is capitalistic and it is “bad taste” to blame other citizens for getting filthy-rich, isn’t it? However, let’s look at the preparation Hollywood has inadvertently given us for meeting aliens.

“CGI” is computer-generated movie making and it is used extensively these days. Computers generate the backgrounds, the aliens, and the details, of many modern films. The actors’ movements can be generated too, so that Denzel Washington might give us a monolog one moment and then make a 200 foot leap the next, all seamlessly. However, it was the real Denzel who gave the speech, and the computer Denzel who leaped 200 feet.

The “green screen” is often used in computer-generated movies. The actor wrestles in front of a green screen with a frightening alien opponent; in fact, all the action is computer-generated including the alien opponent.

Long story short, there is nothing except the limit of human imagination which stops Hollywood when creating alien life forms. Even the limit of human imagination is surpassed when today’s very smart computers are programmed to dream up their own version of an alien life form. I am not an expert on current science fiction and horror films, so this list might be a few years old, but Hollywood has given us transformers, pods, The Thing and shape-shifting aliens galore who look human one minute and are a mass of nasty blue slime the next. How can we blame Hollywood for not preparing us? 

My favorite shape-shifters are not nasty at all but are the wonderful, gentle Thermians of Galaxy Quest. However, the nemesis of that loving tribute to Star Trek is an intelligent but evil cockroach/lobster. (photos above from Galaxy Quest).

Ok, I mentioned Star Trek, so here it goes: We do not need modern CGI to find incredible aliens who are in no way handsome humans. In 1966, Star Trek showed us blue aliens (yes blue!) with dainty horns and strange facial features; these are the Andorians. There is a Salt Buffalo, too. Star Trek also introduced us to a reptilian lizard/alligator named The Gorn who is very intelligent and has a starship. He is not all love and light, believe me.

Star Trek had an intelligent spaghetti colander (they had no budget to work with), which had collided with an alien probe and become Nomad. Nomad is headed to Earth to “sterilize, sterilize.” It isn’t very nice, either.   

I won’t regale you with an entire list of Star Trek non-human aliens but let us remember The Horta: she is a silicon-based life form who looked like a massive piece of shag carpeting. She burrowed through rock like we walk through the air, and her eggs were silicon modules which she had laid in the Chamber of the Ages.

So why always blame Hollywood? If you feel they present us only with good aliens, thus we are being deceived as to the true nature of aliens, I beg to differ! Outside of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET, the aliens we are shown on the silver screen are mostly bad guys. In fact, I take issue with the fact they are almost always bad guys, because I think many actual aliens are good guys.

Perhaps the ultimate imaginative bad alien life form is in the Alien Series of films. In the original, Sigourney Weaver (“Ripley”) battled an alien which was part-reptile, part-cockroach, part-nothing-we-ever-imagined, and this thing devoured her entire crew, laying its eggs in their stomachs. Who can forget that alien fetus popping out of the poor crewmember’s stomach and skittering around the ship!

In fact, it is my theory that these utterly frightening films gave rise to some (not all) reports of alien abductions where stomach and anal probes occurred. Certainly films like this increased the fear factor regarding aliens. However, this fear factor is something some ufologists feel we need more of; myself, I think we need less of it.

The point is, Hollywood has dreamed up every alien under the sun and the moon, so why feel that Hollywood has misled us or not shown us aliens and the diversity of life which is out there?

It is our leaders, our governments, and our social institutions which have not and are not preparing us for disclosure and for meeting aliens or fighting aliens, or whatever it is we are supposed to do. Myself, I want to meet them, not fight them.

There is not one word of preparation; there is no acknowledgement of the reality of aliens from governments. I do feel that governments are allowing UFOs to appear in our skies more and more, and not (usually) sending hostile jets after them. Yes, there are still reports of jets and helicopters going after UFOs, but what becomes of these confrontations? We don’t know (as usual), because we are not told (as usual). We can guess that nothing combative is done because we see and hear no results of hostile actions.

Possibly governments do encourage film-makers to show us various aliens and their craft. However, who knows?

Regarding blue people: Many of us saw a blue man, a very blue man, on our television sets several years ago. He had taken too much colloidal silver. Regarding the old photo of a blue family in Chris Holly’s Blue People article, I would have to wonder if the family had been exposed to heavy metals or some other environmental poisoning although I am not a medical person and I really don’t know. I do believe we humans of 2012 are more ready for meeting aliens than just slowly adjusting to a family of the old days with blue skin.

I for one feel more prepared to meet aliens because of Hollywood’s many, many versions of aliens. Yes, Hollywood is a money-making machine and I wish they would give me a pittance of their money, but—thank you, Hollywood, for all your aliens. Your aliens are far-better than nothing, which is what I get from my so-called leaders. I feel that over the years, Hollywood has let us have a “working idea” of our galactic neighbors; our ability to handle the existence of our alien neighbors visiting our skies, adds to the pressure for disclosure. Yes, oh governments of the world, we can handle it! We can thank Hollywood to some small degree for this.  

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