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Sharing Our Stories on Blogs and Websites today! We appreciate UFO by Dirk Vander Ploeg for keeping those who are writers involved in the ACE “Alien Civilizations Exist!” Movement Connected. TJ – I myself have,,, and – I am beginning to list more of the websites that connect our Alien ET UFO Community as Links. I as TJ write a weekly article for UFO Digest. I am sharing a new “TAKEN UP” Series for 2012 readers who are interested in how we shall accept our future knowing that Alien Civilizations Exist. We are approaching the Ascension Age as the Golden Age of Cosmology.

We all will be sharing more reports on aliens, ET, and UFOs in the future. We should all begin to record our own journals as of 11-11-11.

We shall all learn how to register a report with those we share historical reports with. Some are historical societies, some are paranormal tourism sites, and other are reporting organizations and associations who like to keep up with the research and statistics.

In the past we relied heavily on our own governments but this is no longer required. We can share on the Internet Online our own reports which have been occurring since official emails with photos could be sent online on the Internet. We now use Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, My Space, Linked In, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other ways to conduct our own research for content direct online.

People want to know more about aliens, ETs, UFOs and those who are having experiences. I am sharing the various levels that I am familiar with first hand. There are various types of interactions and some have classified the various types. We need ethical protocol in our investigations.

The treatment of each sentient intelligent being of our species is important. Ethical research promotes education in our Alien ET UFO Community. Some people choose to share in the partnership of their own investigation of what they have experienced with a therapist, investigator, spiritual guide, and sometimes a hypnotist.

There are also various types, categories, and descriptions:

1. General Field Sighting Overhead

2. Electrical and/or Magnetic

3. Landing Traces/Crop Circles

4. Animal Affected

5. Psychosocial-Psychological

6. Photographic/Video

7.Entity Sightings/Interaction


9.Animal Surgical Death

10. Entity Sighting/Abduction

11. ET Contact

12. Paranormal Experiences

13. Organic – Psychiatric/Disassociation-Dissociate

Disassociation is a lack of integration of our experiences, thoughts, feelings as our normal stream of consciousness we call memories. Some people are automatically thrown into this classification whether warranted or not especially in the last century.

This is due to amnesia, depersonalization, derealization, identify confusion, identity alteration, fugues, as disassociate pathology.

With the general populace the most general knowledge comes from overhead sightings in the sky. Most people who share this experience may take photos and videos to support their experiences. These are what we are most accustomed to in this day and age of the twenty-first century which are now posted on the Internet online.

Although polygraphs are not submissible in a court of law, the term is used in many instances to see if a person feels comfortable subjecting their body-mind-spirit to a test.

Hypnosis is used for many who desire to undergo the memory retrieval however forensic hypnosis sometimes has legal implications that are not conducive due to possible tampering with evidence procedures which are sometimes noted in court cases.

Cognitive interviews and hypnosis studies are used to day among many of the field investigators research reports and of UFOlogists conducting field investigations. All questions are a yes or no and those that cannot be accurately determined as a yes or no by the polygraph tester as the reader may show inconclusive one way or the other as to whether an answer is truthful or deceptive. One can simply take a person as being a believer in what one is sharing or is being deceptive as a right or wrong evaluation when all is said and done. There are many who are pro and con of using a polygraph and this opens up all those experiencers to a healthy debate as to whether this is truly objective.

What we can all relate too as an actual account and writing a report would be the basics we all learn in school as the who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how, and how much. These are the words we memorize in our everyday talks about writing up reports and also as writers of articles. This is instilled in us all from an early age to learn how we can adjust to our own deductive reasoning as our own conscious minds adapt to our known world inside and outside of us all.

We can usually by way of deductive reasoning deduce the natural phenomena happening in the area of that which we geographically live or at logistically.

We then if are investigating for ourselves will use a simply chronological order by date, time, place, basics, as who, what, when, where, why, and our own opinion as to how and how many or how much. If one is conducting an investigation and taking down the first report then one will also state their own impression of the same details about the witnesses. We had our own personal opinions and impressions of those who are care to share their own personal experiences.

We may afterwards look for further details in our investigations to include backup such as news, news clips, other photographs, recordings, by other witnesses or reporters doing a similar investigation or investigative report. A report is similar but not the same as a full scale investigation by a professional. Many investigative journalists make reports based on other witnesses as reported to a possible news media or media online press agency.

We also rule out those we can decide to rule out as other possibilities for reports such as hoaxes, pranks, or mock up videos as doctored or enhanced. We will usually add this as the last resort to prove as fact or fiction based.

The basics are noted with our own perceptions using our own sight, sound, smell and even sometimes a taste in the air. Other natural basic senses, and we include emotions noted at the time such as fear, anxiety, excitement, happiness, etc.. Sometimes our fight or flight urgency will take over. We will not only take photos, videos, soil samples, but any and all other possible physical proof that may contribute to the investigation to be conducted of a report taken of a possible sighting or encounter in any of the above listed types of classifications. We even take note of the type of equipment used down to the serial numbers for future reference in historical documentation.

There are various reporting agencies and the most well known are CUFOS, MUFON, CSETI, SETI, NUFORC.ORG and many others. Some may or may not agree with making one list so I strongly advise all that are in to the alien ET UFO Communtiy Researchers as the ACE FOLKLIFE to use the web research and the internet online and conduct your own research and investigations of which you are most interested. Each website and blog that is popping up these days has their own interest based on the creator. We welcome all and accept them into our ETSpirit.Org, and what we call the Alien ET UFO social Paranormal Community. The basic words we have found that people relate to on the internet as keywords are 1. Alien, 2. Et, and 3. UFO, 4. Social, 5. Paranormal, 6. Ascension Age, 7. New Age. Those who desire to practice with us sharing their stories as authors, investigators, reporters, writers, photographers, and videographers are welcome to submit their own links of blogs, and websites to us all in the Alien, ET, UFO Paranormal = Social Paranormal Community.

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List of UFO Organizations


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Databases of UFO sighting reports:


UFOCAT by CUFOS, managed by Donald Johnson since about 1990, previously by David Saunders and Fred Merritt (1976-1990)

*U* by Larry Hatch, the second largest UFO database after UFOCAT, aimed to provide a filtered catalogue of UFO sightings, contains very brief descriptions with mapping info, most sourced from UFO literature (books and journals)

UNICAT by Willy Smith

NUFORC by Bob Gribble (1974-1994) and Peter Davenport (1994-2011+)


BlueBook Special Report 14, data collected by USAF’s Project Bluebook between 1947-1952

Basically about a thousand (1000) UFO organizations have been created all over the globe since the 1950s, but only a handful of them became large (NICAP’s membership peaked at about 15,000 during the early and mid 1960s; APRO’s membership peaked in 1967 with 1500 members).

Defunct due to financial resources and investigative organizations have closed down over the years (e.g. NICAP, APRO, UFORIC).

Surviving ones down-sized considerably since the mid-1990s, perhaps tied to the Internet era (e.g. CUFOS in USA, MUFON-CES in Germany, SOBEPS->COBEPS in Belgium).

It was noted by UFO historian, J. Clark remarked that there has been a breakdown of morale in the field of UFO research, as the substantial efforts in UFO case investigations of the 1960s and 1970s failed to attract mainstream attention.

In the 1980s the focus of UFO organizations was aimed towards the Roswell NM 1947 incident (alleged UFO crash), the MJ12 papers controversy (ostensibly “leaked” Top Secret documents revealing a covert involvement of US military and government with UFOs), government cover-ups and the so-called “alien abduction” phenomenon.

In the 1990s and 2000s several advocacy and “disclosure” groups were formed, to petition for renewed government-sponsored UFO studies and transparency.

Some of the “Old-Timers we call the “Old-Guys” who are retired from investigative services are “deeply pessimistic” about Ufology, concluding that the UFO field is all but paralyzed by infighting, a lack of funding, cooperation and standardization, and dubious claims. For an extensive list of UFO groups, visit UFO Organizations @ or take a look at the small sample below:

UFO reporting, documentation and study

North America

Mutual UFO Network MUFON)? – Established in 1969, MUFON is the largest surviving civilian UFO organization with about 2800 members (its peak membership was 6000). MUFON is a US-organization (it has a small international footprint) with chapters? in every US state, which describes its mission as “the systematic collection and analysis of UFO data, with the ultimate goal of learning the origin and nature of the UFO phenomenon, for the benefit of mankind.” MUFON is an investigative organization, it accepts reports of UFO sightings submitted by the public via its website and it dispatches them to its investigators. MUFON’s main website offers an interface to the MUFON Case Management System (MUFON-CMS) that stores UFO sighting reports, links to regional MUFON chapters, a UFO Investigator’s Manual, and also hosts the Bob Pratt archives?. MUFON is decentralised, it is not a monolithic organization, but rather a loose confederation of state organizations (“chapters”) with widely varying standards. Regional MUFON Websites often have a wealth of info and publish local UFO case files [e.g. CT,GA,OR] In early 2008, MUFON in partnership with TBV scanned and published online the MUFON journals 1967-2000 in .PDF format? (earlier editions are scanned and harder to read).

MUFON 501(c)(3) Form 990 EIN: 37-0990161 (Note: For a period of 10-months until Jan-2010, MUFON got a ~$330K funding for the S.I.P. (STAR Impact Program) which allowed MUFON’s “S.T.A.R.” team to travel around the US and do field investigation of the most promising UFO reports, sponsored by Robert T. Bigelow, a hotel and aerospace entrepreneur from Las Vegas NV.)

National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC)? is basically one man, Peter Davenport. NUFORC was founded in 1974 by Bob Gribble to accept UFO-sighting reports from the public via its phone hot-line, since no “official” US government agency accepted UFO reports after USAF’s Blue Book closed down in Jan-1970. Bob Gribble ran NUFORC for 20 years, until he passed the torch to Peter Davenport in 1994. Peter brought NUFORC to the Internet era, offering a Web-form in addition to the 24/7 phone hotline for “current” reports. NUFORC’s Web site offers on-line over 50,000 (generally un-investigated) UFO reports. NUFORC’s case briefs?.

J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)?: Dr J. Allen Hynek, past Chairman of the Astronomy department at Northwestern University and scientific consultant of USAF Project Blue Book for 20 years, thought “the UFO phenomenon had been the subject of misconceptions, misinformation, and an unscientific approach”. To help rectify the situation, in late 1973 Hynek and a group of selected scientists established the Center for UFO Studies “for those who wish to see positive scientific action taken to end a quarter of a century of misrepresentation and buffoonery”. CUFOS quickly became a significant force in UFO research, drawing upon the capabilities of the other UFO organizations to do field-investigations. CUFOS produced 2 periodical publications: International UFO Reporter (IUR) CUFOS’ magazine published articles and commentary and Journal of UFO Studies (JUFOS) the only peer-reviewed journal dealing exclusively with the UFO phenomenon.

In mid-1970s CUFOS received funds allowing it a full time employee, and Allan Hendry, with a B.A. in astronomy and a friend of Dr Hynek, got the job. His main task was editing the CUFOS newsletter and answering the ‘UFO Hot Line’, a service operated via local police departments. Hendry personally investigated over 1300 UFO reports and wrote “The UFO Handbook: A Guide to Investigating, Evaluating and Reporting UFO Sightings” Doubleday (1979). His wife Elaine Hendry is a physicist and UFO researcher; she was the editor-in-chief of the Journal of UFO Studies (JUFOS). The organization is currently headed by Scientific Director Mark Rodeghier who took over from Hynek in 1986. The recent economic downturn forced CUFOS to close its office and move operations to the basement of Rodeghier’s home in Chicago.

[Note: UFO historian Jerome Clark calls Allan Hendry “one of the most skilled investigators in the history of UFO research.” However, I have my doubts. Anyone who has done UFO case investigations will tell you that finding the real explanation is often a massive effort, involving as much luck as sweat, as shown in cases where plausible prosaic explanations (as opposed to the “Prozac explanations” offered by “pelicanists” as they seem to be Prozac-induced) have been developed. Hendry categorized 88.5% of the cases as identified (IFOs). A breakdown of the sources of IFOs shows that over 92% are generated by just seven categories of events: Stars and Planets (32.8%); advertising planes (21.8%); aircraft (19.3%), meteors and satellite re-entries (10.5%); balloons (4%); satellites (2.1%); and the Moon (2.1%). I have noticed a similar approach in several European UFO groups, e.g. GEP (Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des UFO-Phänomen e.V.) in Germany, which proudly claims to have resolved 96.7% of cases submitted to it. The CUFOS/Hendry and GEP resolution figures deviate quite strongly from other studies of UFO reports, such as USAF BlueBook Special Report Nr.14 by Battelle Memorial Institute in 1954, which listed 21.5% of the 3201 cases as unexplained, or the 1979 French GEPAN (CNES France/C.Poher) report, which stated that about a quarter of over 1,600 closely studied UFO cases defied explanation]

[off-line since Mar-2011] Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR)? is a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization, which aims to fund UFO research.

Canada: UFO*BC, Alberta UFO Study group (AUFOSG)?, OVNI Alerte (Quebec)?, Association Québécoise d’Ufologie (

Europe: “Umbrella-organizations” aimed to connect UFO researchers around Europe, include EUFORO and (EuroUFO)? with ~100 European UFO researchers from 18 countries. Country-specific UFO organizations:

Belgium: COBEPS? (formerly SOBEPS), Belgium UFO network?

Britain (UK): BUFORA?, – Northern UFO News?,

Denmark: Skandinavisk UFO Information (SUFOI)?

Finland:, FUFORA?

France: List of French UFO groups and investigators?, Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES)

Germany: MUFON-CES?,, GEP?, A consolidated database of Germany’s UFO reports is available on-line at and several UFO-related sites are hosted under

Holland (Netherlands):

Italy: CUN?,,, CISU?

Norway: UFO-Norge?

Poland: Nautilus Foundation?

Romania: ASFAN (Asociatia pentru Studiul Fenomenelor Aerospatiale Neidentificate)?, RUFOn, RUFOR

Russia: RUFORS?

Spain: Fundacion Anomalia?

Sweden: UFO-Sweden? (UFO-Sverige in Swedish)


Ukraine: RIAP

South America: AFAIK five South American countries have official UFO projects: Argentina (CIFA), Brazil, Chile (CEFAA), Peru (OIFAA), Uruguay (CRIDOVNI). A point worth noting is the lack of adversarial relationship between the official South American UFO projects and civilian ufologists, unlike the situation in U.S. and Europe.

Argentina: CIFA

Brazil: Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU), Brazilian UFO Magazine?, CUB?,

Chile: CEFAA? (Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos) official body in Chile for UFO Investigation

Uruguay: C.R.I.D.O.V.N.I. (which operates within the Uruguayan Air Force), CIOVI Uruguay (1958-2008)?

Peru (OIFAA) official UFO project

U.A.P.S.G. (Unusual Aerial Phenomena Study Group)

Asia & Oceania:

Australia: List of Australian UFO groups and investigators @, Australian UFO Research Network (AUFORN)?


Hong Kong



New Zealand

Public UFO Archives, initiatives to preserve UFO history

Archives for UFO Research (AFU)? was founded in Sweden in 1973. Today the AFU holds one of the biggest repositories of UFO data and UFO-related folklore in the world.

Sign Historical Group (SHG)? @ Project 1947. Quoting from SHG’s statement of purpose “SHG is an association of scholars and researchers who have come together to facilitate and promote the discovery and preservation of materials, and the production and dissemination of publications, about the history of the UFO phenomenon and the institutions and persons who investigated it.”

Sign Oral History Project (SOHP)? archiving of spoken memories and personal commentaries of historical significance through recorded interviews of individuals who have personal knowledge of some aspect of UFO history, whether witnesses, government officials and personnel, scientists and investigators etc, (alt: – Archive of USAF Project Blue Book, provides free online access to over 50,000 official US Government documents relating to the UFO phenomenon.

MagoniaX – Magonia Exchange is an international group of researchers compiling pre-1947 historical accounts of anomalous aerial phenomena. Presently contains over 3000 accounts of such accounts (found in old newspapers from many different nations and years, in old journals, scientific publications, books and so on). Note: Website down, try magonia_exchange @ yahoogroups? instead

Sauvegarde, Conservation des Etudes et Archives Ufologiques (S. C. E. A. U.) – France

The Black Vault? by John Greenwald Jr

The Anomaly Archives? in Austin Texas USA, is the lending library (over 2200 titles) of the Scientific Anomalies Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded by Stephen Miles Lewis.

APRO Archives and Files (“lost UFO files”): [defunct] Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) was a UFO research group started in 1952 by the husband and wife team of Jim and Coral Lorenzen. It was based in Tucson, Arizona but had many state branches. APRO remained active until 1988, although in 1969 many members moved to MUFON. APRO stressed scientific field investigations, and had a large staff of consulting Ph.D. scientists. Mentioning APRO in UFO research circles in recent decades is bound to bring up the sad story of “lost APRO files” i.e. the eleven or so file cabinets full of UFO case investigation files (est. 15,000 cases) that were taken by Brian Myers and Tina Choate and shipped to a warehouse in Scottsdale. In March 2011, announced it posted their extensive collection of The APRO Bulletin (1955-1970) on-line at (PDF)

Notable personal archives: Barry Greenwood (FOIA declassified documents on secret US government interest in UFOs), Loren Gross (“UFOs: A history” – 112 volumes representing about 9600 pages of reproduced texts and illustrations, donated to AFU), Wendy Connors “Faded Discs” Audio Archive of UFO History (incl Bob Gribble’s NUFORC audio recordings), Ted Bloecher CSI-NY (donated many of his files to CUFOS). (not UFO-specific) provides electronic copies of hundreds of interesting Federal Government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Political activism, disclosure, “exopolitics” etc

Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFI)? is an organization founded in 2002, based in Washington DC and headed by journalist Leslie Kean. CFI’s stated mission is “advocating for greater government openness on information about UFOs, and for responsible coverage by the media based on a rational and credible approach”. In co-operation with James Fox (producer of UFO documentaries “Out of the blue” 2002 and “I know what I saw” 2009), CFI organized the highly acclaimed press conference on 12-Nov-2007 at the National Press Club? in Washington, DC. In that event, 14 witnesses from 7 countries discussed their personal encounters with UFOs and official investigations. In Nov-2009, Leslie Kean released her final report on the conclusion of the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against NASA, concerning the Kecksburg UFO case of 1965.

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) [basically defunct] – an activist organization founded in 1977 to make public government data on UFOs. The organization was originally established by W. Todd Zechel, Brad Sparks, and lawyer Peter Gersten. Between 1977 and 1984 it made numerous Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests, filed lawsuits against agencies of US, investigated UFO reports and published its findings and a newsletter. In 1984, after CAUS was essentially a defunct organization, researchers Larry Fawcett and Barry Greenwood used CAUS as a vehicle to publish a newsletter, following the publication of their 1984 book “Clear Intent”? re-published as “The UFO Cover Up” in 1993. A conflict arose in 1998, when Gersten re-asserted control of CAUS to turn it to “activist organization dedicated to ending all secrecy about extraterrestrial contact…” in alliance with Dr Greer (CSETI, Disclosure Project) and S. Bassett (PRG, X-PPAC).

Paradigm Research Group (PRG)? is the political activism organization of Stephen Bassett, describing its mission as “dedicated to ending the government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.” By 2010, PRG/X-PPAC had held six annual “X-conferences” and in 2009 petitioned President Obama via its “Million Fax on Washington” initiative.

The Disclosure Project? founded in 1993 by Dr Steven Greer is pushing for “full disclosure and open Congressional hearings on the UFO/ET presence, including testimony of military/government persons, witnesses to UFO events and projects, with release from security oaths”. It organized a widely publicized press conference at National Press Club in Washington DC in May-2001.

Dr Greer has been ostracized by the UFO research community for dubious claims and questionable offers e.g. offering an “Ambassador to the Universe” training expeditions through his CSETI organization, which includes “…learning advanced techniques in Remote Viewing and higher states of consciousness” and doing “primary and secondary vectoring of UFOs” (translation: waving and blinking flashlights) at a cost of $3680/person, championing disclosure but ironically requiring attendees to his workshops to sign strict non-disclosure agreements, mixing UFOs with “New Age” and a political agenda (e.g. calling for a legislative ban of space-based weapons) and claiming that free energy technology is being suppressed. However most critics admit that several (but not all) of the witness testimonies collected by the Disclosure Project in its early years (before credibility issues arose and drove others away) were quite compelling.

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