Did God Communicate any of the Bible?

Written by J.S. Thompson

Let me begin by saying that God is never far from any communication that comes from a righteous heart and a desire to minister truth. However, truth is not an easy subject to learn much less teach… but there have been a few mentioned in the bible, that are messiahs or messengers of God. God needs these people and waits for those capable of speaking God’s truths to evolve. The one problem that God has… is communication. God is so advanced that communicating with her beloved children, is impossible without an interpreter. Even with an interpreter, this communication is imperfect but as these people we call prophets, find their way to God, God is finding her way to all of us.

With regard to the bible, the scriptures are ancient writings, which have made their way to us in an extremely haphazard manner.

The dates theorized by biblical scholars are inaccurate. Foundations for many of the bible stories are much older than bible scholars have theorized. For instance, the story of David and Goliath of Gath took place approximately 6000 BC contrary to 1000 to 1200 BC as biblical scholars would theorize. David was not a shepherd boy that was chosen to fight the giant; David was a full grown warrior and was, in fact, the best fighter they had. Logic must prevail here. Battles in ancient times were serious business. This was not a fight to see which army would submit to the other, but rather a fight for bragging rights, like a prize fight…our best guy can beat your best guy. Over the millennia, the story was altered as scribes forgot, broadened or even plagiarized the ancient scriptures.

Ancient scriptures were documents that traced the royal bloodline back to a patriarch, or first king (father). In ancient times, in the Middle East, when most of these stories were being written, the Jews were at war with the Philistines (I use this term as a generic.). These wars began to get nasty around 14,000 years ago when rising water from volcanoes pushed the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean onto the land forcing people on to the only high ground in Africa and the Middle east. To complicate matters further, ice from the north was pushing down making this problem even worse The Jews and the many tribes of the Philistines fought for property rights and these wars lasted for thousands of years. These wars took the Jews from the Middle East to East Africa, to North Africa, back to the Middle East. Remnants of Jewish fighters were pushed north into Russia and Northern Europe and eventually became, the ancient Vikings.

The first order of business any victorious army would undertake, when they defeated an enemy, would be to burn the temple and their royal records. When peace would return, scribes would rewrite the documents as best as their memory would allow. It was not unusual for the enemy to rewrite the scriptures, altering them, in order to favor their own rule. This basically, constituted an ancient form of propaganda and control. To make matters worse, the scriptures as we know them… were compiled by Constantine the Great, more than 300 years after the fact, combining and altering to make the story consistent and politically advantages to Constantine.

For instance, the story of Jesus was a merging of two stories about two men named Jesus that lived around 30 years apart, one, from Nazareth and one from Syria. Both were mystics and both were executed by the Romans. Both men were those who were speaking truth as messiahs from God, (messengers) like Buddha, Mohammed and many others, which have done the same things throughout the ages. There have been and there are many true prophets!

Where did the Bible come from? The Bible is a collection of writings that were accumulated and examined at several different councils facilitated by Constantine the Great, Emperor of the Roman Empire, later to be referred to as the Holy Roman Empire. However, it wasn’t holy until he inspired some brilliant political connivery. It was in these different councils where Jesus stopped being a beautiful man and started being the Son of God. This is also where his Mother Mary stopped being a wife and became an eternal virgin (which God wouldn’t wish on anyone); where Jesus’ wife, Mary Magdalene, stopped being a wife and became a prostitute just because she dared to speak the truth (she dared to speak to men, as if she knew more about her husband than they knew); where Jesus refused to take a drug that was offered to all who were sent to the cross… because he did take a drug before he was crucified. All condemned people, with few exceptions, were given a strong narcotic capable of killing with this exception, if you were guilty of killing a Roman in the pursuit of over throwing Roman rule, you would be allowed to suffer.

This is interesting as I have seen the tapes out there… even though the Romans would administer the drug to the condemned… there was always an organization of Jews in the occupied territories, that were responsible for administering this drug as well. They would either administer this drug themselves to the condemned, or give it to a family member to give to their condemned brethren. The Romans would have done it themselves because this made the prisoners easier to handle. The Romans were not monsters, for the most part, and did not care to see someone suffer for hours. Giving drugs to the condemned was a show of mercy to the communities that were occupied, an easy way to handle the prisoners on their way to the place of execution, which was always on the outside of town where all who entered would see Roman justice being carried out and frankly, the Roman guards that had to stay and watch all of this, didn’t care to be there all day.

It may surprise you to learn that in ancient times, people stayed stoned most of the time on narcotics. Can you imagine the pain that people without modern technology would be in…bones that weren’t set properly…teeth falling out…wounds of all kinds that didn’t heal?

After the crucifixion of Jesus Mary Magdalene fled Jerusalem and settled in Paris, she was known there… to be the faithful wife of Jesus. The other Jesus who was not a Nazarene (pronounced Jeshua) was executed by a Roman spear. The Dead Sea scrolls make reference to this man. These things were known and this was written about later, but destroyed by the church, because “truth is the enemy of an institution built on lies”. Institutions built on truth will stand forever, but an institution built on lies, will not.

Did God communicate any of the bible? Where you have a righteous person willing to do God’s will and who is willing to listen, you have a student. They need to be mastered before they write what they hear God saying to them. Some of what is in the bible is inspired by the almighty and this is true for many writings, ancient as well as contemporary. When we say to God, “do to me what you will, let not my will, but your will be done”… then we begin a journey. This journey takes us all to the exact same place. This is where truth lives. Interpreting what we’ve seen is difficult but the language of logic is universal!!!


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!

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