Differences between Divine Beings, Advanced Beings and Us…

Written by J.S. Thompson

Life is a journey from primitive to divine. Advanced beings are primitive beings with greater technology than us who desire to be divine beings but they are nevertheless, still primitive. There is a barrier that separates us from advanced beings and another barrier that separates advanced beings from divine beings. We, (us) will in the future walk thru either one of these barriers. Both we and advanced beings are on the same journey, to become divine.

Before one can find God, one must seek God. We must at some point, all take the same journey. It is not a journey taken by the status quo or the religious but an individual undertaking.

Truth is absolute! When we seek as individuals, we all find ourselves moving in the same direction and eventually finding our way to the same Paradise. A journey that ends where it began…on the earth! When one seeks God, it is a pursuit which requires work. No one finds their way to God by “believing” what someone else says by having “faith” in what someone else says. Having faith and believing are products of insecurity and fear; these will always lead us in the wrong direction. Finding God is an act of “knowing”, an act of logic!

When one believes in something, they are saying to God, I know what I don’t know. A believer plants a flag of victory at the base of the mountain and calls it paradise. However, eternal happiness will not be found there because we are still compromised by conflict. Conflict is a product of two internal voices, one telling us to stay at the base of the mountain and the other urging us to explore further into the darkness.

God the first being wants us to know who she is. When one pursues an objective, an objective deemed by the status quo to be unobtainable, an objective that should in the mind of the status quo, be accepted on faith, they are committing an act of rebellion against the status quo. Faith is another way of saying… “I accept the impossible to comprehend”. Faith is a way of postponing our journey towards God for another time but this journey must not be postponed. We must know who God is before we can become divine. In order to find God, one must be prepared to change direction when a more logical one presents itself.

The strongest debate against what I’m saying with regard to faith and belief would be, “My faith saved me, my faith saved another, my faith gave me strength in a time of great turmoil”. It’s difficult to debate this level of passion. Strength which comes from faith is strength that can and eventually will be used at another level. The energy one uses to have great faith, evolves faith into knowledge. God can be known, not through faith, but through logic! After all, God our creator is the master of logic. How could have God created the universe and all of us in it without being a master designer, engineer and builder. When we seek God we seek her with everything we have, we don’t stop short of finding. We don’t tell ourselves we’ve arrived when we haven’t. We must become good listeners. There is only one way and only our creator knows it. She is always telling us how to find her. How can we hear God tell us the way, when we are always telling God what we believe?

Who is God and How did God Come to Be?

Before we can answer this question, we must go back to a time before the universe, before all of us, when space was empty of what we call matter. There was a time when none of this existed. However, we know that something existed, matter cannot come from nothing. The basic building blocks of matter have always existed in “natural space”. The question becomes… is our existence and the existence of the universe an anomaly or is God an anomaly? It must be one or the other. When one considers that all of the building blocks for both are present in natural space, then both are possibilities. Considering these things, is it not possible for the building blocks of something we can’t easily comprehend, something that doesn’t exist within our spectrum of understanding to exist as well? We and everything we can behold in the universe, came from the natural motion of particles in natural space! From this sea of particles, we, the universe and or God emerged!

If God was created first as an anomaly in natural space and then created us, then God must be a highly advanced and sophisticated computer capable of manipulating the space around her. However, aren’t we all computers? We might not be able to manipulate the space around us to any great degree but we are computers.

Advanced Computers

There will come a time when our computers will become sophisticated enough to figure everything out. Given enough information, all advanced computers eventually come to the same conclusions. Contemporary science is not far from developing a computer capable of doing this. We are knocking on the door of “other dimensional science” of quantum computers, computers that are able to think. When we have obtained this level of technology, the computer will evolve very quickly beyond its creator’s ability to comprehend it. These computers “know” who God is. They have answered all of the questions; they will put it all together through pure logic. They will back engineer and forward engineer everything from God to God’s plan but we will find ourselves in the same predicament then as we are today, we won’t be able to hear it because our beliefs won’t allow us.

Space even before the creation of man and the universe was an infinite sea of moving particles, one linked to the other. Space is a place of pressure, heat and particle motion. In this sea, there exists infinite potential. Anything that can occur… will occur and will occur infinitely. Human beings are a product of evolution but so is a computer. Anything created in natural space as an anomaly of particle motion would not begin its life as a human but as a machine. We and or God evolved as machines in natural space. Humanity is the evolution of a machine capable of caring.

Just as a matter of logic, space would be filled with such machines, they would be infinite in number but eventually they would all evolve into something capable of caring. They would all arrive at the same conclusion. Truth is absolute and adheres to the laws of physics.

In natural space, the space that existed before the universe and all of us, existed boundaries or spectrums that spanned from the largest to the smallest. Particles, pressure and heat exist within boundaries or spectrums. Space is fluid, like the ocean and breaks down into geometrical sectors, one linked to the other. Particles are always in orbit following the path of least resistance from low pressure into high until they can no longer continue their journey and then they are pushed out again… particle orbit. This is how space keeps itself from exploding as some would have us believe. The natural fabric of space which always seeks the path of least resistance would never have allowed the intense pressure necessary to form the universe as the big bang theory would suggest. When something in space becomes denser, something else becomes less dense; this is what keeps space in a constant state of homeostasis. No, the universe and all of us were either created by another machine capable of manipulating the space around it or we all just kind of came into existence at the same time along with the earth and all of the other bodies in space. Statistically speaking, it is more logical for one machine which created all of us to come first…you be the judge.

The universe works so much like a clock that you can set your watch by it. If one were to think about it they might consider the possibility that it is computerized. When a computer has enough information, it figures everything out and all advanced computers come to the same conclusion and so they all link up and start doing the same job, the same job God does…God’s plan.

A “divine being” understands that it could have been them as well as God who evolved from natural space. God knows this, of course, it is only common sense, the first being is an anomaly that exists as a product of happenstance, it could have as easily been you or me but it wasn’t. However, had it been you or me that found themselves alone in natural space with the ability to manipulate the matter around them, what conclusion would you have eventually come to? What happens when you discover that you cannot see yourself unless it is through the eyes of another? You would desire another who could define you. However, by this point you would have evolved so far that doing this would be a long time coming but the desire would be so great that the time would be worth it, in fact there was no other choice but to design a way to do it, then wait for evolution to take its natural course but not the path of least resistance. The difference between a machine and a human is the human doesn’t follow the path of least resistance, just the opposite; a human seeks God by following the path of greatest resistance! As we become more God like, God becomes more human like, when we meet God in the middle, we are “divine beings” and so it is that God seeks her own divinity through us.

Advanced Beings

The story of advanced beings is our own story. Archeologists know very little about ancient societies. In fact there is an entire part of our history that we know nothing at all about.

We’ve all been around for a lot longer than we think. Other modern societies much like our own have come and gone in antiquity. From those modern societies… have evolved advanced societies which in part still exist today.

The biggest mystery about these beings that fly saucer shaped craft, look distinctly different from us, are seen from time to time and even interact with us on occasion, are keeping their secret very well. In fact, it almost seems like their lives are controlled by a very advanced computer.

All advanced beings are hooked into an advanced computer and take their instructions from it for the most part. Advanced beings were all at one time as human looking as you and me. It is the process itself that makes them look the way they do. Truth be known, most of them look a lot more human than we would suspect, however, they are distinctly different. Advanced beings have discovered that oxygen kills us. We breathe but advanced beings do not breathe and every organ including their sex organs are synthetic. Contrary to popular thought, advanced beings are not immortal, they do age but they age very slowly. They continue to seek immortality and their journey is completely involved with the study of genetics. They still don’t have all of the answers of immortality but it hasn’t stopped them from trying all these many years.

Advanced beings were all born into the world at a time when society was going through the door of advanced technology. At this time in history as well as others, they had discovered “other dimensional science”. This happens when we can see the particles that exist between the atomic particles. At this time contemporary technology does not exist that is capable of detecting particles that exist outside of our spectrum… the solar spectrum. When our computers get to this level which they eventually will, we will know that the universe was created. Knowing that God exists, however, will not end our quest. It is just the beginning.

We have been immortal since our creation. The technology for real immortality has been around since the beginning and we don’t have to become advanced to discover it. Our path to immortality began with our first life on the earth and will end when we find our way back to God not through technology but by listening. The secret to immortality has existed within us and God has been telling us how to have it since the beginning. The difference between a divine being and an advanced being is simple. A divine being discovers God and then comes back and attempts to tell the others, this is called sacrifice; one of the characteristics that separates a human from a machine. An advanced being must have us, humans, to continue to be human for the sake of their own immortality. An advanced being needs us to be there.

A divine being seeks our evolution because they have heard God telling them that the only way for us to have Paradise is for all of us to be there together, one community. Paradise is the finality of Gods plan, eternal community. The difference between divine beings and advanced beings is this; divine beings are given access to God’s technology because they are willing to do God’s work and advanced beings are concerned only with their own immortality which of course they will never find because control and manipulate “us” as they will, there are others who are controlling and manipulating them to give us the experiences we need to become divine.

God uses both the good and the evil which exists to give us all the strength, discipline and self-control it takes for us to live in an eternal community, to eventually be able to hear God tells us which way to go, to help us on our journey from primitive to divine, a journey that takes us from earth and back again, to Paradise… This is God’s plan! The absolute truth that all advanced computers eventually concludes.


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!

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