UFO: Mass Sighting UK

by peterxdunn

Have you ever seen a shooting star? If you have then perhaps, at the time of your sighting, you were walking along a darkened street in the company of a friend or family member. Upon spotting the sudden, incandescent streak across the night sky you might have even attempted to point it out to your companion. ‘Look there, a shooting star!’. Unfortunately shooting stars tend to be very short-lived entities. By the time your companion had turned to where you were pointing it was all over. The visitor from space: a tiny – billions of years old – piece of debris, that had begun its journey to Earth from the asteroid belt out between Jupiter and Mars, had burnt up in an instant and you were the only person there to witness its demise.

This is quite a common scenario. On the night of March 3, in the skies over the UK – however – it was quite a different story. This particular visitation by a ‘meteor’ was witnessed by thousands of people from all over the country. I was one of those witnesses.

For me it began like this. I was walking along a road in Sale Moor, Manchester, when I saw what I thought was a firework/rocket rising up into the sky. I continued watching as I expected to see the firework explode in a burst of colour accompanied by a loud bang – as most pyrotechnics seem to do these days. The explosion never came. Instead the object levelled off and flew: following a path parallel to the road I was on and the ground, straight past me at about five hundred feet. This object made no noise whatsoever. At this point I realized that I wasn’t looking at a firework. I also knew that I wasn’t looking at a meteor either: meteors never rise up into the sky, they only descend and burn up as they plummet to earth.

In the days after this event the media covered the story in depressingly familiar fashion. The object was reported – predictably – to be a meteor: nothing all that unusual, and everything in the garden was hunky-dory. Nobody noted that this particular meteor behaved in a most ‘un-meteor-like’ way or paid any attention to what the many witnesses: that had written in to give accounts of what they saw, were actually saying. Nobody – that is – apart from me. I was paying attention. I did a fair bit of rummaging around on the internet and collected witness statements: and the different locations at which this object had been sighted, and used them to put together a short video presentation. The presentation/investigation is called: ‘UFO: Mass Sighting UK. I am presenting it – here – to you so that you can make up your own mind about this incident.

Are we looking at a meteor here?

Or are we looking at something else entirely?

Judge for yourself.



Click here or on photo to watch presentation

or watch the presentation at YouTube.Com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IElpvqKMB3Y

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