Alien ET UFO Community Transparency 2012 & Human Rights in Global Community

Sharing the Alien ET UFO Community transparency clause is based on the open source of information. We who have seen the V type of UFOS know they exist. We also know about the V flight formation.

Those who want to know how we can share and even become aware of what has been kept secret in the past are now discussing transparency.

Those who know others who support our community that have retired from military or government service in the past are well aware of our past written documents as confidentiality agreements and loyalty as patriots to our countries national security.

We however who have left our military prior service and have come to be general population as civilians now are allowed to have internet connections and social networks. We are even allowed to have hobbies according to Uncle Sam in the United States. Some of us believe in all that we protect as far as our working information with all countries of the planet that we presently share. This may soon change in the near future.

In the meantime, those who are willing to serve in the public service positions are among those who may hold titles in the American Culture International Relations Internet Field.

We who are writers, journalists, and reporters may also be considered public servants even though we mainly and chiefly write on the Internet and are considered now a part of the world wide web. We can either hold a title as an exemplry employee that does not surf the internet online at work or we can be paid to surf and research the internet at work.

Some who are considered military service have access to the internet online as well as the military access online. There has been some interest in the military and how they allowed for certain documents to be accessed by a young impressionable troop in the service of our country in the United States of America. A certain person who was involved in a position of trust was able to access certain state department documents online and this lead to a leak to an organization which shared this information or some news of it. This was due to an impressionable young man who should have not been trusted with this type of access until he had been properly seasoned in the positions of military control of sensitive information. Apparently this person decided that the entire world had a need to know. I can see his side of the situation having once been employed in a similar position myself.

However, I am glad that I was trained and learned that there are many reasons that our superiors decide whether we have a need to know. This person in my estimation was simply making a conscious call and felt that our global community had a need to know. There are ways in which our governments communicate that may not make a lot of sense to those who are outside the loop of need to know.

This has concerned others enough to write to me and want somefeed back and opinion on this being that so many of us in the Alien ET UFO Community are about transparency and open government now that we are to defend our world from Near Earth Objects as NEOs and this includes those who would be possibly our enemies in space in what we call UFOS. The fact that this has happened is unfortunate to those who are in charge of our overall security.

This responsibility will fall on our National Securityh Council and all those who are a part of our intelligence community. That is for those who are like me that live in the United States of America. We will have many who will make assumptions based on only a part of the truth as all the facts have not yet been detailed or given to the critics and journalists in the news to make proper decisions.

One of the comments I heard on the documentary channel on television by the copyhright holders by an Australian Corporation is that this incident includes more than three people. There is also a civilian that has assisted in sharing the way to use the computer for sharing documentation other than in a chat room on the internet.

This information which has now been called the WIKILEAKS papers similar to those of the PENTAGON papers has been something that has cost this man his freedom for the time being without a decision from our military to allow him to be heard. This person who I shall not mention by name has a farily large support among those beings who desire more transparency among our governments.

The man who is said to have leaked the information as owner of WIKILEAKS Org. also shares his concerns for the future and transparency. From what I understand on the street level or in the trenches is that there will be some reprimanding handed down if the owner of wikileaks does not cease and desist his sharing of information he obtained from this person who conveyed the documentation that was shared from the U.S. State Department. There has been a lot of people involved in the outcome and are concerned as to what shall happen in the future. We have been asked to not give too much attention to this incident on the Internet.

Being that this deals with countries concerned as the U.S. and U.K. and how the future will react to the information about the third world countries and how they are talked about in the written transmissions in the past will definitely change. They now have too!

We all know that in the past prior to 2012 that we have been about wars and all the world making money off of the war machine efforts since the World War I and II. We learned to make the world go round based on all those who made a living from this “WAR MACHINE”. We then added in the need for “OIL” and “GAS” to make the world transportation business among corporations succeed.

We mainly run this world on governments and corporations. This is now being considered something we all desire to change due to the way we see the future. We now want to know that all these governments and corporations will be working together to protect the health and prosperity for all humankind.

If this is not being done with the good of the many far outweighing the needs of the one then we shall not be accomplishing what is the desire of our Supreme High Council above.

However, the one is as important as the all and in most all cases we in the governments and corporations will do what we can to protect the innocent civilians and especially one of our own. We do respect the life of all individuals.

Therefore what the future will have to include is the new rules for the entire engagement of the total global community and what we expect as internation relations. Those of us who have come to understant American Culture International Relations as ACIR also know that we have been working for a very long time at least back to the time we were sharing the Aopollo Missions into space.

Since that time, we have learned to share our intelliegence in a way to want to become more open and transparent for the good of all. Communication of our technology in the past was not done in a big way to protect national security and the patent rights of our inventors. Many of our intelligent scientists and engineers signed over their creativity and innovatgive rights to work for the government and corporations. This also holds true to those who take an oath to protect our country and against our enemies of both foreign and domestic. Now we mean those who would want to harm us as individuals, as governments, as corporations, and individuals as citizens.

We now will have to broaden our world to have a society that is open to becoming a global community that can share transparency with regards to those we trust up to including 283 countries, territories, and counting. We now have 7 billion people and counting and this is a lot for this world to welcome into one global community but it has to be done!

The timing was right for our cyberspace information channels to become known and we have many who can hack their way into the best firewalls and there will be more coming to this planet.

We must now prepare a better way to share that which we call a global community.

It is now time for all of us on earth to realize that there is much in this world that we have outgrown including the way we protect our intelligence community.

There are too many individuals hiding behind secrecy and national security issues including those who have not been found out in the intelligence community. We who in the past learned that some orders were said to be signed by the President and were not but were taken to be signed were done by people in high positions of the intelligence community. These are now stories but those who knew of certain insider whistle blowerss have been quashed.

There are stories that will come out about the past ways that certain people in powerful positions have misuesed their positions of power. There are many who are guilty of this!

They will soon pass away from ways that we call death. This is the outcome of what happens to those who forget how powerful the spirit of the soul can be.

We have those above who shall share certain outcomes that we decided we could make happen in the future. We shall at the time of our passing review our lives on earth just like watching a movie. We will have to answer to those above and each person will answer for their decisions made at each time of our lives that we dealt with making a decision. I am making one now to discuss the future and our global community transparency and how we of the Alien ET UFO Community shall proceed. We should now have open discussions and debates of significance about the future and how our govenments allow for those who are in the arms race to deal out the weapons not just of mass destruction but in each area of the world we now call global tectonic economics in the world wide trade and commerce.

We who are involved in life as the watchers of those above and serve to communicate and share the Alien ET UFO Community should be well aware we are making decisions that will effect the whole and the world will someday feel our energy and decisions made in the present. We are living in the now and not in the past.

We care about the future and we learn from the past!

We should all realize that all that has happened in the past has gone and we should move on into the future with our plans to make better this world with those above. As above so below is what those above expect from us and we lead with our spirit and then our minds and bodies.

We will in the future be able to know what we should do and for those who want to know how the future plays out within twenty years, we shall all have access to computers that can assist us in asking our brains that which is the right decision for us all.

We are moving into a world that does work and the decisions some of us made at a certain time was for a reason. We need to realize that all of us are one and we know that one person can change the future for us all.

We need to know that the world will need to control the nuclear power and the biological warfare that has been used in the past and the secrets were kept from us just how bad the world can be destroyed when information is placed in the wrong hands or among people who are not understanding how the entire world works together.

As far as this writer is concerned, I use to write about many subjects and due to the way of those who want to pigeon hole and stereo type us , I am considered one among the paranormal writers.

However, I am also one who has shared the UFO citings in my life.

I also now share that alien civilizations exist and the knowledge is shared with those who can be trusted not to abuse the knowledge but to share it with those who truly want to know the truth and deserve to know the truth and will not mishandle it.

We are allowed to share what we know and we can share our talents in communication, we also are told that we can only share what we are allowed to share. Those who are aware of our inexperience to handle the truth are considered in some arenas in space our superiors.

We will have to understand that this planet has an upper echelon and our leaders of this planet will answer to them even if it is later rather than sooner. Those in charge of this planet need to know that they will be held accountable for all their actions while here on this planet the same as all other humankind.

This is the message about truth and transparency so everyone share that the cyberspace is now monitored by those above and not just by our global security and intelligence communities.

Some of us are chosen to share that which is in the akashic field for a reason and we down through the ages were called oracles, sages, seers, shaman, psychics, and prophets. We receive information as messages to pass on to those who have a need to know in governments and those in leadership positions will do well to read our articles.

There has always been people like us throughout time and we still keep an oral tradition with those above. Become attentive and pay attention!

Love and Light

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