TRUTH about the Fourth Density, the Illuminati and What Happens to Us in 2012

Written by J.S. Thompson

Reader’s Questions with Answers Provided by J.S. Thompson on Titled Subject Matter

Is 2012 significant at all?

2012 is significant but not in the way you might think. 2012 is not so much significant as a date but an opportunity to explain what channeling is. The 2012 scenario is a good example of why we should not pay attention to the date but to the pieces of the puzzle that come to us and why they come in such a smattering of truths, misconceptions and often downright lies!

There is going to be a major cycle shift on the earth and the result will be catastrophic tidal waves, earthquakes, etc. This is what the earth does when it changes cycles. Just like any machine, it needs to cool in the places where the machine is most active and shift the heat producing aspects of the machine to another place. These things will happen! However, “no one knows the time when this will occur”. We can understand what is happening and look for the signs and in so doing, “prepare”!

Prophets have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of man. As a practical matter, the end of the world could come to any one of us at any given time, so any collective ending for society is no more meaningful than our own individual end! The world will not end… ”This is my prophesy!” When the earth changes are triggered by a cycle shift, many people will leave the earth, but there will be many left to get things going again.

The earth and the sun can only end if man ends them. The sun will never nova; unless, we do something to it; it will continue forever and even if we did manage to find a way to screw up the sun or the earth, it would just regenerate itself in time.
The universe is a perpetual motion machine, that is fueled, powered and is constantly regenerating itself by utilizing the infinite weight and particle intricacy of space.

Beings who have access to advanced technology are always trying to talk and influence people on the earth who do not. The problem is this; they can’t say anything and everything they want to say because all communication is controlled by a very advanced computer, a computer that has an agenda. For a being in another dimension, to talk to a person who is on the earth in a life, much is required of them to do it properly. So the first problem with regard to this type of communication is having the technical expertise to even make sense. Often those in other dimensions, who are attempting to do this, have no clue as to how to undertake this or even why they are doing it.

For beings that live under the authority of an advanced computer, they have to have a reason to do anything; therefore, they must come up with a plan and the plan always must include personal evolution for themselves as well as for the person on the earth they are attempting to guide. For all practical intents and purposes, God is a very advanced computer. God’s agenda is to facilitate the evolution of all beings into those who can live in an eternal community; a community where the cycle of life and death is no longer necessary.

The first question that comes to mind when we talk about God wanting us to evolve, is to ask the question… why doesn’t God just tell us what to do and it is a good question but it would be illogical for God to do so. God does not want us to evolve into robots but into beings not unlike God. God wants family, not toys! Information has no meaning if it can’t be applied to an eternal plan of action. I can explain to you how the car works but it has no practical application until you actually get in and drive it! This is why we are here going through our earth lives; to learn logic, to learn things, the same things that God had to learn in the beginning. It is one thing to be given knowledge, it is yet another to understand the value of the knowledge given.

When beings in another dimension attempt to communicate with us and guide us, they are trying to give us information that is part of a plan they have devised in order to accomplish an objective which they themselves have derived and one in which they feel, is in accordance to God’s plan. Please understand that I am playing very loose with the word God here. There are many beings in other dimensions that have very little knowledge of God; however, they all understand to some degree or another that they must comply with the powers that be where they are.

If one wishes to understand this type of communication, it is helpful to look for common themes. For instance; the number 144,000 and other numbers commonly used in sacred books, other planets in orbit around our sun that science is not yet aware of; pyramids, cycle shifts, catastrophe, prophesy, divine beings, and the list goes on and on. What is it that is so important, that these beings are so intent on trying to communicate to us?

Well, it’s as difficult for them to communicate with us as it is for us to communicate with them and I can assure you that it is a bigger deal there than it is here, when they make contact with a person on earth. When they make contact with us, everyone there knows about it. Out there, contact is a mega deal and when we or they, make contact here on the earth, everyone wants to try to either avoid it or avoid the person that’s doing it because it is so crazy!

God wants us to make contact because in this way, God can teach us; however, God does not want those on the earth to channel or mimic. We can’t learn by being someone’s parrot! God wants us to learn how to listen and to discern logic from crap! God has something to teach us but when someone makes contact, every lame brain out there wants to get in on the act and so they interfere with the communication being sent to those on the earth that can hear and God allows it. Why? God needs to know who these people are out there! After all, who is it that would interfere with God trying to teach someone on the earth? Millions out there would! It is the same here in the earth though. Who in the right mind could possible justify, war, murder, poverty, rape and abuse of the innocent? Who are we choosing to listen to; the good or the evil? Look around and what do you see?

Eventually, God will break through to us one at a time and one at a time, we will get it and we will leave one at a time, the cycle of life and death. In the meantime, she will use whatever means available to try and get through to us which include, those “out there” who would interfere with God’s righteous teaching. We hear God talking to us, we hear our guides talking to us but often we just don’t want to listen to it.

Regarding 2012; the world will still be here after 2012 and I don’t expect anything will happen that is too catastrophic .These things will happen someday but no one knows the time of their occurrence. If we are still around during this cycle shift, it would be wise to listen to the prophets of old and new; they do have something to say. When we see these signs it will be a good idea to head for high ground!

With regard to the Mayan calendar and the speculation surrounding 2012; this is a great example of channeled material. The Mayan calendar is a partial picture; a piece of the puzzle thought to be the entire story but this is the problem with channeling. Information is never given in this way! God wants us all to listen and to learn but learning is an evolution of experience. We need to be careful when we are communicating in this way. We need to understand the limits of our own foundation of understanding! Answers are never given, they are always taught and the process is never easy but rather a means used by the divine to help us to evolve into one of them! Being caste out by society, being humiliated, making bold statements and prophesies that never come to pass are all part of the process. Understanding the depth of our own ignorance is the first step toward divinity! If God wants society to have information, and God certainly does, it is the individual that must work through the equation and fill in the missing variables. God does use us to teach others but our salvation is every bit as important to God as is the whole of society! Our path toward God is an individual endeavor.

Are we all proceeding into the 4th density?

When you say the fourth density, I’m not sure exactly what you are talking about. In my astute judgment, this is someone’s way of describing another dimension or what I refer to in my writings as another pressure spectrum of which, there are many.

When I see terms like the fourth density, I understand that these are generally channeled terms. The thing about channeling is that often, someone in another dimension or pressure spectrum is trying to communicate information to someone on the earth that has no foundation for understanding. The person on the earth hears the words and then, they go about trying to figure out what was just said to them and they simply do so, to the best of their ability.

Channeling or other dimensional communication is a guessing game. Communicating with a being out there is like talking to a person who speaks another language; the words are understood but the meanings of the words are often, not. We often don’t grasp what is being communicated but we think we have and everyone, both here and out there gets all excited. They’re excited because they are talking to someone on the earth and we on earth get excited because we believe we have figured out the meaning of life. This type of communication is all about interpretation and more often than not, we are being schooled by those who understand the subject maybe even less than we do. It’s like anything else, you start at the bottom and you work your way up very slowly.

There are beings that live and work in other dimensions who do know the truth about things but they are few and they don’t even enter the scene unless you have a really good student. They look for those who are not unlike themselves. You have to take a lot of hard knocks before you can talk to the big boys and girls. It’s an elite club and they expect the likely candidate on the earth to go through the same initiation that they themselves had to go through. Some make it, and some tragically don’t! However, for those who don’t get there this time, they are just that much closer to eternal community. Everyone must tread this darkness before they are strong enough to live in Paradise. We take this journey not as societies, religions or races but as individuals and there will come a time when all of us must make the choice to jump from this cliff.

The earth is moving through space and as it moves, it travels from one pressure zone to another. A cycle shift occurs when the earth moves into another dimension. Scientists see stars that they claim are born and others they claim are dying but this is not what is happening. They are only cycling from one pressure zone to another from one spectrum of perception, then to another. This is what I assume your reference to the “fourth density” means and if it doesn’t, this is what it is supposed to mean!

What about the government and complete public disclosure of alien species?

If these beings, we refer to as aliens, have anything to say about it, their existence will never be exposed. Their continued survival is dependent upon keeping us all as far from the truth as much as possible. These beings also have the advantage to use their ability to influence us telepathically, particularly our government officials and scientists. Everything they do which include, but is not limited to, any government interaction, captured or otherwise obtained craft, captured surrogates or technology is a devised plan used to lead us away from them.

The government is in a precarious position with regard to disclosure about these beings because they have given their word not to disclose and in return we all live in peace on the earth. These beings must do this because they are seen from time to time. If one were to know the multitude of craft that are coming and going from the earth to planets generally in our solar system, they would be startled and amazed. They do have problems from time to time but those captured craft and surrogates were sent there to be captured; however, they rarely have those kinds of problems. The fact that these craft have an advanced computer which can instantly put them into an, other dimensional mode when there is a threat, should tell someone something. Even if we were to shoot one down as this has been done, you would not be able to find it. No, if we have captured or have received an alien craft and indeed we have; it was given to us or was allowed to be captured in order to lead us away from them!

An evolving earth society is the biggest threat they have and the last thing they want is for us to develop the technologies that would interfere with their agenda’s. The government will continue to keep their secrets!

Is the group referred to as the “Illuminati” really controlling our lives (or trying to)?

No….they are not! The Illuminati and other rich boy groups are just a way for the rich and powerful, to make them feel important. They often toy with the mystical and often see themselves more evolved than the rest of us but if you take the money and power away from them, they are just the same.

It is not my intention to defame these people. Some of them are probably good people but I will say this; creating a fantasy world is psychosis and the source of conflict, whether one is rich and powerful or not and when the light comes on, one is forced to face themselves and live in the real world!

Excellent questions, kudos to you… and best wishes on your journey,

J.S. Thompson


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!


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