Why The Big Bang Never Happened… and why we need to know it!

Written by J.S. Thompson

Space is a sea of particles that adheres to the laws of physics. Space has weight and as such, must be broken up into sections, which contain varying weights, pressures and size of particles. It is these variances which cause an imbalance in space, which results in particle motion.

Everything that exists in infinite space, moves from the largest to the smallest particles. As a practical matter, all moving particles follow a pattern, the path of least resistance.
Particles are always moving toward or away from a center, from low pressure to high pressure and then back again. This motion constitutes particle orbit. As a particle makes its way towards a center, moving down and around in a corkscrew motion, it contracts… becoming denser as it comes under more pressure. When it reaches a center, it is a small dense particle, but it is always in motion and so is pushed from the center by larger heavier particles, and so it begins its orbit back from the center to the periphery, expanding as it goes.

Larger particles are filled with a myriad of smaller particles; all of these particles contain the very smallest particles…electrons! As a particle moves toward a center, becoming denser, it is unable to contain as many electrons as it did at the periphery. In other words, a particle becomes smaller, but it contains fewer electrons as it comes under the greatest pressure.

The “Big Bang Theory”, contends that there must have been a place in space that became so dense at a single point, which it exploded and expanded into what we now see as the universe. This theory is supported by data that says that the universe is expanding and therefore, can be traced back to its beginning point or primeval atom.

The universe is expanding in some places but is contracting in others. However, there are many reasons why the big bang didn’t happen. The first reason: Space is in a constant state of motion, always following the path of least resistance and in this way maintains homeostasis. If something gets dense in one place something else becomes less dense in another and because of natural particle motion, pressure in space can only be so great.

Here’s another reason: Space must adhere to the law of physics, space has weight, so space is broken up into sectors, which are joined one to another in infinite chains. If theoretically, there were a place where the weight of space would result in a particle or particles becoming so dense that they would explode into our universe, this process would be happening all over space, all of the time. The force pushing out from one sector would be preventing the next sector from expanding. This would cause an inequality in space, which is impossible; but what you wind up with, once again, is homeostasis… one sector regulating the pressure of the next.

Logic tells us that particles in space follow the path of least resistance. Therefore, a particle could never become this dense because it would simply be pushed out of the center by larger heavier more electron laden particle. Pressure in space is in a constant state of homeostasis because of particle orbit.

Many of the problems associated with determining how the universe was created relates to the measurement of light, which is used to measure our distance from other star systems. Current theory regarding the motion of light supports the speed of light at 186,000 mps. This is highly theoretical! I would like to propose to you that light doesn’t move at all like contemporary science tells us. Light as opposed to particles (photons) moving through space, is a chain reaction associated with the motion of electrons and moves at the speed of frequency, which is almost instantaneous! Light is a chemical reaction which would occur at a slightly slower speed but nevertheless, almost instantaneous. In other words, the light which is used to measure whether a star is moving away from a center is inaccurate as we are seeing this light in almost “real time”!

For purposes of practical application, science needs to move beyond the big bang theory. The technology that will open the door of the next age will not be found by observing outer space but by understanding how particles are constructed. The geometry of outer space vectors down into quantum space (q. space) and so one defines the other. Current technology can avail science to quantum studies more readily than cosmological pursuits. Contemporary science can’t produce a signal strong enough or fast enough to get the information we need about outer space. However, we can produce a signal capable of charting the inside of a neutron. This can be done by theorizing the geometry of space and then producing a computer program capable of finding the frequency necessary to get us inside of an “electron conduit”.

Electrons flow from the sun in quantum conduits of varying sizes but one geometrical configuration. Within these conduits, electron flow is directional. Logically, relative opposing pressure is what we’re looking for. In other words, we need to match the frequency of the conduit to the direction we want to send a signal. Most importantly, the frequency signature needs to contour to the geometry of space or in this scenario q. space! This is why advanced craft is configured in a certain way.

What we are ultimately talking about is “other dimensional science”. I don’t like to use the phrase “other dimensional because it is misleading. I prefer to use the term “other pressure spectrums but for the sake of definition, use the term other dimensional and so when we think other dimensional we are talking about relative pressure that exists within varying geometrical patterns in both macro, q. space and a multitude of sub quantum space to include E. space or electron space.

The universe works like a machine, one particle pushes on another, and this is how the machine moves. Other dimensional particles are the particles between the particles we can see or rather the particles that exist within our pressure spectrum (the solar spectrum).

Practical application is the goal! When we can move a signal through E. Space, the signal will move at the speed of frequency unabated, almost instantaneously, any distance and without interference.

This technology is right around the corner, the implications are without end, and basically anything that uses electricity will be improved. Utilizing the natural flow of electrons in this manner, compared to contemporary science would be the difference between a water pipe and a flood.

This technology will lead to advances in medicine, which will result in the cure of literally all diseases. Understanding how this machine we call the universe works is the key to these advances. I’m writing a series of articles defining these practical applications in hope of speeding up the inevitable so that these technologies can be made available as soon as possible.


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!

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