The Electron… E-Space

Written by J.S. Thompson

Space is broken up into geometrical patterns formed by the intersection of particles. These pieces of space contain their own individual and unique pressure, which exists within a spectrum.

Every particle which exists in “natural space,” the space that existed before the creation of the universe (altered space) and, which exists as infinite space outside of the universe, exists within a multitude of spectrums, are limited in mass and density.

In other words, particles can only be so small and so large and pressures can only be so great and so little. First, let’s examine the most massive particle that exists in space, the “macro particle” and all of its working parts. Like everything that exists in both natural and altered space, everything must adhere to the law of physics. Nothing can become too heavy, nor can it become too large; if you put one too many bricks, the structure will collapse. The same principle applies to particles in space. In the case of space, its fluidity conforms to a natural configuration, just like water. Space is a sea of particles one linked to the other. These particles are pushed in all directions into one another as far as the pressure that opposes them will allow. “A macro particle” is a particle that exists in atomic space and so would be as small as what contemporary science calls an atom and can be as big as one half the size of the universe (altered space). These two massive particles that engulf the universe would be separated at the periphery and the center by a “quantum degree.” Quantum degree (qd) represents the smallest point in space, a space within a space. These qd’s form quantum structures that crisscross through space within which electrons flow. A “Quantum Structure” is a conduit within, which is contained pressure that is so intense, that it cannot become any greater “at the periphery” of the center. However, the pressure at the “center” of this structure is much less than the pressure at the periphery as one particle has been pushed through the center of another providing a space of “relative ambiance” at the very center. This space or Electron space (E. space) is broken up in the same way that natural space and altered space are broken up into particles that conform to the law of physics in relative pressure…electrons! This configuration of space at the greatest relative pressure provides the frequency signals that make matter what it is. The electrons flowing through these conduits in signature configurations are a computer program that makes this universe or altered space work. Matter is the final product of these signature configurations of electrons that vector up from the E. space. Matter is a chain reaction that begins with the Electron.

The electron conforms to the pressure that surrounds it on eight sides. Quantum conduits are octagonal at the center surrounded by four less octagonal larger particles at the periphery. Space is octagonal becoming less pronounced and more geometrically round as it vectors up to the limits of altered space until…one quantum degree at the periphery of the largest two macro particles is obtained.

Motion is a product of a natural imbalance that exists in space, an imbalance that takes us from the largest to the smallest. All structures in space reflect this imbalance. This imbalance causes particles within larger particles to be less dense at the periphery and most dense at the center. All particles are being pushed toward the center of a larger particle becoming denser as they move into the particle and eventually are pushed out of the center by larger more massive particles. This natural motion of particles from the periphery to center constitutes “particle orbit”.

Particle orbit amongst other things precludes the possibility of a big bang theory. All particles orbit in space! The heavier more massive particles at the periphery, push the particles of the greatest density toward the center… becoming smaller and denser themselves as they too move toward the center and then are pushed out of the center by bigger more massive particles and then back up again,” particle orbit”. Particle orbit is how space maintains homeostasis, a natural order. Space cannot be both static and fluid at the same time. The big bang theory could never have occurred because the particles at the center would never have come under the pressure necessary to form the universe in this way. Those particles would have simply been pushed from the center. When something in space becomes denser something else becomes less dense.

The electron can be defined as a quantum or even a sub quantum particle. It is the densest and smallest particle in the universe. Matter is defined as groups of electrons configured in signature patterns at the smallest level, vectoring up to atomic space in quantum structures!

These quantum structures contain the frequency signature for matter. Once contemporary science understands how to overcome the relative pressure of these structures and when we are able to expand or re- configure these electron clusters or signature frequencies (frequency transfer), science will have opened the door to quantum frequency transmission. This is the key to “other dimensional science”. Understanding electron space and the electron… is the key to opening these doors.

The words “other dimensional science” are misleading. I prefer to define space in terms of pressure or frequency spectrums and dimensional particles in terms of “particle signature density”. The door to other frequency spectrums does not unlock by” putting particles under extreme pressure in magnetic fields” but by putting pressure into quantum conduits and starting a chain reaction from the inside! The secret is… how do you produce that much relative pressure… relative pressure that is great enough to penetrate a quantum structure and enter E-Space?


About the Author… J.S. Thompson, someone who has bridged the gap between “here on earth” and “out there” or the unknown, if you will… one who has learned and seen many things not known here on earth, that of which I am being led to share this knowledge of truth!


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