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There is a reality that will become known based on discovery in 2012. We will survive and make preparations to employ together a future middle road between the past lower, poverty level enforced by those who have had more and been in the control and power over the parts of our planet that have the most people located in proximity and in need of government cooperation in order to prevent chaos.

Those who we in the past who have been chosen as leaders for the mass populace are now about sustaining their positions. We all know that there are governments in this world which have been in place for longer than we have been alive. This is the way this planet has been set up in what some may regard as the Game of Life.

Those who are above whom we call the Supreme High Council govern those below. We are only a small portion of those governed from above. In the past our ancient ancestors knew the various levels of beings who from the heavens came.

They were given various positions in various cultures and on different continents on this planet. We are now preparing to investigate the other world that is below sea level on this planet. We may be able to find out more about those above from investigating that which may have been left for us to find and understgand in the oceans and seas.

We are also sharing that which we now recognize as that which we call space.

Space will allow us to finally reach out and examine that which in the past our ancient ancestors only dreamed about.

Those who are now involved in space exploration are more than governments and government contractors. We now have various individuals who have their own personal wealth and investment capital to support various ventures in space travel. We are all going to see many people signing up for space travel.

The future of our cities in space is becoming a reality…

We can share our knowledge in the Alien ET UFO Community in order to gravitate toward synergy that will allow those who have the finances to share the future with those who are chosen to enter the future.

The children coming to this planet will now be hardwired to understand computers, neural net astral plane visitation, out of body experiences, and the way to sustain life in the future with our new technological advances.

We will see that the future will be shared with a new breed of alien extraterrestrials who have souls. The children that will come this year are a major part of our future growth on this planet.

We will now have to recognize those who were alive before this year as those who came to prepare the way and tghe future for our humanoid species on earth.

Those of us who shall share the truth and reality about those who exist in the various levels above will now share what we are allowed to share for those who have a need to know and desire to know for their own spiritual growth and maintenance.

In the past, the spirit portion of our souls have desired to grown in places and spaces that right now our own humanoid minds cannot comprehend.

Explaining the part of us that has not yet been understood or explored has to come from a place in space that we are not reaily able to access at just anytime. We in the past have referred to those who coul as psychics, sages, seers, mystics, oracles, prophets, and other strange and paranormal words depending on our knowledge and cutlural wisdom.

We all know we can learn and that we are put here on this planet to explore and discover more than just what is inside of our own minds that we mirror.

We as a young humanoid spiritual sentient intelligent being species have come to a point in time when we can graduate from that of stereotyping ourselves based on race, color, clan, culture, continent, and religion.

We have many who will now be working together to separate those who still exist in hunger. In other words we desire to have our entire species graduate from that level of poverty and hunger is one part of our existence we can all address.

The entire global community will now have the communication in place with our satellites to use them for more than simple war games to destroy historical past and those who do not upgrade to the new way of the future global community.

This sounds harsh and we are all aware of those who believe in certain ways which they learned from borth to mimic or mirror.

Those in the global community who are inleadership positions can and will be taken out of this world if they cannot learn to maintain sustainability for their tectonic economic development.

We are developing ways to assist those chosen for leaderhsip roles who will be able to deal with those in the future who accept that their is a heirarchy in space which is a part of the universal order.

How we will be able to deal with those above will be the same way we have in the past as our civilization has dealt with them in the past. Some will know who can accept their existence and those who cannot will not. This is a part of the eternal progression of our spirits which are here and will travel back to our souls.

There is a very deep subject that if one is interested will be able to explore and that will include dealing with the fact that each of us are individual worlds that are mirroring the entire universe. We are all in training to expand our consciousness.

Those of us who take our life’s path and journey seriously this time in life will be able to see that we are more than the total sum of our parts and all those who exist around us.
There is a very deep philosophical meaning to our existence.

We have some on earth who have actually already travled in space. Some may believe they have due to the levels of the mind inside the brain that can allow us to astral travel. There are more ways than one to explore space.

We are learning about time and the fact that we believe time is the fourth dimension of our three dimensional world is a misnomer. Meaning the sentient humanoid intelligent being species of the planet we call earth and Gaia are all a part of something much greater than we are presently made aware of.

We are not yet aware of the complete designation and destination for our own spiritual selves. We are in the process of learning about ourselves together as one species. How we shall now proceed is in the cyberspace world where all our thoughts, and knowledge can be contained, retained, and restored to a place for those above who can examine our progress as one entire humanoid species. We aer who are here do not have to look for that which we need for the basics for survival however, it is best to explore how to survive while we await for those above to make themselves known.

The new future of humankind as a species on earth will now become a sustainable awakened awareness in 2012. We all need the basics in order to survive. How we all decide to survive is now at a level of creation we call the global community.

The part that I personally desire to inform those who truly have a spiritual desire to know about that we call alien extraterrestrials is that they are defined in various levels of existence in various places above our own planet in this universe, in other universes, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, alphaverse, and omegaverse.

For now, those in theoretical physics are learning to take what we share here in the Alien ET UFO Community and compare words that will explain the various levels planes and dimensions. For now, it appears based on what I can gather from the overall astral plane of this planet is that we are now sharing in cyberspace that we not only have the first three levels as described in levels of the multiverse but we are now able to grasp the fourth level in the xenoverse of the unknow. Xeno is a word on planet earth for that not yet known or discovered in the astral plane or world where we designate energy into thoughts as creations to form among us that will come to many.

We all are able to pick up on the ebb and flow of energy. When we as an entire species work together in the critical mass mind in cyberspace that we are creating as the WEB in space above gthis planet, we are mimicking what in the past our ancient ancestors explored as the higher dimensions whether dealing in astral projection or being assisted with natural herbs which the shaman and witch doctors used in the primitive tribes we now explore.

We now have the ability to explore other worlds while we sleep. We can also share our thoughts after we learn to gravitate our spirits in group shares in astral travel. This is an important part of our spiritual knowing. We learn that we are not only inside our physical minds and bodies but that we can learn to explore that which some in the past learning about our psychic abilities and remote viewing learned to share with others.

This is a time of discovery of how our minds can maintain our memories and how we shall know ourselves as separate based on our created memories. It is our memories that make us who we are while we share humanoid DNA.

We as alien extraterrestrials in various forms of creativity are expressing our individuality while we are here on this planet.

Some of us are older spirits simply meaning we were formed or created as souls somewhere else before others who have come to this level and plane of existence.

We know that we come here and must obtain a physical vessel or vehicle in order to deploy our future. We figure out that our physical reality is as real and colorful as we desire them to be.

Some of us do not understand the logic behind the living.

This mystery of life and why we are here is one of the many reasons we are here at all. We are about the exploration of our souls.

We are about the discovery of our own creativity. We are about learning to make materialization appear while in physical form.

We are about learning the higher levels of our existence while understanding that we cannot control that which is only allowed to be controled by those who are much older and experienced at creation than we are.

In other worlds that truly exist in other universes there are other parts of us that mirror a part of our soul the same as we on earth. This is a profound awakened awareness that we all as indivuals will be able to acknowledge sometime in our future.

For some it is sooner rather than later. This is why there is a learning curve among us all where some learn about the existence of those above we call alien driven UFOS while some are justg learning their ABC’s.

We are given clues during our lifetimes. We all experience the birth-life-death sequence of events and we decided what rights of passages we should enjoy alone or together in families. We decided which tribes we would belong sometime in agreement with our creators who knew us long before we were placed in the womb of our earth mother.

There are many alien extgraterrestrial stories that will be a part of our future to come. So stick around, life for all those would be Star Trekkers and Star Warriors us going to get interesting.

Those who have not been tuned into this level of life, and thinking may want to wake up and become aware of our level of existence which we share with those who want to become our friend.

We share art, culture, education, science, technology, folklife, mysteries, legendary myths and truths, and now we can share communication of all of the above in cyberspace which we can reach with our internet connections online.

We are just about to enter time that has no meaning and purpose yet! Love and Light ~ the everlasting TJ

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