ALIEN ET UFO COMMUNITY Awakening and Awareness of Brain Illusions

Now we can move into the next phase of our life experiences, with honor of expectation understanding illusions and why some humanoids do not see the UNEXPECTED! There is a new television show created to assist in teaching those who are ready about the neural net and how the brain does not always see what is real.

This show I believe is called BRAIN GAMES. I caught it on my birthday on Dec. 26, 2012 and what an eon gift to assist those who are not up on how the brain and mind works. We have now a way to explain to those who do not see what is out there. This comes at time in history when it is time to awaken that which in the past may have been unexplained or unexplored.

This is a time on earth when we can share that which we shall create as our own knowledge. We can learn from reading but the awakened awareness comes from the experience of knowing.

I have recently been taken out of the cyberspace realm with my computer on many levels by those one might call hackers. This is one form of keeping the knowledge from being shared. This is due to those who would have fun at the expense of others who actually tune into the cyberspace reality to explore and research. I am one who researches and enjoys using all the cyberspace tools available to us including Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google+, Bing, Yahoo, websites, directories, and peer review journals. I enjoy history and biographies.

The fact that I have been one with the interest in the Vedanta as etymology, psychology, theology, cosmology, eschatolgoy, ethics, and psychology are all a part of the metaphysical life with the enjoyment of wisdom.

We are now going to find ways to retrieve old and new information for us all in the Alien ET UFO Community. Reason being, those who tune into that which seems unbelievable to many will now be made aware due to those who are desiring to make known that which in the past was veiled or unseen.

We will appreciate those who are in the fields of art, culture, education, science, technology, and folk life more than ever before.

We shall appreciate more of those who in the past were not recognized in the main stage of performers such as scientists, engineers, and those who are now studying that which lies below the surface of our planet.

We are now entering a time when space and the sub-surface world will be attainable.

There are those who write me and say they have never heard some of the things I write about. This is a good thing. There will be more writers coming out who in the past wanted to write but did not know how to approach the paranormal subjects.

There are many subjects, topics, categories and the need for more providers of content. The future will only grow for people like me that began writing in the Alien ET UFO Community,

There are more and more joining me in sharing their own perceptions of their world. Many will begin sharing their education and their inner knowing. We can combine our thoughts since we are all connected as one.

This is a part of the new beginning we call the Ascension Age. The future is about more than science and religion. The future is about more than the world facts and world fiction.

Sharing the basics of how we get started in the new year of 2012 is about laying the basic format and basic plan for our future beginnings. I may sound like I speak metaphorically and I apologize if my own personal interests in the soul and spirit gets in the way of my writing about the paranormal. We all share a common bond and traits in our DNA. One of my reasons for existence is to assist others in finding out there reason for being. This is also a job for others who are sages, seers, shaman, spirit guides, psychic mediums, life coaches, oracles, and even modern day prophets. We must now also become aware of those who are alien ET UFO Community Contactees.

There are some who were in the past sharing their own experiences from a place of fear and not understanding the parts of their brains that can allow for the creation of other dimensions in space-time.

We will now learn more about space and time and accept more about physics and that which we call Quantum Physics. We have some who are working on the future of exploration in the brains of the mulitiverse and this will elude to the fact that there are more areas of the past 22-26 thousand years that have not been known.

We have a 26,500 year period in time that will soon come into existence as reality. That which we learn about from experience will come into play with that which we already knew but had forgotten.

This is a time on earth when the world will not seem as it once was in our own minds. Preparing for this time has been a long time in coming. We who are those who travel in space into the other dimensions of our reality inside our own minds have lived in other worlds at the same time as we have lived in this one. We simply chose not to divulge that awakened awareness until now.

It is time to exhibit the words that will explain more about our neural nets and how the neurons inside our minds can bunch up together to team inside our own minds to share more of what is already known.

We will also display and share the knowledge that can be shared by those in the neural brain sciences.

This is a time we shall begin exposing that which is considered science fiction to most but shall soon become reality. We are speeding up the process of information though out the world.

This is the portion of the cyberspace reality in a three dimensional world that will lead others to search out the fourth and fifth dimensions. Each person will be responsible for their own free will and free thoughts that may run rampant throughout this universe. We will now learn how some latch onto the knowledge that is in everything and is everywhere.

We will now offer the knowledge of the ebb and flow of space that fluctuates in what we now call time. Rhythm of that which is displayed in space and among all creatures on earth.

Information is coming to me more frequently and I am anticipating assisting others to define that which is inside the matrix. This included allowing for future understanding of the metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, alphaverse, and omegaverse.

The words which I shall share I hope will convey the messages of not just love and hope for the future but knowledge and awareness that there is more yet to be discovered that we as a critical mass mind never thought possible.

The faith in that which is spiritual in nature abounds. Those who shall join in sharing my stories in the future are welcome. I am only one mind but we all know one mind can change the future of humankind. Love and Light. TJ

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