Will we: the Human Race, Survive 2012?

by petexdunn

If I’d have been asked the question above a year ago I would have probably scoffed and said something like: ‘Political upheavals aside, 2012 will turn out to be no different than any other year.’ Back then I was more worried about the possibility of a war starting in the Middle East that would spread out to engulf the entire World.

Now I’m more worried about the possibility that our beloved Planet Earth could be consumed in a conflagration of cosmic proportions – by a fire that comes from space – from the center of our own Solar System. Could it be that our Sun: without which there could be no life here on Earth, is about to undergo a transformation that would see it become Mankind’s Nemesis?

Please look at the picture I am presenting here:

This picture comprises a single frame from a video presentation that I put together called:

‘Mercury Transformed by Solar Bombardment.’

If you watch this presentation you will witness an event that gives some indication of what our Sun: the Light of Our World, might have in store for us when we reach the Solar Maximum toward the end of this year.

So now I’m going to ask that question again:

Will we: the Human Race, Survive 2012?

Please watch this video before answering.




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