Advanced Being/Alien… Genetics (Part I)

Written by J.S. Thompson


I don’t like to refer to those people who live below the surface of the earth as alien or even advanced. Certainly, their technology is more advanced than ours who live on the surface, but they still have a long way to go in order to solve the issues that have plagued them since they became advanced.

These people are not alien to the earth; in fact, they are for the most part, earthlings. There might have been a few of them that drifted in from other planets and decided to stay but this would be more the exception than the rule. Their evolution is intimately intertwined with ours… so it’s important to know who they are, how they came to be what they are and why are they so desperate! In order to understand who they are, we must get a few things straight about our history. Science understands very little about history, I mean if something from antiquity doesn’t have a verifiable date attached to it, we don’t from when it came.

There is a process called carbon 14 dating and another called radio isotope dating but all of the dating methods that we use to identify our history are theoretical. We can’t accurately date anything utilizing these methods. There are some things we can do to date certain objects like tree circles or rock layers and the objects we might find within these rock layers but trees only last so long and rock and ice layer dating can be misleading. Another problem with soil and rock sampling is that everything orbits. In other words, rock and soil turn over. They erode, break apart and eventually become so small that they begin to sink, and so they begin their journey down toward the center of the earth. Combine this with volcanic action, displacement of oceans, the decay of matter, (some matter decays quicker than others) to name a few, but most importantly, the changing pressures that soil, rock and decaying matter endure as they make their way back down the orbital chain. There is one more important variable in the equation which will absolutely throw any dating process off. The particles from which all matter is made have no beginning, they have always been!

There is one way to know our past and to some extent, our future and this could be done through the science of genetics. Unfortunately, our technology has not advanced to the point of being able to understand much about our genes. However, our brothers and sisters who live below the surface understand a few things about genetics. In fact, the study of genetics is so important to them… that for all practical purposes, genetics means life to them. They cannot live without the energy that is contained within our genes.

Anyone can go on the internet and find information about these people both good and bad and there are even a few references to their genetic needs, but this story needs to be told and it needs to be told properly. These beings are not much different than we are; in fact, we are all the same people. They just happened to be born at a time when technology had advanced to the stage I refer to as “other dimensional technology”. This might come as a shock to you, but we are not the only modern people who have existed. There have been other modern societies that have developed in the earth’s past, several others. And all modern societies eventually evolve into advanced societies, if they don’t completely destroy themselves first. Both of these scenarios have been played out in our past. Our own society is on the doorstep of other dimensional science and those who will be born, two, three, four hundred years from now, will be facing the same choices that these beings once had to make. Who would turn down the opportunity to extend their lives for several thousand years or longer? With this reasoning… this is exactly the same choice that they made… some of them as long as a million years ago and some others possibly even longer.

In order to understand why “our” genes are so important to these people, we need to understand what our genes are. Our genes contain not only a record of our past, as everything we do, think and say is documented and recorded, but it also documents our future lives. Since our beginning on the earth, some 1.2 billion years ago, we have all lived life after life. We spend some time on the earth, and then we spend time out there (solamenta) when we leave the planet reviewing and correcting. Then it is time to come back again and attempt to put into practice what we’ve learned. This is how God’s plan works, this is how we eventually become the type of people who can live in Paradise forever and when we do, the cycle of life and death ends for us, and we truly become both human and immortal.

Our friends down under seek immortality, and although they can live a very long time, if they don’t find the answers to immortality, they will die! They do grow old but they grow old very slowly and they can be killed, in fact, they are quite vulnerable. The answer to immortality exists in our genes. They understand this because they can download our genetic information. Our genetic information is a 3D computer program. However; it is not the genes themselves that they seek, but the signature frequency that they contain.

All of our emotions, feelings and experiences have a signature frequency. Happiness, joy, love, sex, fear, dread, depression, etc. these are preprogrammed possibilities that exist in our genes. These possibilities are designed to give us the experiences that will eventually allow our signature frequency to evolve into the one that is required for us to be both human and immortal. Our genes contain an interactive program based on “choice”. Our friends from down under are just like us. There are a variety of mindsets. Some are intelligent and some of them are not. Some are highly skilled and some are not. Some understand things from a scientific point of view, and some are just as primitive in their thinking as primitive people have been since the beginning.

Intelligent people figure things out, they are logical but primitive people believe in magic. Intelligent people are willing to do the work and primitive people want God, spirits, magic or some unseen entity to do the work for them. Intelligent people figure out who God is but primitive people still define God as an unseen and un-understood entity. Intelligent people know things because they have sought after them, they have done the work but primitive people “believe”. When one believes, they know what they do not know and this has been and will continue to be the bane of society. An intelligent person understands the depth of his or her own ignorance but the primitive person believes themselves to be intelligent when they are not. Unfortunately, these people exist. They have at their disposal, very advanced technology, and they have done some very stupid things with it. The good news about all of this is… is that we are all evolving; even the most primitive among them are getting smarter!

When it is all said and done, they can’t really hurt us. They can screw with our genes, they can frighten us, molest us and even kill us, but we’ve been doing that to each other for 1.2 billion years. God needs us to have these experiences; these are the experiences that make our signature frequency evolve into the frequency that we need to be both human and immortal.

How to become both human and immortal at the same time is the question that no one, nor advanced technology has been able to answer. Our creator has solved the equation, and she is not going to allow anyone to have this technology until they are ready to use it properly.

When our modern era evolves into an advanced era, there will be some of us that are going to become like these beings. In order to do this, one has to do a few things to themselves. For instance, advanced beings do not breathe oxygen as oxygen burns us up from the inside, all of their organs must be replaced with organs that exist in multiple dimensions, which eliminates most of the heat that is generated in atomic space. Advanced machines make contact with other working parts in quantum space and also exhaust heat there as well. Advanced physiology works in the same manner. All senses are computerized.

Some advanced beings look very alien and some look very human. All of them at one time looked as human as you and me with a few exceptions and the ones that have been seen that do not look human, are aging. This is why they continue to look for the fountain of youth in our genes. Try as they may, synthesizing our signature frequency will never make for themselves… a stairway to heaven. Paradise must be earned!


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!


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