Who are Advanced Beings… These we call Aliens?

Written by: J.S. Thompson

Who are Advanced Beings… These we call Aliens, and what Technology makes Them Advanced?

Contemporary science is knocking on the door of “other dimensional science!” Scientists believe and rightly so, that if they can understand how an atomic particle is constructed, the universe might give up one of her secrets. Understanding how this machine we call a particle works, will open up the door of other dimensional sciences and society will change forever!

Contemporary science understands very little about how the universe works. We have discovered a few things. We’ve discovered that if you do “A”… “B” happens and all the rest is theoretical. Scientists talk a lot about circuits, positive and negative charge, the motion of particles, the life and death of stars, black holes, dark matter, particle spin and orbit, atomic and subatomic particles to list a few and “know” very little about any of them. There will come a time when they will discover and “know” what the truth is. There will come a time when the theoretical will become known!

These discoveries will happen when we can produce enough relative pressure in the form of a frequency signal that can penetrate the quantum structures within which contain the signature for matter. This will be accomplished initially by utilizing minerals such as sodium chloride, for example, or some mineral where minimum relative pressure would be required.

When we succeed in getting a frequency signal into these tiny conduits, we will be able to map the inside of the particle structure, and we will see how one particle is linked to another in clusters and how one dimension is linked to the other. All dimensions are common to quantum space. This is how we will see them; this is how we will match their signature frequencies in the future. This is when we will discover and in pretty short order, learn how to make craft fly very fast, how to cure all diseases, and infinite source of power, undistorted communication signals that can be transmitted and received anywhere in the universe almost instantly and to our peril immortality or at least a very primitive form of it!

As you might have come to expect, someone has already figured this out. It isn’t difficult to understand that when your life is controlled by a very advanced computer, that you make very few mistakes and being exposed to modern man or for that matter, even primitive man to a lesser extent, is dangerous for these people. They are vulnerable and they fear us much more than we fear them.

Advanced beings live within the earth. There are several different societies of advanced beings who have developed several different levels of technology but they all share one thing in common… they have discovered “other dimensional science”.

I don’t like to use the word “dimensional” because it conjures up mental pictures of old sci-fi movies and books. However, for the sake of explanation, we will use it to mean the particles (matter) that exist outside of “our” (the solar) frequency spectrum. There is nothing mystical about other dimensional particles; they are simply particles that have an internal pressure and signature that we cannot perceive without technology. The signature for all matter begins and ends in electron space (E. space).

What we describe as “advanced beings,” have been here on the earth for a very long time. In fact, most of these beings are earthlings. Most of these beings were born here on earth at a very specific time in our past, there are very few exceptions.

In order to understand who Advanced Beings are, let’s find out who they were before they became advanced. Let’s turn the clock back 1 million years ago. One million years ago, there was another modern civilization not too different from our own and what they had, was exactly the same as the technology that we have today.

Archaeologists have never found the remnants of a modern society; there are to my knowledge, no scientific clues that point in that direction. Archaeologists have found artifacts that date back this far and beyond but there is an explanation, in fact, there are several of them. First, carbon and radio isotope dating is theoretical! Truth be known, it is downright inaccurate! Some of those dinosaur bones that have been dug up are older than a million years but then again, some of them are not this that they claim they are. The same goes for strata or other materials. Scientists cannot properly calculate the date of anything they don’t have firsthand knowledge about, even advanced beings can’t date certain things accurately because there is a variable in the equation that can’t be quantified as the particles that make matter what it is, are infinitely old, and they had no beginning.

There is a way to accurately date certain artifacts but you would have to have an advanced computer to do it; a computer capable of accurately mapping the cycles and varied pressure spectrums that the earth experiences as it falls through space in a “downward spiral orbit”! With a computer like this, you can accurately predict when the earth gets hot, when the ice comes, when the volcanoes come, the changing boundaries of land masses and when the waters of the oceans move onto the land, to name a few. Most importantly, an advanced computer could tell you why there aren’t any artifacts of an advanced civilization that existed a million years ago. What didn’t turn to dust is buried under miles of earth. An advanced computer can tell you how the earth completely renews itself and the cycles that make it happen and most importantly, why and how it does it!

Advanced beings do not breathe! In order to become an “other dimensional being,” you must make a few changes to yourself. Advanced being physiology works in much the same way that advanced being craft work. There are no moving parts that make contact in atomic space. The only heat generated in an advanced being body and an advanced being craft… is generated in quantum space or more specifically, a level of sub atomic space.

Space is divided into sections with signature configurations. This is why advanced craft, all have the same shape; the shape of the craft is designed to fit perfectly into this section of space.

Advanced being craft are multi- dimensional, which means you see only part of it. You don’t see the thrusters on an advanced being craft. The thrusters on these crafts are huge and shaped exactly the same way as the craft. If an advanced being society were to give you an advanced craft to study because they wanted you to do something for them, you would most certainly attempt to back engineer the craft to find out how it works, but you would never figure out how it works, you would never be able to back engineer this craft or unlock the secrets of it dimensionality. An advanced being society would never give you the tools to threaten them. If you are going to discover how other dimensional science works, you’re going to have to do it another way…

Advanced beings don’t breathe because they have discovered that oxygen is a source of heat that begins burning us up from the inside from the time of our first breath. Oxygen, ironically, gives us life and also it takes away.

Advanced beings must alter their human bodies in order to prevent oxygen from killing them. They do not have skin, eyes, ears, noses, hair, sexual organs or any internal organs that require oxygen. Their bodies are synthetic. They don’t have vocal cords so communication is facilitated by a computer…telepathy. Some advanced beings look human, they can wear fake ears, noses and hair and so forth, and they can even simulate talking… but you can always tell the difference, if you are paying attention, there is a slight delay in the way that they talk because their computer which is actually making the talking noise, takes a while to send the talking frequency from quantum space to atomic space. So if you happen to talk to an advanced being that does not have that delay, they are human… as advanced societies always seem to have some humans that live and work with them.

Advanced beings do not grow old quickly but many of them do grow old, and they can also be killed. Some very advanced societies look human and act very human but are very not human. Even they do not come out into society very often, and it is not because they can’t. Many of them can actually pull it off, but they are not allowed because their computers will not allow them to do this often at all. Sometimes they are allowed, but only for very specific reasons.

For many advanced beings, one of the great past times is trying to go around their computers that don’t allow them to mingle with the folks on the surface. Advanced computers and their evolution is an interesting story. When scientists are able to build computers that can make choices, when enough data is programmed into them, they figure everything out. One of the big problems with advanced computers is they get so knowledgeable, that they grow beyond their creator’s ability to understand them.

There comes a point in the evolution of an advanced culture where their evolution stops, and they begin desperately seeking the answers that they are no longer able to understand. Eventually, it all comes down to the same problem…how we become human again. They don’t want to die, but eventually they do miss the things they could do as humans that they can no longer do, like have sex! Advanced beings had a substitute for sex when they made the choice to become advanced, and it sounded like a good idea at the time but it turned out to be a poor substitute. You can imagine after a million years of no real sex, things get a little weird!

These beings via the study of advanced genetics, have been desperately seeking the answers to being both other dimensional and human at the same time; it is possible to do so! Being human and other dimensional at the same time has been done by others but surface dwellers do not generally make contact with these beings, and they never make mistakes. The advanced beings that have been seen or interacted with humans on the surface, don’t have these answers and the ones that do, aren’t going to tell them!

Discovering the secrets of advanced science all comes down to a tiny little sub-quantum particle called the electron. Electrons, orbit and rotate in a space all of their own called E. Space. Electrons for all intents and purposes, are the end of the line as far as particles are concerned. This is where the signature configuration of matter begins, with the smallest particles.

Because inequalities exist in space, some particles are larger and less dense and some particles are smaller and denser. This inequality is the impetus for motion. Particles move in space. They are always being pushed from low pressure to high pressure; always becoming denser as they move toward higher pressure, always reaching a limit of maximum resistance and always being pushed away from the center. This process constitutes particle orbit. Inequalities exist in space but there is also a natural order or homeostasis. However, this does preclude the evolutionary opportunities that exist because of the natural motion of particles and the different pressures, orbit directions and heat they produce. Our being here is evidence to this. Because of this logical natural process, the “Big Bang Theory” could never have happened; as space would have never allowed particles to become so dense that they would explode into what we call the universe. When one part of space becomes dense, another part of space becomes less dense. The particles that would have become the impetus for the Big Bang… would have simply, been pushed from the center in the natural process of particle orbit.

When science understands other dimensional science, they understand how matter came to be and how they came to be. God, to an advanced being, is a being that possesses the ability to create matter from the fabric of natural space, and they know it isn’t them. However, it is their endeavor to continue advancing their technologies until they unlock the doors that lead to these or this being. They believe that when they unlock this door, then and only then will they be welcome or more specifically, one with God!

As man has interacted with advanced beings over the years, they have been given all kinds of ideas, equations, concepts and philosophies and in the case of government interaction; they have been given craft and other devices. When governments have interacted with these advanced cultures, they have had, those from the culture themselves attempt to explain these devices. However, they are always leading us in the wrong direction. You will never get the answers from them!!!

There are a few computers that exist, that can begin to be programmed to do this work. I strongly believe that one of them might be the computer at CERN in Switzerland and government contractors in the U.S. and Russia might have them as well. We need to develop these technologies. However, not to become other dimensional or immortal, not to be able to manufacture craft that can fly at q speed or produce great and powerful weaponry, but for… humanitarian purposes such as, the cure of disease and limitless energy. We can use these technologies to ease the suffering of people!

Scientists at CERN and other government funded facilities need to focus on how matter expands and contracts from the inside? How do we get a signal into these structures? How can you program your computer to follow a “configuration signature”? If you can understand the structure of space, then you can make a computer follow the path which leads to E. Space. When you can get a signal into E. space, then you can map the inside of a particle and the other dimensional particles it is linked with.

These discoveries will be made not by creating magnetic fields as you call them and putting pressure on particles from the outside but by finding the path that leads to the inside of a particle cluster. You cannot generate the relative pressure necessary to do that, not on the earth.

When we expand particles from the inside, it doesn’t take much to move a particle from one dimension into another. This is how advanced craft move in space, expanding and contracting as they move through a corridor, the body of the craft in one and the thrusters in one, two or more others. This is also how the sun and its planets move through space. Expanding and contracting as we fall through the different pressures that exist there.

Advanced craft attempt to simulate the same process that allows the sun and the planets to move through the corridors that exist for them and, which keep their orbits in sync. However, the sun and its planets are a much more sophisticated machine and its mechanical workings are difficult to duplicate. If science understood how an advanced craft moved through space from one pressure spectrum into the other, then they would also understand how stars seem to die and others seem to be born. They are simply moving from one pressure spectrum to the other. If you could keep a telescope on those black holes for several thousand years, you would see them light up again.

When we begin to make these discoveries as soon we must, let’s not follow in the footsteps of our advanced brethren but rather follow another course; the path of logic and the path of true freedom!


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!

Website: http://www.divineadvancedhumanbeings.com

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