Planet Earth Needs You

By Peter Dunn

As UFO related incidents go what transpired at the small township of Ruwa: in Zimbabwe – on September 16 1994 – was worthy of note on several counts. First we have the number of eye-witnesses present: sixty two. Then there is the consistent conviction with which all of these on-lookers related their own, personal accounts of the event. Most remarkable, though, has to be their ages: they were all children between five/six and twelve years old. The 16 September 1994 fell on a Friday and – at the time of the incident; which happened in broad daylight – all the witnesses were attending Ruwa’s Ariel community school.

Now there are, of course, those that would challenge the veracity of the statements made by these young witnesses. What I would say to these people is that it would take an intensive, and sustained program of indoctrination to get all these youngsters to tell the same story, draw – pretty much – the same pictures and describe the same disturbing, emotional impact that the episode had on their young minds. To date – there is no evidence that any of these children were subjected to such a program.

Further to this, their evidence gains even more credibility when the manner in which it was elicited from them – along with the stature and expertise of the person responsible for the elicitation – are taken into consideration. Enter (stage left) Dr John E. Mack: celebrated Harvard psychiatrist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver when visiting England in 2004.

I will not, here, be going into detail about Dr Mack’s methods. There really is no need. Readers can, instead, watch his interviews with these extraordinary witnesses – and so judge the documentary evidence themselves – by following the You Tube links provided.

What we must concern ourselves with at this point is the ominous message – or warning – that appears to have been implanted: telepathically, into the minds of the children by their extra-terrestrial visitors; a warning that seems to foreshadow the ending of our world.

Now a warning only qualifies as a warning when that which is being warned about can be avoided or averted. So now you: dear reader, really do need to hear this warning – and you need to hear it now. Please follow the You Tube links below – listen to what these children have to say – and then return here.

The Ariel school incident You Tube links. 

Welcome back. You will now be aware that you and I – all of us – are the intended recipients of this warning. Out of the mouths of these children we have heard the consequences, that will come to be, should we fail to act. If we wish to continue breathing – then doing nothing is no longer an option.

If we do nothing then the perma-frost: the frozen solid sub-soils of the arctic tundras and the icy organic morasses below the ocean floors, will thaw out and a trillion tons of trapped methane gas will be released into the atmosphere. We will have reached the tipping point. The ice-caps will disappear in less than a decade. With the weight of the ice-caps: bearing down at the poles, removed the Earth’s crust will begin to flex in new and unpredictable ways. The subduction zones – where the great tectonic plates collide – might well become open rifts: chasms, spewing volcanic gases and magma, thousands of miles long.

When ET looks down: from his vantage point out in space, and sees the open, glowing red slashes across the surface of our world – will he feel sorry for us? Will he mourn our passing?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If we adopt the right strategy and technologies we can forestall the onset of the cataclysm. For this to be successful, however, we have to start now.

The strategy that we need to adopt is Positive Growth. At the moment growth equates with wealth creation: the production of more and more consumer goods – consumed by more and more consumers.

This is unsustainable. Our planet is not a limitless cornucopia with an infinite supply of resources. The Positive Growth Strategy will – on the other hand – involve using zero emission and carbon neutral technologies to terra-form Planet Earth with the primary purpose of reversing man-made desertification and the overall degradation of the global environment.

The technologies available to us – and we will need them all – to achieve this are numerous. Here, however, I am going to introduce the reader to just one: a new concept, vertical axis wind power system called, ‘The Accelerated Air Turbine’.

This new concept system is, if you like, ‘my baby’. It is an idea that I have developed; an idea that – I sincerely believe – warrants further development by people with the necessary resources and skills to transform my idea into a fully functional, working system. At the moment my design only exists as diagrams and text. This is why I am, here, attempting to interest you: the reader, in the further development of my ideas and what they might mean – the contribution they could make – to the future viability of life on Planet Earth.

If you are interested in pursuing these matters futher then please follow the link below to Keep and where you can download a pdf document that sets out my ideas and fully explains the operating principles of, ‘The Accelerated Air Turbine’.

Please Note. This is a free download. Also – no patents or other restrictions apply to my design. Further – you do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand this document. Lastly – if, like me, you do not possess any technical skills – don’t worry – you can still make a contribution by showing this document to somebody that has. – using your mouse, right click on the url and “Save Target As” new-concept-vertical-axis-wind-turbine-patent-free-749k .

Before I finish here I would like, if I may, to return to Ruwa: circa 1994. That was sixteen years ago.

All our child witnesses have – since – grown to adulthood. Indeed, many of them will now have children of their own. Think of them and ask yourself, ‘What has changed over the last sixteen years?’ Now go further and ask, ‘What, if anything, will change over the next sixteen?’


If we do nothing then the world ends and the great human adventure will be over.

If we act, then at least we will have shown the children of Ruwa – their children – and children everywhere that we care about the future: a livable future that belongs to them.

If we act, we can demonstrate to ET: our cousin from across the Cosmos, that we mean business – that we are here for the duration.

If we act.

Keep watching the skies.

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