Alien Starships Inbound: Destination Earth

We have visitors to our neighbourhood. They arrived unannounced and discreetly took up residence in the vicinity of Mercury: a planet aptly named after the Roman Messenger of the Gods. For this is – indeed – big news; not least because the vehicle that they arrived in is of truly gargantuan dimensions. This is a starship so vast, it could quite easily accommodate many millions of individual entities and the support systems necessary to sustain them on their long voyages across the Universe.

Now we do not know exactly who it was: among the scientific community that monitors these cosmic events, who first noticed the presence of this alien, pseudo planetoid. And the chances are we never will, because it was never the intention: of that community, to tell us about the arrival of this colossal, interstellar wayfarer in our Solar System. In fact, it is patently obvious now, that they were going to do their damnedest to hide this spectacular event from us.

So let us all thank the guy: known only by his YouTube persona – siniXter, for drawing our attention to a phenomenon that could have such a massive impact on all our lives. For it was his sensational upload to YouTube: of footage he found on the SECCHI website, that has made us all aware of what is going down – right now – in our corner of the Cosmos. Our sincerest thanks: siniXter, for the heads up.  

(NB. I have provided a link: along with a few others, to siniXter‘s YouTube Channel at the end of this article. Also, if there any readers who have not yet seen this remarkable upload – I would advise that they watch it now; before reading the rest of this article.)

To resume.

I am not going to go into the pros and cons, here, of why our governments: and the scientific communities supported by our tax money, should wish us to remain in ignorance of the momentous developments currently unfolding in our planetary backyard. Indeed, the issues of disclosure and governmental disinformation might soon be overtaken by circumstances that render such matters immaterial. We are – it would appear – approaching the dawn of a new age and all previous presumptions are about to be swept aside.

The fact remains, however, that we have been lied to and this we cannot ignore. For upon examination of the ‘official explanation’ – for the appearance of the ‘object’ adjacent to Mercury – it becomes clear that the account given is solely designed to deceive us. Let us now, then, have a look at what our governments and the scientific establishment would have us believe.

“In these HI-1 images, a daily median is used as the best near-real-time method to get CME enhancement. This results in dark spots from planets such as Mercury. When we derive the background, we do an interpolation between two daily median images. Since we make these images the day we receive them, we do not have a daily median for the next day, just the previous day. When the interpolation is done between the previous day and the current day and there is a feature like a planet, this introduces dark (negative) artefacts in the background where the planet was on the previous day, which then show up as bright areas in the enhanced image.”

This is the official NASA press release put out to explain the Mercury anomaly. It began appearing on on-line newspaper websites on December 8. Now don’t worry if you’re having a hard time understanding the paragraph above. It obviously wasn’t written for the casual reader. But then, all you really need to understand are the words that I have emboldened. Put simply the message reads: the image processing that has been applied to the footage uses video from both the day being shown, and also video from the day before. When processed together this produces artefacts: such as our ‘object’, that is – they are claiming – a ghost image of Mercury from the previous day. This is, essentially, what they are saying.

Now have you got that? You have. Great. Now watch this.

(Many thanks to petaderflier [another YouTube persona] for making the material: that I used to put this short video together, available. Readers should check out his/her [?] channel for more evidence and information. See link below.)

Another curious thing about the Mercury ‘object’ is the consistency of its apparent configuration. If you watch some of the SECCHI footage: especially the close-up sequences, you will see that the object’s shape and dimensions do not change as successive waves of plasma (the CME) sweep over and illuminate it. Now a coronal mass ejection is fluidly dynamic with fluctuations in the density of the charged material (plasma and gas) present. How is it then that this chaotic, disorganized material can repeatedly illuminate – with each successive sweep – something that appears structured? Shouldn’t we be looking at an amorphous blob here? Lets not forget, either, that the sequenced pixel values that you are actually looking at on-screen, when you watch this footage: on your laptop/computer, were selected by an alleged ‘flaw’ in the software used to render these images. Yet still we see the same shape emerging time after time over a period of several days. No, the ‘official explanation’ goes way beyond what could be considered dubious. It couldn’t be described as being merely disingenuous either. The official explanation is – to put it bluntly – disinformation: it is dishonest, it is a lie. So lets be done with it.

We come, now, to the exciting bit. If what the SECCHI footage is showing us isn’t the result of flawed software; or a ghost image of Mercury from the day before, what is it? Moreover, can the fuzzy, illuminated shape that emerges – as the incandescent gas and plasma of the CME passes over it – be discerned? Or maybe – even – identified?

I think it can. What’s more; I think we’ve seen it before.

Look at the sequence of images below. The first in the series is our new neighbour: the Mercury UFO, as depicted in the SECCHI footage. The rest come from different NASA (the ultimate source of these images) missions that cover almost a half century of space exploration.

This image of the Mercury object (above left) isn’t very clear. But then we are not looking directly at the object itself; which is – after all – invisible. What we are seeing is the object’s shape/structure being ‘imaged’ by the CME. That is: as the chaotic, seething plasma stream flows over the object it becomes, momentarily, ordered – it takes on the shape of the unseen structure beneath. Think about it this way: we have all seen footage of aircraft designs being tested in a wind tunnel. These tests use smoke streamers to reveal the aerodynamic properties of the model being tested. Now imagine that model becoming invisible. We would no longer see the model aeroplane – but its shape would still be revealed by the smoke being deflected around it.

Unfortunately the image has also been zoomed to a level where it begins to pixelate. That is: square shaped individual pixels become visible. This can result in the image showing angularities that aren’t really there. What we could really do with – to provide us with images that would give us a clear understanding of what we are looking at – is for ground based telescopes to be focused on the craft orbiting Mars. If this was undertaken, however, would we be shown the result? I doubt it.

So, although the image we have of the Mercury object is far from perfect for our purposes here, we can still – nonetheless – make correlations between its apparent structure and the configuration of the other craft depicted in this series.

(Please note that some of these images have been resized – although width to height ratios were always preserved whilst doing this. Some have also been re-orientated. That is: flipped horizontally, vertically or both and sometimes rotated. I did this to present them all with a similar orientation so that direct visual comparisons could be made more easily. Remember, in space there is no up or down – so orientation doesn’t mean much anyway. One of the images was also colourized to give it greater definition.)

I believe that the Mercury object does, indeed, share features that are also present in some of the other pictures in this series. I would go even further, and claim that: far from being an image generated at random, what we are looking at here is probably the extraterrestrial equivalent of the Routemaster double-decker bus.

Now exactly when our new neighbours are going to come knocking on our door, and introduce themselves, is not yet clear. I wouldn’t, therefore, advise that you start holding your breath. But it shouldn’t be too long either. I mean – they haven’t come all this way just to ignore us – have they?


NASA, SECCHI. LunaCognita




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