It was an October surprise for a young couple to witness a UFO Cluster of Twenty Lights.

It was about sunset, late in October in 1999. Lynn had just left work and was driving approximately three miles north of Moravia, NY near Owasco Lake. She was on her way into the country side to pick up her fiancé who had been on a hunting deer tree stand during the day.

While driving she noticed some moving lights in the southeastern sky that seemed to be flashing red and white. Lynn didn’t think much of it and focused her attention on her driving.

When she arrived to pick up her sweetheart, Harvey, he was already down out of his tree stand perch and intently watching the spectacle of scattered flashing lights.

Lynn describes the display they witnessed. “We both saw approximately 20 lights, some flashing red and white throughout the southeastern sky. The azimuth was anywhere from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The altitudes of the lights were anywhere from 15 degrees to 60 degrees, approximately.”

She tells us that when the two of them looked at any one specific light, it was possible that it was moving in respect to the near stationary stars.

Harvey explained that the lights would flash as they traveled, then appeared to stop. A moment later the lighted object would suddenly move straight upward from its stopping point.

What mesmerized the couple was the way the lights would seemingly disappear only to reappear very close to where it disappeared, a second or two before. Eventually in a minute or two, another light, a different one would catch the corner of their eyes and they would watch that one for a while.

“At one point you could see approximately five lights without turning your head.” Lynn explained.

Harvey added, “The five lights seemed to be at different altitudes, but all of them flashed either red or white. They did not flicker like stars, they flashed and none of them were in sync.”

The couple was very clear on one point of their observation. That each of the twenty celestial lights were located throughout the sky, widely separated from each other and each doing their own maneuvers. The couple says that entire sighting event lasted for nearly ninety minutes.

This blogger must point out that ordinarily sightings like the one described do not generally last for periods of more than a few minutes. UFO analysis experts on first glance might dismiss this sighting as someone misidentifying some stars or constellations.

But Lynn and Harvey’s sighting was seen and reported by other sky watchers in the Dayton, Ohio area at about the same time.

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